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Brit-Am Now no. 1398
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21 October 2009, 3 Cheshvan 5770
Shaul Suhr: Not all Europe is Israelite!
2. Israelite Tribal Symbols
(a) What were the Tribal Symbols for each Tribe?
(b) Are there symbols that are not recalled in the Bible.
3. Is Brit-Am the ONLY Real Ephraimite Organization?


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1. Shaul Suhr: Not all Europe is Israelite!
From: Shaul Suhr <sha_ulb@yahoo.com>
Brit-Am Now no. 1396

#5. David Ramdhari: Question about  European "intolerance" for Israel

Subject: Response to David Ramdhari

Shalom Yair,
I read Mr Ramdhari's question in the Brit Am Now post #1396 , and thought I might add my answer to his question, with your permission.
The term "European Nations", should not be confused as a term for "Israelite" Nations.
Israel, as in the Ten Tribes, as well as Judah of course, have many historical enemies amongst the "European peoples", who even now, seem to lay in wait for their chance to hurt either of the houses of Israel, or Judah.weather it be voting against us in the UN, or ignoring trade agreement, we should not be surprised.
Europe covers a lot of territory, a great chunk of it still soaked with the blood if Israelite descended troops, who have fought , at least in WW2, to keep the European peoples free from the tyranny of their German brothers.
They forget quickly, the lives lost, the great sacrifices ergonomically, and the terror inflicted on the civilian population as they suffered under the bombs and missiles of the Luftwaffe, and as they watched their children, brothers and fathers, the flower of Brittish Commonwealth, American, and our allies youth be sacrificed for their well being, and freedom, they forget, but we remember.
The Germans were not alone, Europe also covers Italy, Rumania, Bulgaria, Ukrane, Albania, Southern France (Vichy), all these countries, as well as not a few Dutch, Danes, Norweigians, & Latvians and Belgians, also joined the ranks of the Whermaxht and ShutzStaffel (SS), to help Her Hittler and hid gang make Europe, and eventually the world "Judenrein", and establish the "Thousand year Riech".
And since then, we've had to deal with the Russian bear, another one time ally, with a short memory, or friend of convenience, remember Hittler and Stalin once ripped Poland apart, by mutual agreement.
Yes, Israelite descended peoples to be found in Western Europe, but that doesn't make Europe essentially "Israelite ", just as the Hebrews in Egypt, didn't make Egypt the Prmissed Land, we are, all of us, not yet living in "Israel", strangers in a strange land.
Sha'ul Suhr.
New Zealand.

2. Israelite Tribal Symbols
(a) What were the Tribal Symbols for each Tribe?
(b) Are there symbols that are not recalled in the Bible.

Brit-Am Reply:
(a) For the symbols of each and every Tribes see our articles under the heading:
Tribal Characteristics in a Nutshell

(b) The symbols for the Tribes are derived from Biblical Passages, or Rabbinical Sources
based on Biblical Verses, or different meanings of the Tribal Names in Hebrew etc.

In popular Jewish Religious Art we sometimes find symbols for which I still have not found satisfactory explanations.
For example,
Joseph is sometimes represented by a lamb or sheep or by palm trees.
Reuben by a sun or a rising sun.
[In "The Tribes" we suggested an explanation for this symbolization but so far have found no additional source to confirm it.]
Dan (in addition to a lion or serpent) by a dragon, griffon (lion with eagle head), or eagle.
There may be others.
This is one of my interests and wherever there is a chance that in Judaica exhibits etc the Tribal symbols will be represented I check to see what symbols have been used.
The symbols of the Tribes are indeed a popular theme in Jewish Art.
Synagogues often depict the Tribal Symbols.
The Aron [Ark i.e. upright artisan-wrought wooden box]  in which the Torah Scrolls are kept is especially favored to be decorated by the Tribal Symbols.

All the Tribal Symbols as depicted on an Israeli Postal Stamp series may be seen at:

3. Is Brit-Am the ONLY Real Ephraimite Organization?
The Ephraimites we define as descendants of the Lost Ten Tribes amongst Western Peoples.
We, like everybody else, had received the impression that quite a few Ephraimite organizations exist.
An examination of reality however reveals that no group other than the Brit-Am Lost Ten Tribes Movement works for Ephraimites as its main priority.
Some of them define Ephraimite as something other than what the definition should be.
All other groups have different agendas and if they represent Ephraimites at all do so as a secondary consideration.
If  you think this is not so, name any other group and we will show why it is.
This message may be considered an open challenge to every other organization that calls itself "Ephraimite".


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