"Brit-Am Now"-529
"Brit-Am Now"-529
1. Joan Griffith: WCG was indeed Pro-Zionist
2. Atlas Laster: Note on Biblical Madness
3. Recovery: True Story from Life based on a report by Shmuel James,
4. Confidence in Brit-Am Findings
5. "Not Yet 100% Convinced"
6. Offerings to Brit-Am are a source of blessing
7. Finding Jewish and Other Surnames from Germany

1. Joan Griffith: WCG was indeed Pro-Zionist
From: Joan Griffith
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-527
item 6.
I should say the WCG was "Zionist." !! (I have no idea what WCG is now.)
Remember that guy who bombed the Al Aksa mosque? It was an abortive attempt to clear the spot for the new Temple, based on his reading WCG articles in the Plain Truth magazine that insisted the Temple must be built before Messiah comes, and to do that, the mosque had to go. He actually was not a member of the church. Of course, the articles suggested earthquakes would do it. After that event, the articles took a little different slant--not bringing adverse publicity on the church was more important than looking for the future events to take place!
However, events in the nation of Israel remained of great interest, and there was great rejoicing over the success of the Yom Kippur war. Everyone knew it was an act of G-d, a modern day miracle. At some point, the pastor-general even had a tree planted, apparently near Jerusalem in some spot where a lot of people do this in memory of someone. He also met with some of the leaders during the 1970s, and is said to have carried a note from Sadat to the Israelis.
I don't speak for WCG, of course, but as a then-member, that was my impression based on what was said and done at the time. Plus, of course, more than one of the church's college students had done deep, doctoral research on where the Lost Tribes went--I sent you a URL recently.
A house is not a home unless it contains food and fire for the mind as well as the body.--Ben Franklin

2. Atlas Laster: Note on Biblical Madness
From: Atlas or Janet Laster
Subject: RE: "Brit-Am Now"-528

Shalom, Yair, as we approach the Molad that precedes the vernal equinox. In response to the discussion about Psalm 34, following are excerpts from my recently published book, Psychology, Astrology & Religion - Revisited: Removing the Veil in the End Times, that provide a different perspective on the account of David's madness episode in 1 Samuel 21, which led him to compose Psalm 34. One of the purposes for writing the excerpt below was to dispel the belief of a confluence between psychology and Scripture. It is especially informative to look at the Hebrew words for madness used in 1 Samuel 21, as explained in the excerpt below.
Evidently madness was not so rare a phenomenon in David's time that he was not aware of the outward manifestation of symptoms. He imitated madness well enough to convince most people in King Achish's city of Gath, including King Achish himself. David's act was so compelling that his life was spared, even though he was alone and unprotected in enemy territory. His feigned madness was a crucial step in the immediate spiritual purpose that had been placed upon him as the anointed next king of Israel. King Achish apparently was more concerned about expelling David as a madman, rather than killing him because he was a mortal enemy. The Scripture intimates that there was a population of insane people in Gath, and one more would have been one too many, so David was sent away. It will be seen that there was a spiritual purpose associated with David acting insane, but King Achish perceived only the mundane psychological, mental health perspective. Therein is the extent of the purported connection between spirituality and mental health, or between the Bible and psychology.
David's spiritual purposes were threefold. He was to be the king who would unite Judah and Israel (2 Samuel 2, 5), making the Children of Israel as a nation a formidable power, which led to the capture of Jerusalem. The Messiah was destined to come through David's lineage (Butler 1991). Last, David left a series of many songs called psalms, which have been a source of solace, encouragement, reality check, and direction for many people throughout the millennia....
There were not clinical categorizations of various forms of insanity listed in the Scriptures such as exist today in the American Psychiatric Association's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition, Text Revision. It is the Hebrew language alone that provides insight into the various meanings of madness in the Scriptures. Strong (1984) gives six different numbered references to various Hebrew words for mad and madness. All of the words are based on two Hebrew word roots. The first is the root with the Hebrew letters "hey-lamed-lamed," and is the word "halal," found in the familiar word "hallelujah." Halal has the main meaning of praising the Elohim of Israel. In some usages, it has been translated to mean deceive (Botterweck and Ringgren 1978). The second root has the Hebrew letters "shin-gimel-ayin," and is the word "shaga," which means "mad." M'shugga, a common Jewish term derived from "shaga," means mad or crazy."
In the case of David's feigned madness before King Achish, the root "halal" is used. However, in contrast, the root "shaga" is used in connection with King Achish's observation of David's madness. What is seen by the use of the two different Hebrew word roots to describe the same action is that there are different perspectives of what it means to be mad. First is the perspective associated with Yahweh's anointed Hebrew king, and second is the view of a non-Hebrew; David was on one side spiritually, and King Achish was on the other side.
Keeping in mind that Psalm 34 was created as a result of the feigned madness incident, and the Hebrew root "halal" was used to refer to David's actions, it is suggested that while David was acting insane, his internal state was one of praising the Lord. In 1 Samuel 21:13, his external behavior was that of scribbling on the doors of the gate and allowing saliva to drip into his beard, but internally, in his spirit, David was saying, "I wil bless the Lord at all times: his praise shall continually be in my mouth," and the remainder of Psalm 34. Those on the other side spiritually saw only m'shugga in David's behavior, but he praised himself, as it were, into freedom. It is virtually impossible to understand the spiritual point of view of David's faked insanity by relying solely on English translations of the Scriptures. Only the original language revealed deeper insights of an event rendered by just one English word. Two different Hebrew words were required to express fully the nature of David's behavior in the Scripture. How many other insights to the meaning of Scripture are hidden or lost in the same manner?
It has been said that the uninhibited, high praises of the Spirit-filled, Pentecostal and other believers appear to those on the other side spiritually as if believers are out of their minds during those states. When the ark of the Lord returned to Jerusalem in 2 Samuel 6, King David entered a state of high praise--jumping, dancing, and probably rejoicing loudly, and his wife Michal told him that he behaved in an undignified manner, was not in his right mind and was not acting like a king. King David's response to her was that when he rejoices before the Lord, his praise may become even more uninhibited. Evidently, there were major differences in their perceptions, even though they were both Hebrew, married, and supposed to be on the same side.

3. Recovery: True Story from Life based on a report by Shmuel James,
The following story was related to us and we belief it to be correct.
Shmuel James (a part-time assistant and linguistic counsellor of Brit-Am in Jerusalem)
knows someone ("G") who at the age of 45 was stricken with cancer. The doctors said he was at his last stages and by way of nature nothing could be done for him.
After a series of test they gave him at the most a month to live.
"G" was at that stage a non-religious secular middle class Jew who in his younger years had passed his initial examinations to become a pilot.
A doctor told him he had only a very short while to live so why not "live it up"?
"G" did not accept this attitude. He began to pray to God.
Almost immediately he felt a renewal of vitality.
After a year he returned to the hospital and renewed tests showed him to have recovered completely. The doctors refused to believe their own tests.
More than five years later "G" is still active, runs regularly, has recently married and lives a religious life. He beliefs that he was saved by the power of power and that God listens to prayer.

Note: Probably every one of our subscribers has examples of miracles etc like the above that they have experienced or heard of. We do not want to make a regular feature of these but since this one chanced across us we decided to record it.
For every "miracle" that occurs there are undoubtedly many cases where one may not: Otherwise it would not be a miracle.
Nevertheless prayer to the Almighty always helps.

4. Confidence in Brit-Am Findings
I know your findings on the tribes is completely 100% true....
Thank you for helping me understand my heritage and confirming to me things that I have been taught in church all my life.

5. "Not Yet 100% Convinced"
From: Ian McRae
Subject: Re: Re: A Question for Yair
Hello Yair,
Many thanks for your quick response to my question. I agree with your position, and quite frankly I see no hope of peace and plenty in this world via the plans of we humans. It is going to take the intervention of the Almighty to knock us into shape.
Regarding your other answers
You said:

"a. It is true that:
"many Jewish authorities consider the 10 Lost Tribes to be exactly ……..lost !"
"This however does not mean that the authorities in question are correct.
"Brit-Am has proofs and evidence that cannot be honestly refuted simply because it is the truth.

This is , of course, very true ! For myself, I tend towards the Brit Am position, but I am not yet 100% convinced. Something always nags at the back of my mind about it. Perhaps this will resolve itself as I read more. I have, as you can no doubt see from my e-mail, also been reading from those who oppose your view. A habit I gained in University and which has always stuck with me into old age...Finding “Truth” seems to get harder, instead of easier, with all the information available on the internet..
It has always been my belief that the Jewish people are a positive asset to our world, with their religion, culture and concentration in the “benevolent” areas of human endeavour like medicine. Your reply convinces me that the Messsianic advent will be of benefit to all mankind and it therefore has my full support....
Best Wishes,
Ian McRae

Concerning your uncertainty:
This is natural.
More than 2700 years have passed since the Exile of northern Israel and for a few centuries before that they were already quite distinct (and often mutually antagonistic) with Judah.
Australians, Canadians, Americans, are all quite different from each other and also do not on the whole feel at all like the British and West Europeans even though they mostly are related to each other just a few generations back.
Concerning the Lost Ten Tribes and their presence in "Brit-Am" designated areas:
We do not know what proportions are involved though we assume they are large.
The Biblical Proofs and Prophecies are The bottom line with additional evidence serving to demonstrate feasibility rather than absolute certainty.
Perhaps an analogy for future reunification would be a Happy Marriage.
Before most marriages the couple consists of two individuals who may not be entirely certain of what they are doing and are beset with all kinds of doubt and hesitation. After marriage (sometimes a long time after, and sometimes unfortunately never) the couple often realize that they are indeed "soul mates" who were created to be together and complement each other despite their differences, or maybe even because of them.

Concerning Jewish opinion I am in constant contact with informed Jews especially Rabbinical scholars and there is no real disagreement with Brit-Am.
The feeling is that Something is "there" (in Brit-Am peoples) the question being mainly a matter of degree and its actual significance.
Brit-Am beliefs are ultimately based on the Bible as our sole authority BUT historians and geneticists do admit the feasibility of our beliefs even from a secular point of view as we have partially explained in our works

6. Offerings to Brit-Am are a source of blessing
Dear Yair,
We are being very blessed since we started contributing to you and your ministry, the first month I sent 50.00, the next 2 weeks my health insurance was lowered, 60.00 per month, I have never had this happen before, then the next 2 months I sent 100.00, then the company installing our new kitchen cabinets called they had made an error and over charged us 250.00, which they refunded coincidence, I don't think so A.

7. Finding Jewish and Other Surnames from Germany
From: "A. Stefani W."
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-525
item 1. Query on Loden Surname

I am very insterested because this gentleman's name sounds similar, LODEN,
to our name FODE, FODEN, FODIN. I checked the jewish gen website already and found that JODE and JODIN are jewish!!

I suggest he finds THE TOWN his people lived in Germany and then proceeds to the CHURCH RECORDS/BOOKS of that town, either physically or maybe via the Mormons website. They list all the ancestors of my family, which our family genealogist found in the CHURCH BAPTIZMAL RECORDS in Schiltach W rttemberg himself by going there physically.

Andrea. S.W.
momentarily Surrey GB

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