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8 September, 8 Elul 5768
1. Early Finnish Belief in Israelite Descent
2. Mid-West US Interest in Judaism
3. Check Your Surname Frequency


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1. Early Finnish Belief in Israelite Descent
We are often asked for sources concerning our statement that Finnish Historians in the past believed
the Finns descend from the Lost Tribes of Israel.

Here are two references:

(a) S. Nickels, H. Kallas, P. Friedman. "Finland. An Introduction", U.K. 1968.
p. 19:
"Leaving aside the attempts of Finnish scholars of the early eighteenth century to prove that the Finns were descended from the Lost Tribes of Israel..."

(b) John H. WUORINEN,  "A History of Finland," New York & London 1965.
"In common with the trend elsewhere in Europe, eighteenth century Finnish writers for instance, were inclined to establish among others, relationships with the Jews. The Lost Tribes of Israel furnished a tempting and convenient point of departure  for imaginative interpretations and claims along this line."

2. Mid-West US Interest in Judaism
A Rabbi who heads the Jewish community of a Mid-West US State reports that every single day he receives phone calls from non-Jews requesting permission to participate in the synagogue services. In most cases he is obliged to refuse since otherwise there would not remain sufficient seating for his Jewish congregants.

3. Check Your Surname Frequency WorldWide
The URL below is quite useful and interesting.
It came to our attention on the Origin of Nations list.
Below is (a) a BBC article about the site followed by (b) the URL to the site itself.
The site gives numbers of surnames found by Frequency Per Million

(a) Website Maps Surnames Worldwide

 There are more Beckhams in the United States than Britain

A website which maps global surnames has been launched to help people find the origins of their name and how far it may have spread.

The Public Profiler site plots eight million last names using data from electoral rolls and phone directories.

The site covers 300 million people in 26 countries, showing the origins of names and where families have moved to.

David Beckham, for example, has an English name, but there are more Beckhams in the US than Britain.

But the region of the world with the highest concentration of people called Beckham was even further from the footballer's east London origins - in the New Zealand province of Northland.

The site - - also reveals which of the five million forenames are most closely associated with different surnames and lists the top regions and cities for each surname.

" A name is now not just a statement of who you are but where you are "
Professor Paul Longley

It was developed by a team of geographers from University College London.

Professor Paul Longley, one of the researchers, said: "The information is not just historical but geographical.

"We can link names to places - a name is now not just a statement of who you are but where you are."

Most surnames originated in specific places in the world and remain most frequent in those areas, but have often spread to other countries because of migration, the research showed.

Searches for Britain's three multi-gold medallists at the recent Olympics and the leaders of the three main political parties revealed some mixed results.

Swimmer Rebecca Adlington's surname is most prevalent in New Zealand

Cyclist Chris Hoy's surname is Irish but more common in Denmark

Cyclist Bradley Wiggins's surname is most popular in the US

Prime Minister Gordon Brown's surname tops the list in Australia

Conservative leader David Cameron's surname is most prevalent in New Zealand

Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg's surname is still most common in Britain

Prof Longley said that the site was currently struggling to cope with demand.

"We are being deluged with requests and we ask people to be patient. There is obviously a lot of interest in family names and family history globally," he said.

(b) URL for the Site.

Tribal Characteristics in a Nutshell: Dan


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