Brit-Am Now no. 1238
5 October, 6 Tishrei 5768
1. Jewish Ancestry, Converting to Judaism, and DNA Tests
2. New BAMBI Recordings
3. Jay Tompkins: The
Midrash Says that Asanath was Adopted!
4. Frances Holland: The Scottish Also Claim Descent from an Egyptian Maiden!
Didrik Ingileif: The Hebrides, Hebrews, and Rostov


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1. Jewish Ancestry, Converting to Judaism, and DNA Tests
We now and again receive questions along the lines of the following:
##I feel Jewish. I am certain I have Jewish ancestry. The Rabbi I consult says I have a Jewish soul.
I would like to be accepted as Jewish but would prefer not to convert to Judaism.
Are there DNA tests I can take? Geneaological research I can have done?
Can you help me?##
These questions are based on a resent letter sent to us but THEY ARE TYPICAL  of similar questions directed to us by others.
While Brit-Am is concerned with the Lost Ten Tribes and proving their whereabouts it is natural that "Ephraimites"
who wish to identify with Judah should also turn to us.

In reply to the questions:
DNA tests are not worth much in this regard. They are not accepted as proof.
There is no universally-accepted Jewish DNA.
Even if your ancestry is 100% Jewish and you can prove it you would still need to convert.
It is enough that you lost trace of your lineage and that your forebears probably changed their religion more than two or three generations back.
A Jewish Soul
The following claim was sent to us:
##I have been told by more than one Rabbi (Orthodox) that they believe I am Jewish and as one Rabbi said "I can see you have a very special Neshama [soul] and I'm quite sure that you too stood at the foot of Mount Sinai when the Creator of the universe gave the Torah to the Nation of Israel." ##
Such things are indeed said by some Rabbis.
They usually mean it and are quite sincere but this will not change your status.
The Conversion Process
The Conversion Process is tough and it is liable to get tougher.
It can also take a long time, become quite tiresome and be drawn out.
One is liable to be told "come back tomorrow or the next day or next month".
Go here, go there, etc, etc,
Once it is complete one can be accepted completely depending on what degree of self-identification with Judah the individual has. In fact compared to other ethnic communities entry into Judah can go quite smoothly.
It still however has to be undergone.
Or not.
Regarding the conversion process,
One does not have to become Jewish.
Brit-Am has no connections and cannot help you in this area.
It also happens that after the conversion a kind of reaction sets in and marital problems, personal issues, and so on raise their head.
This is not a field Brit-Am is qualified to be involved in.

2. New BAMBI Recordings

The Lost Ten Tribes in the West, Northwest, and in the Atlantic Ocean area of Tarshish
(ca. 17 minutes)

The Stages of Redemption and the Lost Ten Tribes in the End Days
(ca. 25 minutes)

The 14 Points of Prophecy in Isaiah According to Isaac Abarbanel
(ca. 20 minutes)

Australia and the Lost Ten Tribes in the Bible
(ca. 12 minutes)

3. Jay Tompkins: The Midrash Says that Asanath was Adopted!
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1237, Race Egyptian Input into Joseph

Shalom Yair:

According to Pirke De Rabbi Eliezer (PRE), Asanath was the daughter of
Dinah and Shechem.  After her birth and after the incident where Simeon
and Levi, slaughtered the males of Shechem, Jacob placed Asenath on the
border of Egypt, where the angel, Michael, transported the infant to
Potiphera's wife, who adopted her. 

PRE was considered as part of the Rabbinical Pseudopigrapha, according
to Gerald Friedlander, who translated this work into English in 1916.
The Targum Pseudo-Jonathan, published by Michael Glazier Books  makes
several references to PRE and includes this story of Asenath. The
Pseudopigrapha translated from Greek also has a chapter called Joseph
and Asenath, where Asenath is portrayed as a beautiful woman, whose
beauty is compared to that of Sarah, Rebecca and Rachel but who was
steeped in Egyptian religion.  As a young woman whose beauty was
irresistible, she spurned all men in Egypt until she saw Joseph.

I have written about this before and will repeat this again from time to
time, as I believe as necessary. 

Jay Tompkins
Brit-Am Reply:
PRE is a Midrash.
Midrashim are useful and often provide valuable insights.  We also refer to them when pertinent. They are not however considered authoritative.
One may take them or leave them.

4. Frances Holland: The Scottish Also Claim Descent from an Egyptian Maiden!
From: Frances Holland <>
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1237

Dear Yair -
 Re:3. Race: Egyptian Input into Joseph?
When I read this I was reminded of a passage in an old book I have.  The following is from Nations of the World, Scott's Scotland, written by Sir Walter Scott - Volume I, page 156:
"The parliament of Scotland now took it upon them to reply to the pope in vindication of themselves and their sovereign (Robert the Bruce).  At Aberbrothock or Arbroath, on the 6th of April, 1320, eight earls and thirty-one barons of Scotland, together with the great officers of the crown, and others, in the name of the whole-community of Scotland, placed their names and seals to a spirited manifesto or memorial, in which strong-sense and a manly spirit of freedom are mixed with arguments suited to the ignorance of the age.
This celebrated document commences with an enumeration of proofs of the supposed antiquity of the Scottish nation, detailing its descent from Scota, daughter of Pharaoh, king of Egypt, its conversion to the Christian faith by Saint Andrew the Apostle, with the long barbarous roll of baptized and unbaptized names, which, false and true, filled up the line of the royal family.  Having astounded, as they doubtless conceived, the pontiff with the nation's claim to antiquity, of which the Scots have been at all times more than sufficiently tenacious, they proceeded in a noble tone of independence..."
Frances Holland

5. Didrik Ingileif: The Hebrides, Hebrews, and Rostov
From: Didrik <>
Subject: Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1236

Good morning Yair, good morning Jerusalem and a blessed new year!
I was written your last letter and got an Aha! when I was reading about the Irish haploid, the Neil-line. One of Icelandic chief-settler from there was Njall =Neil.
In the old Icelandic literature the Hebrides islands are called Sudureyjar (the South islands) and many of them are called old name on the old Danish tongue.
Now a day these islands are called Hebrides in English. And in Gelic; The Islands of the Foreign People.
Could it possibly be so that the Hebrides means the Islands of the Hebrews????? And the route going from the strait of Gibraltar to the Island of Man??????
I am now want to order your book of the Kazars. I have been quite interested in the story of the Varjagi and the story of The Great Svithjod and how it coincide with the state of the Kazars.
Did you now that at this time Rostov was in old Danish called R stofa(Radstofa)= "Room of Advice".
And in Russia today we have two very old cities with that name; Rostov and Rostov-na-Dona ??????
May [the ALMIGHTY]  bless you with all blessings


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