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Brit-Am Now no. 1340: The Lost Ten Tribes of Israel
May 11 2009, 17 Iyar 5769
1. Conspiracy Theories Support the Powers of Esau
Ingileif (wife of Didrik): What about Benjamin in Ireland?
3. Roy Otto Dyrli: Letter from Norway...


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1. Conspiracy Theories Support the Powers of Esau
Recently a good friend of mine asked me to read an article.
He evidently took it very seriously.
He himself is actually a scholar, very intelligent, successful, and respected.
The article  was a Conspiracy diatribe, contained not one iota of evidence, merely a lot of groundless statements and it was anti-British.
It in effect accused the British of being in cahoots with (an actually  non-existent) group named the Illuminati and wishing to revive the British Empire by undermining the rest of civilization.  This article was presented along with other article some of which  may have been moderately interesting for those who indulge in fantasizing and fantasies.
The next day we were sent a book list by a purveyor Conspiracy Literature.
It contained a whole section on "Anglophobic Theories" i.e. theories that demonize the British and usually (but not always) the USA as we know it.
This section included works by the Fascist Germanophile Lyndon LaRouche
as well as such titles as:
The Imperial Drug Trade by Joshua Rowntree
Social Justice National Weekly-Father Coughlin (1936)
US Owns 117 Big Corporations; Lincoln & Rothchilds
Sir Uncle Sam Knight of the British Empire by Whiteford
Liquidation of America or Service to the Crown
England's Cliveden Set by John L. Spivak
Steps Toward British Union by Hon. J. Thorkelson
British Israel World Federation by Helen Lasell
The Empire Strikes Back, FINALLY!

Many (but not all) of these works are also anti-Jewish, in fact some are (or were) pro-Nazi.

Most Conspiracy Theories are Jew-hating but this does not prevent several well-known "super-patriotic" Jewish right-wing writers from believing in their own variations of these preposterous notions.
Quite a few Ephraimites also believe in them.

The Japanese love conspiracy theories especially anti-Semitic ones.
So do the Arabs.
So do all Judeophobes (Jew-haters).

Max Nordau (1849-1923) was a famous Zionist leader and thinker.
Nordau is quoted as saying that a people is a group with a common enemy.
The British, North Americans, and Jews all derive from one stock.
Our enemies are instinctively aware of this.
So should we be.
2. Ingileif (wife of Didrik): What about Benjamin in Ireland?
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1339 Ten Tribes
#3. Man of Irish Descent Asks: Is it possible that I have a Jewish connection?
Shalom Yair,
I saw in your answer to the question no 3. That you are not counting any Benjaminitic elements in Ireland.
What about the kingdom of Tara and the kingdom of Sodor and Man and the fact that many of the Hebrides had old Norse names (Danish tongue) in that age.

What about Lewis and Harris (Lj h s (House of poems) og H ra ) with the people that moved in there around 500 AD were Christian and still today keep Sabbat (call it sabbat) on Saturday) and our old Icelandic saga tell that chief people from there intermarried to chief people from Sweden/Norway/Denemark area that then are not Christian. What was the purpose if not because of tribal question of preservation?
This was the people (the poem people = the people that keep the tradition of the creative power of words and the art involving in using them in poems, in sagas and so on) that Harald the fairyhair made the battle against in Hafursfjord in July 872. And we lost even if the came both from Normandie and Ireland to help us our kinsman and yelled as wolfs as j olfr from Hvin tells us in his poem from that time.
This is the direction of my researches just now to find the roots of us the Icelanders.


Ingileif wife of Didrik Saemundsson
3. Roy Otto Dyrli: Letter from Norway...

I have been reading your web-pages and I have some comments:

I am Norwegian. In our culture we have a book written around 1230 in Iceland by an Icelandic called Snorre Sturlason. The book is a collection of Sagas about the Norwegian kings (Heimskringla), and contains genealogy (Ynglingesagaen) about the king's ancestors going back to 65 CE in an area east of Don.

The ancestors were of cause called gods, but Sonrre tells us that they were normal people, and that the worship of them started after they died. They were called Aaser, said to be living in Asgard ( the farm of the Aaser ( one Aasa , several Aser) . The place is liked with Azerbaijan, Azov and Rostov-na-Donu in modern names. There have been excavation there, and they found things confirming a link between that area and findings in Scandinavia. It's all in the two latest of Thor Heyerdals books.

The main God was named Odin and there is still a Udin-people in Azerbaijan. One of the Gods, Njord, is said to have been living in Noatun. ( the farm of Noa )

Odin left the area around 65 CE, because to Roman army were coming, and he knew he could not stand against them. He took with him most of the tribe and went northwards for several years until he came into modern day Germany, and settled for a while in Odense ( the Island of Odin ) in Denmark. Later he moved to Sweden and died in Uppsala.

Ynglingesagaen tells us that Odin went north because he knew that this land was meant for his tribe from the beginning, and that there already were people of the same race up here.
Now if you read KJV:

Deuteronomy 33:24
And of Asher he said, [Let] Asher [be] blessed with children; let him be acceptable to his brethren, and let him dip his foot in oil.

If anything could be said about the Norwegians, well, we do have oil there, out in the North sea.

And one more thing: There is a Norwegian book written under WWII call "De nordiske folk I oppkomst og vandring" by Kristen D sland. ( The Nordic people's start and movements) concerning these subjects.

They say nowadays that all people with blue eyes are related and ancestors of a single person living not more than 6000 years ago. We all have blue eyes up here, that might also be something to look into.

Maybe I should have told you also that I, being a Seventh day Adventist, have keep the Sabbath all my life, and that I NEVER eat pigs. So with my parents and grandparents. Another thing about the Adventists: from a humble start in mid 1800's, there are now 28 000 000 attending service and Sabbath school every Shabath. We do [believe in the Christian Messiah], but we have left Sunday worship for the real thing.

If you could put me in a mail group I would be delighted.
Roy Dyrli


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