"Brit-Am Now"-524
Date: Wed, 02 Mar 2005 14:38:09 +0200
From: Yair Davidiy

"Brit-Am Now"-524
1. Question on Israelites in Germany
2. Historical Changes in Ethnic Origins of Germans
4. Genetics: Hair and Eye Color Can Change Within One Lifetime!
5. Question on Tribal Lineage
6. Brit-AM and Tribal Identifications
7. Were the Getae "Children of Moses"?

1. Question on Israelites in Germany
From: "A. Stefani W."
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-521

Hello Yair,
it's me again. I am not giving up on proving that 'germans' can derive from Ephraim. My research sofar has led me to where my family lived in 1563 AD ! Württemberg , Germany, former: SWABIA, Suebia, we were allemannen - in a town called SCHILTACH.

Now paralell I am studying the descendants of Ephraim in 1. Chron. because in this area SW Germany, Swabia there are strikingly many(!) names ending -ACH or -BACH (of course BACH meaning BROOK). Now of all the descendants of JACOB, Ephraim and Asher having 5 descendants each (the others less) ending with -ACH (in german, engl. -ah ) The english can't pronounce -CH-, but in hebrew they have the same sound!
One researcher suggests germans descended from Asher, because of the famous bread we bake!!True.
Now, researching SCHILTACH I found that in the 13 century , how the name came about from SCHÜLTACH, whereas you can write, of course, SCH U E L TACH. In german Ü is the same than UE . Now, if you only move the letter "T" 3 places to the left you end up with SCHUTELACH, Ephraims son and great great great grandson as well!
And my forefathers wife came of the nearby ROSENFELD (field of roses).
Looking at their town's website I www.rosenfeld.de/de/rosenfeld.html found the 'tudor rose' in their banner and an suburbian village of BRITTHEIM (meaning HOME (Heim) of the Britts) former called BRITIHAIM in 782 AD!!!!
There are more Israelites amongst the german tribes than you probably think or care to want to know?!

Andrea of Ephraim
Surrey, GB

Very Interesting.
Did you know that ca. two thirds of the population of Wurtemburg migrated to North America?
Populations can also change, see the next item.

2. Historical Changes in Ethnic Origins in German
The following note is taken from another list. We do not know how accurate it is but we would say that it is close enough to what happened. The note shows that sometimes the ethnic origin of a people COULD CHANGE without the fact being noted in most conventional histories. The note claims that most of the people of Southern Germany were not originally Germans but came from else where not so long ago. Nevertheless they had a German culture and German traditions and identified as Germans. IN fact you could say that the people from Austria, Piedmont (Northern Italy), and Switzerland who re-populated Southern Germany were themselves of German origin so it does not matter much. All this can be debated but the fact they these people came in recently from elsewhere with very few being aware of it today does help illustrate the point we have been making about population changes.

Note From: Bernard Burgey
The thirty years of war [1618-1648] was one of the biggest recessions in German History.
Although the overall estimation on lost lives is by about 55% and "modern" scientists think it might be less, because a country with this kind of loss could not recuperate this fast, disregard the fact, of the economic miracle 300 years later and the huge immigration of people into the ruined land, that in some areas lost more then over 90% of the population. Some villages where never rebuild. Especial this kind of areas, mostly catholic bishoprices where resettled and rebuild from folks that arrived after 1650 from Italy-mostly Piedmont, the Netherlands, Austria, Swiss and Savoy. In this case I'm speaking about SW Germany where I grew up.
In my large Library of over 1000 books I have some reference material to this part of German History:
I'll give here two:

[1. Franziska Raynaud, Savoyische Einwanderungen in Deutschland, 2001 , ISBN 3-7686-4216-X In this Book she lists 1500 Names with ancestral hometowns, occupation ect. of Savoy [Italy]
Emigrants into S-Germany. The Names she could find, but this is only the tip of the Iceberg! [2. Schweizer Einwanderer in den Kraichgau nach dem Drei igj hrigen Krieg. 1983 ext, Edd Friedrich Zumbach, a retired teacher traveled with his bicycle after WW2. On his search for his ancestry trough the Kraichgau a part of Baden which consist of about 73 small towns and villages within the area between Heidelberg, Stuttgart and Heilbronn and collected Swiss immigrants into the Kraichgow out of Archives and church records. After his death his work was carried on by other researchers. The Book lists 1983 5334 family names mostly with Swiss hometown. This is a average of about 75 family names in each German town and villages in a time where sometimes not 10 ancestral German Family's survived! Again, this is only the tip of the iceberg.
[3. The Stadt-Archive of Ludwigshafen by Mannheim has a department for Pf lzische Immigrants into the Palatinate and collects there anything about Palatinate Immigrants. In the past 20 years I had spend there many days in my research and large parts are microfilmed from the LDS under the Section Ludwigshafen, Pfalz und Immigrants. There are many 1000's of Names to find, because the Pfalz/Palatinate or Bayrische Pfalz was not only burned down to the bedrock in the 30years war, bat also three times there after "...so that there was not a nest left for a bird!" They also keep some of my German publications.

According to:
the historian Aelius Lampridius in Scriptores Historiae Augustae
(p222-235) states that Cesar Marcus Aurelius send Alexander Severus Arabic, Persian and other Oriental Troops along with Greeks (Graeci) from Gallia to Germanica.


Vicky Shalom,
Gershon Salomon is aware of Brit-Am and has read the book "Ephraim" as well as possibly other literature of ours. This aspect of your question however should be directed to Gershon rather than to us.

The desire of the Temple Mount Movement to rebuild the Temple now is valid and as far as I understand consistent with Jewish tradition but MANY IN THE ORTHODOX CAMP WOULD DISAGREE.
In addition to the Temple Mount Movement there are several other organizations with the same aim. It may or may not be a practical goal at the moment.
There are those who oppose rebuilding the Temple at present for different reasons. I am in favor but have not studied the matter as seriously as necessary. Our impression (based on some of the sources) is that rebuilding the Temple will require the active participation of Joseph but this is not an article of faith with us, just an impression. There are those who would say that since we have a Positive Commandment to rebuild the Temple whenever we can therefore the obligation exists whether "Joseph" participates or not.


4. Genetics: Hair and Eye Color Can Change Within One Lifetime!
Genes Can Change Eye Color

The bottom line is that both of the changes you describe are widely reported. For example, in one study, 15% of Caucasians had some lightening or darkening in eye color at puberty. In fact, this study showed there was probably some unknown gene or genes involved in the eye color change.

As for eyes changing color at various times as an adult, we need to say that there is something in the environment affecting one or more of the eye color genes. There are lots of examples of things in the environment influencing how much a gene is turned on. Stress, for example, is known to affect genes important for the immune system. I’ve also read about certain foods affecting eye color.

Ask a Geneticist
by Dr. Barry Starr, Stanford University

5. Question on Tribal Lineage
My father is Jewish and mother is Italian
...Didn't Jews that were kicked out of Spain migrate to escape persecution Also my mother's family is Roman Catholic A ton of Jewish rituals are in Roman Catholicism even more than Protestantism What would my tribal designation be?

I would say (judging by your letter) that you belong to the Tribe of Judah. This does not mean that you are necessarily Jewish at present. It means that in the Messianic Era when the Tribes return and everyone is informed what Tribe they belong to you will probably be apportioned to Judah. You may well ask, IF such is the case (that only in the Messianic Era will I know for sure) then what point is there in my being interested at present?

The answer is that we are approaching the Messianic Era and an arousal in this direction is in accordance with Prophecy and the Divine Will. The fact that you have been so affected means God has special plans for you and others like you and you are duty bound to follow them.
God bless you
Yair Davidiy
On this issue See the next item

6. Brit-AM and Tribal Identifications
A Brit-Am Message
Brit-Am has proven through the Bible that the Lost Ten Tribes must be primarily in Western Nations. Others have said and still say the same thing along the same lines but we have added to the total body of evidence and enhanced the general approach. We have also done something towards spreading the message including reaching some of those who otherwise may not have been approachable. In addition to the Biblical message we have shown from other sources how the necessary migrations occurred. The historical explanations that we have used have also included new findings and original conclusions that appear to be justified and strengthened as more and more information becomes available. We have traced the existence of Israelite Tribes and Tribal clans in Europe and also discussed Tribal characteristics. This is a beginning and it is quite a lot considering that much of this information was not widely available before we came along. Our researches and findings are still in progress and potentially hold great promise. Nevertheless in most cases we cannot tell individuals what tribes they belong to. Sometimes we are able to make educated guesses that may bear themselves out but usually we cannot even do that.

We need assistance in research, we need moral support, and we badly need finance in order to keep going.

We understand that most people for all kinds of reasons will not be able (or willing) to help us. This is OK. Even if you only hear (and read) what we have to say you are enabling us to do what we must and benefiting yourselves. Those of you however who can help are requested to do so.

7. Were the Getae "Children of Moses"?

From: Robert Jones
Subject: Moses and the Getae
Mr. Davidiy,

I found this interesting extract from Herodotus, and I wondered who you think these Getae are? Most of the other Gothic or Getae were in the east, north of the Jaxartes River at this time. So how did a tribe associated with this name get so far away from them and maintain the same name. Based on their belief in their immortality it sounds like this Thracian tribe is Hebrew, and Salmoxis sounds a lot like Moses. Could this tribe be a Levite clan/tribe that at one tribe was associated with Gad, Manasseh and Reuben and separated themselves after the fall of Assyria and then migrated to this area? ..... "Before he reached the Danube, the first people he subdued were the Getae, who believes that they never die. The Thracians of Salmydessus and those who live beyond Apollonia and Mesembria, know as the Scyrmiadae and Nipsaeans, surrendered without fighting; but the Getae, who are the most manly and law-abiding of the Thracians tribes, offered fierce resistance and were at once reduced to slavery. The belief of these people in their immortality takes the following form: they never really die, but every man, when he takes leave of this present life, goes to join Salmoxis, a divine being who is also called by some of them Gebeleizis. Every five years they choose one of their numbers by lot and send him to Salmoxis as a messenger, with instructions to ask him for whatever they may happen to want. To effect the dispatch, some of them with three javelins in their hands arrange themselves in a suitable position, while others take hold of the messenger by his hands and feet, and swing him up into the air in such a way as to make him fall on the upturned points of the javelins. If the man is killed, they take it as a sign that Salmoxis is in a favorable mood; if he escapes, they put it down as his own bad character, tell him what they think of him, and send another messenger instead. The instructions are given to the messenger while he is still alive. This same tribe of Thracians will, during a thunderstorm, shoot arrows up into the sky, and utter threats against the lord of the lightning and the thunder, because they recognize no god but their own… I think; however, that Salmoxis lived long before Pythagoras’ time. In any case, whether there was once a man of that name, or whether he is a local god belonging to the Getae, that is enough of him." Thanks,

Rob Jones

Thank you for the extract. The Getae eventually joined the Anglo-Saxon invasions of England. See our work "The Tribes". In the Triumph Prophecy magazine (of W. F. Dankenbring) there was once an interesting article equating "Salmoxis" (also known as 'Zalmoxis') with Moses.

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