Brit-Am Now no. 1214
27 August 2008, 26 Av 5768
1. Question on Different Tribal Characteristics
2. Different Tribal Characteristics in a Nut-Shell
3. Rob Jones: Russia and Georgia
4. If Georgia is
Gog and my ancestors come from there who am I?
5. Orjan Svensson:
Some Hebrew Roots of Ancient Scandinavian Mythology


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1. Question on Different Tribal Characteristics
Jon Tillotson wrote:

Dear Yair,

I really liked the way you wrote about Dan. Is there a place on the website where you summarise simply all the different tribal characteristics in such a way. Perhaps there could be supporting Biblical references following on, or Rabbinical ones perhaps.

God bless


Brit-Am Reply:
If you go to the Brit-Am Index of Articles Arranged According to Subject matter:
You will find theentry:
Tribes see also Legends, Traditions, and SYMBOLS
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In addition to all the above you have given us an idea.
We will prepare an article,
"Tribal Characteristics in a Nutshell"
The first entry in this article will be Reuben.
See our next item.
2. Different Tribal Characteristics in a Nut-Shell
The stone of Reuben was a red Ruby.
The redness of the Ruby suggests tempestuousness, depth of emotion, and when channeled correctly a powerful potential.
Reuben was the natural first-born.
On the negative side: He was impetuous, illogical, emotional, amorous, sexually promiscuous, lacked self-control, tended to arrogate to himself
a senior position that was not recognized by his siblings, did not exert what authority he had, tended to gallantry to a destructive and counter-productive degree.
On the positive side.
Reuben though believing that by right he should be the ruler was not jealous of his brother Joseph who claimed to replace him.
Reuben tried to save Joseph. He tried to save all the brothers by offering his two sins as hostages under pain of death.
Reuben has qualities of pre-eminence and excellence, of high quality.
We identify Reuben with France which has a Latin quality about it inherited from the Romans and Roman standards of authority,
order, and scientific correctness overlap with those of Reuben.
The identification of Reuben with France is quite a strong and certain one though other Tribes were also present.
Names of the sons of Reuben reflect aspects of his character. 
Chanoch (Hanoch) connotes education and sanctification, of setting in place ceremoniously.
Chetsroni (Hezron) suggests individual ownership of land and of an aristocratic-peasant type
of arrangement with each one in their own domain and with the rights accruing from it.
Phalu means "super" and excellent, a striving for perfection and quality, and in religion for mystical experience.
Carmi means vineyard with the concomitant drinking of wine and all that is entailed by it. 
Reuben had other characteristics that are worth noting and that cannot be categorized as positive or negative.
In general in the eyes of foreign and native observers,
The French emphasizes logic and rationality, of reason even in the face of reality.
The French wants things to be stratified, for right and privilege to be inherited or given after demonstration of worth
though not necessarily worked for in themselves.
In other words one is born to it and where examinations etc exist it is in order to prove that one has been born to it.
This is a French trait. Do courses, be educated, take the examination and get the position
or be born to it. Once received accept whatever status bequeathed you. Do not expect drastic changes
without having to overturn all of existence and create a new reality where things may be "set permanently" in place anew.
All this reflects the attitude of Reuben being the first born and always feeling his firstborn rights.
This feeling of innate inherited merit however did not blind Reuben to the reality around him.
Neither did it cause him to resent the achievement of Joseph who in one sense would be considered his rival.
Reuben had empathy both for the fate of Joseph and for the feelings of his father and for the sake of Justice.
The Franch also have empathy for others.
"Liberty, Equality, Fraternity" has been the slogan of France since the French Revolution.
3. Rob Jones: Russia and Georgia
From: Robert Jones <>
Shalom Mr. Davidiy,
 I believe this war that just started between Russia and Georgia over South Osettia is the first volley in the overall war that Ezekiel talks about in chapters 38 and 39.  with your new book on the Khazars coming out, Georgia was the heart of their empire, and many descendents most likely from Manasseh and Simeon most likely remain the ruling class over that nation.  Notice the President of Georgia's name is Saakashvili. 
One thing I find very interesting is that other than Great Britain, Georgia provides the most 3rd most in troops to Iraq in support of the United States.  Just a few weeks ago over 1000 US Marines were in Georgia training their military in tactics.  Not that this is a rare event by the American military, what is surprising according to Debkafile, that Israeli military advisers are also in Georgia and according to their sources was integral in the planning of their attack on South Ossetia. 
I don't think that the Russians have failed to see US and Israel ties with Georgia.  This may be just another excuse when they decide to attack Israel.  The last thing and something we all must watch, the Russians deployed the 58th Army which is around 9 Tank and Infantry divisions.  This is a very large force which I'm sure will not go back to their barracks any time soon.  This Army is battle harden from their wars in Chechnya and could be the vanguard of the Russian Army when they decide to head south toward Israel.
Rob Jones
4. If Georgia is Gog and my ancestors come from there who am I?
These geographic regions correspond roughly to the area just south of
and along the Caucasus Mountains between the Caspian Sea and the
Black Sea. The area of Magog includes Mechech and Tubal. This
region is present day Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan which are just
to the north of and border Iran. Older Biblical geographic maps have
this area actually extending to the south into northern Syria,
northern Iran and northern Iraq.
Georgia is where my mtdna [female mother-transmitted DNA] leads to so what does this mean for me, as to being of the ten tribes? I mean, this part of your article up above saying Georgia is part of Gog? I don't feel like I am any thing to do with Gog or Magog, I feel Israeliteish.
Love you all.
Brit-Am Reply:
First of all we never said Georgia is Gog just quoted others on the subject out of interest.
The Lost Ten Tribes and Khazars were in Georgia.
People who come to us we understand are mostly of Israelite descent.
We do not have to understand everything.
The Brit-Am approach is to trace the Lost Ten Tribes according to the Bible in the light
of other sources especially Rabbinical ones.
After that the secular studies showing us paths of migration etc are there to show how
Israelites could have arrived in the necessary areas. These studies are very important
and of great interest but they do not have the same authority as our Biblically-related studies.
As for DNA.
We respect and use it in our research as a subsidiary confirmation in some cases but we are also
reserved about it.
Our impressions are that it can change, is influenced by the environment, and is much much younger
than claimed. We ourselves however are still studying the subject and trying to follow latest developments.
DNA studies and conclusions are changing all the time.
Suppose however that everything was as they say it was?
Suppose that mtDNA really did prove that your primary ancestress (mother of mother of mother etc)
did come from Georgia?
What of all your other ancestors?
We cannot say what is the determining element.
We can only follow where our heart leads us and supplement it with whatever relevant knowledge
is available.
God bless you
5. Orjan Svensson: Some Hebrew Roots of  Ancient Scandinavian Mythology
Scandinavian Mythical Names With Hebrew Meaning and Scandinavian Legends of Hebrew Root :
                In Scandinavian mythology the godess Freja had a daughter who was very beautiful and whose name was Hnoss. Hnoss means treasure.  Maybe therefore Hnoss is related to Kaf-Nun-Samech ["CeNeS" meaning "gather in", or "gather together", "accumulate"] and Gimel-Nun-Zayin ["GeNaZ" store away] . GNaZIM has been translated into treasures in Esther 3:9 and in Esther 4:7.
[This is very feasible since the "H" and "G" sounds are frequently switched in different parts of Europe. Even today, for instance, names such as "Hitler" are pronounced as "Gitler" by the Ukrainains. Also the Northern peoples for a period lost the sound "z" and used "s". The Hebrew "GeNaZ" or "Gnoss" could therefore quite easily be rendered as "Hnoss" by the early Scandinavians.].
[Another important god-hero was named Balder son of Odin].
                It is officially  recognized that the name Balder probably is a reminiscence of the West Semitic Baal.
Further Burr, whose name means "son", was believed to be  the father of Odin.
The old word BURR is believed to be related to the  word BARA which among other things meant "to give BIRTH" or  "to beget". Likewise in Hebrew we have "BaRA" which not only means  "to create" but also means "to beget", and the Passive (NIPHAL) form of this verb means "to be BORN" in Eze. 21:35; 28:13; Ps. 104:30. The Hebrew root BRA   is the source of the Hebrew and Aramaic word BaR (son).
                 As for  the name Odin I no longer believe that this name comes from the Hebrew Adon. The name Odin is said to be related to the Icelandic word odr which means "mania". Odin therefore I believe could have come from Ayin-Tav-Nun which is an unused root in Biblical Hebrew, but it is kindred to Ayin-Tav-Lamed (also an unused root which means "to handle violently"), and it has relatives in Arabic. Related is also the proper name OTHNI ("lion of Jehovah") which occurs in 1 Ch. 26:7.
                According to the myths Odin owned two ravens named Hugin and Munin. These names are apparently related to the Icelandic words HUGUR and MUNUR which mean "mind" and "difference" respectively. Analogously in Hebrew we have HeGeH and MaNaH meaning "thought" and "to separate" respectively. A Swedish word that is related to HUGUR is HAG which means "thought" or "mind".
                Odin belonged to that section of the gods known as "Aesir". In "The Tribes" the Aesir are identified with the Israelite Tribe of of Asher. 
Mimir, also known as Mim, was considered to be the wisest of the gods of the tribe of Aesir. Apart from that he was also believed to be a water spirit. (Consult for example Encyclopedia Britannica vol. 8, p. 146, 1995 edition.) The name of Mimir is believed to mean the purling, murmuring or rippling one. According to one story Mimir resided by a well that was known as the well of Mimir or Mim. This makes me consider the possibility that the name of Mimir may have come from the Hebrew word MaiM [spelt "mim"] since this word means water in Hebrew.


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