"Brit-Am Now"-510
Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2005 11:42:13 +0200
From: Yair Davidiy
Subject: "Brit-Am Now"-510

"Brit-Am Now"-510
1. Compliment. "Enjoy Your Books"
2. HiSpanic Jews: Spain and the Jews
3. List of Huguenot Surnames
4. Different Environmental Causes for Blond/Red Hair and Colored Skin?
5. Questions on Sambatyon, Prince Harry, England, and France (Tzerefat)

1. Compliment. "Enjoy Your Books"
Enjoy your books and writings so much!! And am amazed amazed to find our daughter is familiar with your work and lots of other friends Amber

2. HiSpanic Jews: Spain and the Jews
for an article on Spain and the Jews from a Brit-Am perspective see:
by Yair Davidy

3. List of Huguenot Surnames
This gives all names beginning with "a"
to obtain names beginning with "b" change the letter before the .html suffix, e.g.
and so on for other letters.

4. Different Environmental Causes for Blond/Red Hair and Colored Skin?
(I only looked at two of these but they seemed interesting enough).





5. Questions on Sambatyon, Prince Harry, England, and France (Tzerefat) 600000sch wrote: Shalom to Yair Ramban in his commentary on the Torah says that Sambatyon is Nahar Gozan of the Tanakh Sambatyon being the place where many of the ten tribes were exiled to. Where do you hold is Sambatyon?

--- In a newspaper article that came into my hands recently after one of the royal family dressed up as a Nazi for a party it was pointed out that England was an anti-semitic country up until about three or four hundred years ago? Do you agree with those facts?

--- When a prophet mentions a name such as Tzarfat you must either say he is mentioning a place that at his time is called Tzarfat or that will be called Tzarfat at the time that the prophecy takes place in the future. You claim that America and England are part of Tzarfat of the book of Ovadia/Obadiah.

Do you have any evidence that Back at the time of Ovadia they were called by this term because today they are certainly not called by this term?
shlomo scheinman

Shlomo Shalom,
In answer to your questions:
(1. Sambatyon: This is dealt with at some length in our book "Ephraim".
There is also material on the subject and relevant maps of Ptolemy etc in our book, The Tribes". "Sambation" means Shabbat i.e. Sabbath. The Talmud and Midrashim say the Lost Ten Tribes were taken or moved to three different regions one of which was the Sambation and in some versions another region was "Beyond the Sambation".
A Jewish legend says that the Sambation flows for six days and stops on the seventh. Another legend says that Instead of gushing with water the Sambatyon throws up stones. Sometimes people ask me how I reconcile these legends with Brit-Am findings. I do not. I do not have to. There are also legends about heroes killing dragons and maybe dragons (in the form of surviving dinosaurs or gigantic lizards?) did once exist. John Hulley identified the Sambation with the Bosporus Straits in Turkish waters between Europe and Asia. The current in these Straits changes direction every few days. There are natural streams that cease flowing every few days, seem to take a rest, and then flow again. Perhaps one of these streams works on a seven-day cycle. There are also rivers that flow into desert areas and simply dry up leaving scattered stones that were swept along by the current after a burst of rain. Maybe THESE NATURAL PHENOMENON TOGETHER with the meaning of the name "Sambation" (Sabbath) gave rise in popular imagination to the legends spoken of?

Nevertheless, There is historical basis for the Talmud locating the Lost Ten Tribes by the Sambation.
Nachmanides identified the Sambation with the River Gozen.
Nachmanides was not relating any tradition but simply attempting through linguistic speculation to reconcile the Bible with a the Talmud account of the Sambation even though no reconciliation was actually necessary since there is no real contradiction. Nachmanides may or may not have been correct as we shall see. The Bible mentions the River Gozan as one of the places of exile (2-Kings 17, 1-Chronicles 6): The River Gozen is often identified the Khabor River in North Central Syria which is located in an area that was called "Gozan" in Biblical Times.
[See "The Tribes" Ptolemy's Map of habor and Co: Gauzanities and Chaboras River Israelite exiles were recorded in this area in Assyrian inscriptions. To the south east of the Caspian Sea is the Ouzen River (Quizel Uzen) which locally is pronounced something like "Gozen" and some (e.g. Radbaz) identified this river as the Gozen River of the exiles. Israelite exiles were also in this region. This region (Azerbaijam) was also an early Scythian center. If you look on the map of Iran To the southeast of the Ouzen River you will see the Great Zab and the Little Zab Rivers that flow into the Tigris River.
To the west of the Little Zab Ptolemy palced the Sambatae. The Sambatae according to Ptolemy are between the Little Zab (called Gorgos River by Ptolemy) and the Ouzen (called Cyrus River by Ptolemy) River. The Little Zab in Greek writings is referred to as Sabatus and according to Zevi Kasdoi (1928) was locally also known as the Sabat. These combinations Ouzen-Gozen, Sambatae-Sambation, Sambation-Sabatus-Sabat-Sabbath all indicate that the Sambation was in that region and we know from other sources that Israel exiles were in these areas. The opinion of Nachmanides may be the correct one, or it may not. The evidence could be interpreted either way. These were also the regions in which the Cimmerians, Scythians, and Goths first appeared and we identify these peoples as, at least in part, Israelites. From these regions the Scythians and Goths moved northwards and established a center in the Steppes of Southern Russia where the Deneister, Don and Dneiper River regions come together. Just as the Israelite-Scythians moved to Southern Russia so too did the concept of the 'Sambation River" move with them. The Dneiper River was recorded by Arab writers as the River of Shabat. Kiev on the Dneiper River had been founded by people related to the Khazars and was known as Sambat. The personal name "Sambation" was recorded from the Scythian city of Tanais at the mouth of the Don River. In our book "Origin" we show (based on the researches of Irma Haynman) that the people of Tanais were Israelites and revered their forefather Joseph. Eldad HaDani and other early Jewish tradions identified the Sambation with the River Don. [See Abraham Polack ("Chuzaria") and also Encyclopedia Judaica and the Jewish Encyclopedia articles on the Khazars]. This was the region of the Scythians and the legends in question date from the Scythian period and from this region came the Anglo-Saxons and other settlers of Western Europe. See Brit-Am Literature for more details.

(2. Nazi Dress, England:
Concerning the incident in question what is most worrying is that the Heir Apparent, William, accompanied Harry to the party. William later apologized for not convincing Harry to wear something else but what kind of person accompanies someone in Nazi uniform? There were probable Nazi sympathizers in the Royal Family but King George, the Queen Mother, and Queen Elizabeth all gave a good account of themselves and were sympathetic to the Jews.
On the other hand Prince Charles (the father of Harry) claims he reads the Koran every day. Dianna, the mother of Harry, had a series of well-publicized lovers. Her last paramour, who was killed alongside her and who allegedly had made her pregnant, was an Egyptian playboy and son of a known Jew-hater and anti-semitic Arab manipulator.
From 1290 to the 1600s Jews were not officially allowed in England though some did come. England in the past was an undeveloped nation in which people who eat meat on Friday could be drawn and quartered. Not so long ago an Englishman could be transported to Australia for illegally hunting rabbits. The people could be harsh and hard and many divergent currents existed.
Nevertheless relatively speaking on the whole English sentiment was actually more pro-Jewish than not. I hope to write an article on this eventually.
Evidence exists to support both sides of the contention but our point of view is the most justified and is borne out by British Jewish historians such as Philip Roth.

(3. Tzarfat.
Tzarfat in Traditional and Modern Hebrew means "France".
According to Abarbanel the term encompassed France and Britain.
According to Chajes (in his Hebrew edition of Nachmanides) the term meant France and the area to the north of France. We interpret the Bible in the Bible's own terms. What is the intention of the Biblical passage regardless of anything else? After that we consider the context and what other passages elsewhere in the Bible say and how all pertinent references fit together.

For an explanation of the term in the Book of Obadiah
Rabbinical Commentators understood this verse to say that the Lost Ten Tribes would be in France and Britain and the area to the north of France bordering Germany.

Hundreds of others Biblical verses
ALL point to Britain ands the offshoots of Britain and related nations and North America as being the whereabouts of the Lost Ten Tribes in the Last Days. We are therefore justified in accepting the Rabbinical interpretations that place the Lost Ten Tribes in Britain, France, and neighoring countries since these interpretations coincide with other Biblical verses.

Your question is therefore irrelevant BUT even on your own terms it too may yet have an answer:

The Rabbinical Commentary "Daat Sofrim" suggests that people from Tzefarat in Lebanon settled in an area of Gaul and that is why Gaul was called Tzefarat possibly already in the time of Obadiah.
Historically, according to Ferdinand de Rougemont ("L'Age du Bronze," Paris 1866) the Phoenicians fist established settlements in Gaul and the term Tzefarat was given by them to an area in Brittany whose inhabitants later fled from the Romans to North Wales.

Britain and France for most of their history really were one geo-political unity:
In Celtic Times:
Anne Ross, "Pagan Celtic Britain": " This constitutes British Iron Age C and consists of the influx of Belgic peoples who settled in southern Britain. This movement is now dated to before or around 100 BC and these people, who build oppida on a large scale, may have introduced the art of enamelling, and brought over the gods and the cult symbols they revered in Gaul. It is clear that it was their connections with their tribesmen in north-eastern Gaul, their hostility to the Romans and their provision of refuge for refugee Gauls that caused the Romans to turn irritated eyes in the direction of this unprofitable group of islands and decide that their subjection was necessary. ...."

England in the time of Charlemagne owed some kind of recognition to France. Later the Normans from France (and technically subjects of the French King) conquered England. French was the language of the English Court for centuries. The Kings of England for hundreds of years had vast possessions in France including the whole Province of Aquitaine as well as other areas. The Kings of England claimed to be the rightful heirs of the French throne and fought wars over it. The peoples of France and Britain have similar origins and have intermixed. Even as late as 1940 the government of Britain offered the French to create an irrevocable union between the two nations.

To sum up: ZAREPHATH in Hebrew NOW means France. It could have had this meaning even from the time of the Prophet Obadiah and if it did not it acquired such a meaning in the Hebrew language. The term could also conceivably have encompassed England and if it does not then at least it does encompass France and NUMEROUS OTHER VERSES refer expressly to the British Isles and related areas.
Since we view Scripture as imparting one comprehensive message we still have both France and Britain as being depicted as major centers of the Lost Ten Tribes in the End Times.

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