"Brit-Am Now"-514
Date: Mon, 07 Feb 2005 09:35:10 +0200

"Brit-Am Now"-514
1. Jack Hertzog: Israelites in the USA
2. Brit-Am Allies
(a) Steven Collins
(b) David Ben Ariel
3. More on Latinos of Jewish Origin
4. Feedback: Appreciates "The Tribes"
5. New Linguistic Evidence

1. Jack Hertzog: Israelites in the USA
From: Jack Hertzog
Subject: "To Whom Israel Comes" ~
Yes, we are speaking of the bulk and core of the nations, this is not to say that, there aren't and weren't transplants from other tribes in all of the tribes, just as today, there are people in almost all nations on the Earth that come from other nations The USA is a melting pot, and it has been a very benevolent melting pot, but the core of the rulership, and the core as a whole of the country, as well as the financial gravity of the country is very much Israelite, and they still control the power base of the country, and they've just allowed others into this circle as it benefits them politically. The power base is approximately in this order. The Descendents of England (Joseph [ Manasseh,Ephraim]); The Descendents of Scotland (Simeon, Levi, Joseph); The Descendents of Judah (Jews), The Jews in the USA, probably are wealthier than any other group and they have tremendous political clout, yet most of the Jews are more content to have the clout, than to have the office, because it pays better that way, with less problems, but there are usually Jews behind many politicians. (The Jews and Irish get along like blood brothers [They are]), and ex-mayor of New York Ed Koch acknowledged this at a St. Patricks day parade. The Descendents of Ireland (Eire [Dan]) The Descendents of Ulster (Simeon, Dan, Levi, Ephraim). The Descendents of Zebulon in N.Y.(Dutch), which were originally the greater power base of N.Y.( New Amsterdam and Brooklyn) and still control much "old money" in NY, but have generally mixed in with the rest of the populace. The Descendents of Rueben (French) in Louisiana. The Descendents of Scandinavia (Sweden{Gad} Norway, Denmark, Finland ) in North and South Dakota, Minnesota, Michigan, Washington State. The Descendents of Scandinavia have more of a monetary power base, than a political base, and these Scandinavians have prospered as almost no others have, agriculturally, because they are honest, love the land and are very kindly people. There were also many wealthy Swiss (Issachar), and Swiss Jews in the USA, and No other groups as a whole can come close to the power and wealth of these above mentioned groups, and all other nationalities are generally subservient to these groups. The general power core of the USA has remained Anglo-Saxon, and is Josephite. The Anglo-Saxon influence has little by little superceded the other influences, and Language has much to do with this. There are more Jews in the USA than in Israel, more Irish than in Ireland, almost as many Danes as in Denmark, Swedes as in Sweden, Norwegians, and Dutch as there are in their Original Countries. The Germans in the USA are also very prosperous, but most of the Germans came to USA to get away from war, unlike the Assyrian type of Prussian Germans; and the Germans of The USA, that Settled in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Cincinatti, Saint Louis, etc, and have run Breweries like Busch (Budwiser), Pabst, Miller, Coors, Weidemann, Lemp (Falstaff), etc., have been very loyal to America and have downplayed their German roots. At the outbreak of the civil war, the Germans in Saint Louis, seized the federal arsenal, thereby keeping it out of southern hands, and this greatly helped the war in the favor of the North. The Germans in Saint Louis, Cincinatti and other cities have mixed in with the rest of the population, and are no longer identified as Germans. Most of the Germans in this country are probably Israelites, because they usually have more mild sounding names, than the warlike Germans that stayed in Germany, even the German customs officials remarked at the difference of the looks of the "Germans" who migrated out of Germany and commented that those migrating out of Germany had different looking features than those that stayed in Germany, most of the Germans who left Germany were probably more of Scandinavian stock, than German Stock. The Italians and Greeks have been very loyal to the USA, but have not been as prosperous as the Israelite core of the country as a whole. The Chinese, Japanese, and Vietnimese have been very prosperous in the USA because they believe in hard work, but they do not have much political clout, and are subservient to the Josephite core of the Country. There are many other groups in the USA, from Hungary, Poles, Croats, Czechs, Russians, Ukranians, Albanians, but they've usually blended in with the Ango-Saxon Core of the Country, and they might very well be of Israelite descent too (Amos 9:9). There are other groups (Non-Israelite) that do not have the orderly Israelite work traits and basic honesty of the Israelites, and therefore, they are the dregs of the USA, and all we need to do to find these groups is to see which peoples are on welfare and the dole, more than the other groups. These groups are a drag and burden on the country, not all of them, but many of them. The Anglo-Saxon-Dutch, Jewish center of the country is still the the Money-power base of the whole country. The USA seems to fill the Prophecy of (Amos 6:1 ~ Ex. 19:5) ...The Chief Nation, to whom the House of Israel comes!

Jack and Wanda Hertzog
803 S.Pequeno Camino Dr.
Roswell, N.M. 88203

2. Brit-Am Allies
(a) Steven Collins
From: Steve Collins
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-513
Shalom Yair,

Thanks for listing me among Brit-Am's allies, for so I am. It is unfortunate that some groups cite your work and research without giving proper credit to Brit-Am as the source. If it is any comfort, I have also experienced the same thing when I've seen my conclusions and research showing up in the publications of other ministries without any credit given to me. A few years ago I saw a copy of my hand-drawn map from my 1992 book (The "Lost" Ten Tribes of Israel...Found!) held up by the speaker in a sermon video of an American Sabbatarian ministry and cited as an "ancient map." I had sent them a review copy of my book so they obviously photocopied it right out of my book, but gave no credit whatsoever. Simple ethics dictates that source documents and the prior research of others should always be given due accreditation. My next book is due to be released in April, and you can be sure that Yair Davidy's quotes and books are given proper accreditation in my book text and bibliography.


(b) David Ben Ariel
From: davidbenariel@famvid.com

Shalom Yair,
Considering we've met and I've heard you lecture in Jerusalem more than once, and acknowledge you by name and mention Brit-Am in Beyond Babylon: Europe's Rise and Fall, and do all I can, God knows, to share our Israelite identity with an ever increasing audience, I am not only an ally, I am Joseph your Brother.

3. More on Latinos of Jewish Origin
From: Martie R Carreon
re 2. Latinos with traditions of Spanish Jewish ancestry by David Kelly. "DNA Clears the Fog Over Latino Links to Judaism in New Mexico." Los Angeles Times (December 5, 2004).
I have done much research into my Hispanic ancestry, most of them coming from the states of Coahuila and Nuevo Leon, Mexico, after they migrated from areas such as the state of Zacatecas. There are many books on the founders of Nuevo Leon. Some of the founders and their ancestry were Crypto Jews who escaped Spain and Portugal to go to New Spain (Mexico) in the 1500s. Apparently it appears some ancestry of these founders joined a late 1500s expedition into New Mexico, complete with families. How many of these original Spanish inhabitants stayed after some returned to New Spain I don't know, or even if they were of Jewish blood, but I would suspect so. I have just started to read the historical novel, Two Lives for Onate, by Miguel Encinias, which dwells on this expedition and their leader, Juan de Onate. Another book, The Conquistadores and the Crypto Jews of Monterrey (Nuevo Leon, Mexico), has information on some Jews from Spain and Portugal that ended up in Nuevo Leon, Mexico. Just as a few ancestry of these Nuevo Leon founders and citizens traveled to New Mexico in the late 1500s but later returned, their descendents on a much larger scale, ended up in south Texas, where some Jewish traditions, overall unknown to them, are still carried on to this day.

4. Feedback: Appreciates "The Tribes"
From: kyna
Subject: "Tribes" feedback and info
Shalom, Yair. Thanks for sending the "Tribes." I cannot put it down. It, as are your other books, is so necessary to studying the TaNaK as well as understanding global politics. FYI: copyright laws are strict in the US for publication, however, cyberspace being the intangible entity that it is, is virtually without protection at this time. I see your work everywhere a site is starting to study this and as you said, without credit to Britam or yourself. Hope they start accrediting to you. In the meantime, I keep buying great odd-ball books about the Celts, old map books, etc.,..They are all not quite mainstream and therefore some of the information and facts are incredibly supportive of your thesis. [Mainstream history having a certain contrivance that all but eliminates Israel (inclusive here, including all 12) as having spread and dispersed as Jacob stated they would, (i.e., who wrote the ancient petroglyph with the sign of two tablets in New Mexico? Or who taught the native americans the so obvious Sukkot feast called 'Thanksgiving' here in the USA? Or why is the story of the passengers of Columbus' voyage not lined up with the Jews who had been thrown out of Portugal the same time?) ... Blessings and shalom, kyna

5. New Linguistic Evidence
Noticed source: "about 20% of "non-German" in German Languages refer to horses, administration and warfare."
This helps confirms Brit-Am historical studies showing that early "Germanics" were conquered by invading Scythian-Israelites from the Steppes whey had gained renown for their horse-riding culture.

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