"Brit-Am Now"-516
Date: Wed, 09 Feb 2005 11:51:02 +0200

"Brit-Am Now"-516
1. Psalms 33 & Pres. Bush
2. Cherie Koch: Psalms 33
5. Ray Fulford: Three Issues:
6. Another Religious Question
7. Steve Collins: African Slaves in Arabia

1. Psalms 33 & Pres. Bush
From: Rachael
Subject: Re: Psalms 33 & Pres. Bush
Dear Yair,
I do not believe President Bush wants to weaken Israel. But on the contrary, I believe his intention for Israel is good. While misguided good intentions may have the same end result as malicious intentions, the misguided would still free from malice even if the result of his actions are disastrous. I think Bush sincerely believes that if the Palestinians embraced democracy and raised their standard of living comparable to the citizens of Israel or the USA, they would as a whole become a peaceful nation. While this may not be a reality due to the divine providence of the issue, I believe this is what is in his heart-- a peaceful Palestinian state would strengthen the state of Israel. Bush came under world criticism for not negotiating with Arafat as Clinton did. He would have suffered an enormous backlash from his pro-Israel, Christian-conservative base had he done so, nor do I think he ever desired to do so. Since God is righteous, long suffering and compassionate toward all people and nations, I think it might be His will to let this scenario play out. For He will wait to drive out the inhabitants of lands until they are completely ripe for destruction, and not one moment before. When the Palestinians are completely ripened, they will kindle His wrath, and their fate may come upon them suddenly. The onus to be more than fair, long suffering, and compassionate, as HE is, will always rest upon His chosen people. If the Palestinians harden their hearts at the concessions and overtures made toward them to have an independent state, and continue in their hateful and violent ways despite their new leadership, God will count Israel's actions for righteousness, and woe unto the Palestinians if this is the case.
& Best regards, Rachael Lewis

2. Cherie Koch: Psalms 33
From: Cherie Koch
Subject: Re: Psalms 33

great Psalm for our times and all times. and beautifully comforting commentary, Yair


shalom to you!


5. Ray Fulford: Three Issues:
Issue # 1: Genetics; Issue #2: Other Claimants, Need for Brit-Am's Own Documentary; Issue # 3: Need for Distributors in North America

Dear Mr. Davidiy ,
There are a few issues that I would like to address here . Please do not feel that you are obliged in any way to include them in your newsletter if you feel they might detract from the major goal of Brit-Am . First of all , I became convinced of the Israel truth ( what you refer to as the Brit-Am message ) back in 1962 . This will tell you that I have done a lot of study into the subject . I am not exactly a greenhorn . Subsequent to my "conversion" , my first thought was : why don't the Jews see this truth and grab a hold of it ? However , it took many moons before a Jew by the name of Yair Davidiiy finally surfaced . Maybe all this was God's timing . I said to myself , "Any venture the Jews undertake , they usually make a success of it ; I now believe this message has a real chance of success." I have a number of issues that I believe are relevant to Brit-Am , and I will address them below . Hopefully , they will turn out to be constructive .

Issue # 1: Genetics
It seems to me that what we are concerned with here is not only Biblical references and historical migration routes . We are concerned with the genes that God Almighty (Elohim) programmed into a physical people known as Israel ( The House of Israel and The House of Judah ) . Another amazing proof of who we are is the presence of creative genius found in both the white Celto-Anglo-Saxon peoples and the Jewish people . Pick up any encyclopedia published before about 1985 and look up the great statesmen , the great inventors , the great scientists , the great architects , the great mathematicians , the great poets , the great composers , the great philosophers , the great theologians . They are without exception either Israelites or Jews . The Jews , in terms of their relatively small numbers , probably have the greatest percentage of genius on their side . Even the great Italian geniuses such as Leonardo and Michelangelo , if you take the trouble to verify where they originated , you will find they were of Lombard ( Israelite ) stock . ...This whole question , if we wish to exclude theology , is one of genealogy and genes . In spite of millennia of separation , Jews and Israelites still ressemble each other more than they do any other peoples . To me it is logical that they should . If you do a study of the musical instruments of the various ethnicities , you will find that the musical instruments used by white Western peoples and the instruments used by Ancient Israelites were almost identical .

Issue #2: Other Claimants, Need for Brit-Am's Own Documentary
Recently I watched a documentary movie on the A & E Network proporting to show that the Ten Lost Tribes had been located in Afghanistan , Burma , Khazakstan, and India , as well as in Africa . Most of these wannabe "Israelites" want to immigrate to Israel . The logic behind it was total garbage . Not one of these nations matched the criteria for determining Israelites outlined in the Bible . Why don't you do your own documentary ? There are certain Christian Churches that would contribute funding if you were to approach them . Besides , you might have a number of networks anxious to air your production . Have you discussed this with Steve Collins , Craig White , and others ? What a fabulous opportunity to sell your books !

Issue # 3: Need for Distributors in North America
Why don't you have someone act as your distributor here in North America ? This is how most publishers ( including Maoz ) operate . Large sums of money would be saved by not having to pay air mail postage on individual books . You could have an agent , let's say in New York or Dallas , who would market your books (someone who would do it free of charge , at least for the first ) . You could also go on speaking tours like Gershon Solomon of The Temple Mount Faithful . Hope these few suggestions will help . I look forward to receiving my copy of The Tribes .
Sincerely ,
Ray Fulford

Issue # 1: It is true that Brit-Am is concerned with ancestry and therefore with Genes.
Brit-Am findings are consistent with Scripture and with history. With DNA there are some apparent contradictions but these too appear to be capable of resolution. This is one of the reasons we emphasize Research.
Research is one of the three Rs of Brit-Am: Research, Revelation, Reconciliation.
It is not however the whole story.
The Ethiopian Jews for instance may not be genetically descendants of Hebrews but my impression is that the Israeli Government is correct in regarding them as Israelites, at least concerning those who kept the Jewish religion as they understood it.

Issue #2
Regarding the Lost Tribes in signifcant numbers being found outside of the areas designated by the Bible as explained by Brit-Am, I agree with you.
Concerning films, etc:
Steve Collins at present is trying to put together a documentary and he hopes to include myself and Rabbi Feld in it. We have participated in a few attempts along these lines in the past but very little came of them. We are also in contact with others on this subject.
We could put a clip together ourselves. It would not necessarily be terribly expensive to produce something very basic that nevertheless could prove of great value.
It would however, like everything else, require some funding.
We will see how things develop. Thanks for the added incentive and encouragement.

Issue # 3
Agents for our works in North America do exist. Within a few months they hopefully will receive supplies of our publications and be able to operate.
Brit-Am operates on a shoe-string budget and even the most simple logistic measures that a normal business would take for granted require means that are not always available.
We are however going ahead on several planes.

6. Another Religious Question
"Keith, Brent" wrote:

I absolutely enjoy and I am encouraged by your daily e-mails, however, I do have a question. As most persons who are of lost tribe heritage appear to be Christian and as you know the British and American people have done more than any others to spread the scriptures over the earth, where does Jesus Christ come into lost tribe thinking/identity. I have never seen an explanation or treatise on the subject on your web site.

Brit-Am consists of Jews and Christians but we are not an inter-faith organization. We have decided not to discuss the issue since our task is to establish and propagate the truth of Brit-Am Identity beliefs and anything else (even if considered by many to be more important) is only liable to get in the way.

Brit-Am is not in the business of engaging in theological discussions.
We should not have to convince anybody about Judaism (and neither do we try to convince them) in order to prove to them that their ancestors may have been of Israelite origin.

For all I know your dentist may (or may not) operate on similar principles as your carpenter but when you go on business to your carpenter you do not discuss your teeth.

7. Steve Collins: African Slaves in Arabia
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-515

Shalom Yair,
I think that the widespread presence of sub-Saharan African genes in the DNA of modern Arabs can be explained by a second factor besides geographical proximity. The Islamic Arabs were heavily involved in the slave trade of sub-Saharan Africans, and they sold many black slaves to Europeans and to the Americas for a period involving centuries. Undoubtedly, black genes passed into the Arab DNA due to slavers either raping black women or retaining black women slaves for Arab harems. Steve

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