"Brit-Am Now"-533
"Brit-Am Now"-533
1. Compliments on the "Jewish" Aspect of Brit-Am: See Brit-Am Comment
2. Calendar Calculations, New Moon Sightings from Israel, etc
Article on the Sanhedrin
3. Another Source Confirming Brit-Am Findings?
4. Message from Puah
5. Reply to Some "Biblical" Objections

1. Compliments on the "Jewish" Aspect of Brit-Am: See Brit-Am Comment
(a) From: davidbenariel@famvid.com
Subject: The Tribes

Shalom Yair,

Thank you for sending me your impressive looking book THE TRIBES with its great cover. It's exciting to know an Israeli Jew who recognizes Joseph and is doing all he can to help share our Israelite identity with both Joes and Jews.

This blindness about the Israelite identity of the West is prophesied to come to an end, and the prophecies have begun to be fulfilled so take great comfort and encouragement in knowing that this great Work will only INCREASE, as it is God's Will and in accordance with God's Word!

Your brother,
David Ben-Ariel

(b) Dear Yair,

My order of The Tribes has arrived . Thank you very much . This is an excellent book that does justice to the subject ; namely, the origins of "western" nations. Although this truth has been around for some time, people are much more readily impressed when they note that the book was penned by a Jew living in Israel . Deep within the human psyche there is something which dismisses truth that is proclaimed by the neighbour next-door. There are many wise sayings that support this principle; such as, "Distance lends enchantment to the naked eye". But the greatest insight into this subject came from a Jewish rabbi nearly two thousand years ago. He said , " A prophet is not without honour, save in his own country, and in his own house." Keep up your highly commendable avocation.
Ray Fulford ( a descendant of Joseph Israel )

Brit-Am Comment: I know the two subscribers quoted above genuinely appreciate our work. That they find an additional advantage in I being religiously Jewish is fair enough especially in light of the fact that in certain spheres it is held against me.
Even so, we did a lot of research and work on the subject and merited, by the Grace of the Almighty, to come up with new evidence and add something to that which already existed.
We are still doing this.
In the long run I believe the quality of our findings will be one of the factors that determine our success (or lack of it) in spreading the Brit-Am message.

2. Calendar Calculations, New Moon Sightings from Israel, etc

Article on the Sanhedrin

3. Another Source Confirming Brit-Am Findings?
The Lost Tribes were exiled to regions in the Assyrian Empire including the Cities of the Medes (2-Kings 17:6).
In our books "The Tribes" and "Lost Israelite Identity" we have referred to historical and archaeological evidence showing how the exiled Israelites moved westwards and amongst other things became the leading element in Celtic Civilization.
Since our major work detailing these facts "Lost Israelite Identity" is at present not in print in a coming posting we will give a summary with references of salient features of the said movement. On another list Michael Smith quoted from a work whose findings in some way parallel our own. The book traces early founding elements amongst the Celts to Media which was one of the regions to which Israelites were exiled.
The book is "The Archaeology of Weapons", 1960, by R. Ewart Oakeshott .
We wrote "Lost Israelite Identity. The Hebraic Ancestry of Celtic Races" (1996, Jerusalem) and apparently used the same or related sources to those quoted in the work by Mr. Oakeshott as well as following a similar line of reasoning.
We used the sources of OTHERS and it would appear that the author preceded us and we were unknowingly to a degree following in his footsteps.
The author uses additional information that we did not use.
The parallelism is somewhat uncanny but they do help confirm that our line of reasoning was justified.
The dates given in the work of Mr. Oakeshott are however too early and appear to be mistaken.
At all events, below is the reference in question and our own contribution will probably be given in the next posting or just after it.

Michael Smith says:
"Hi, I have a book by R. Ewart Oakeshott called "The Archaeology of Weapons", and he has this to say:

"The legendary home of iron is in north-east Asia Minor, in ancient Paphlagonia and Pontus, where the Chalybes (mentioned by Aeshylus in the sixth century B.C.) seem to have had a sort of monopoly, while to the south was Commagene, Ubi ferrum nascitur [where iron originated?].

"In the north-east of this area, as well as to the north of the Caucasus, cemeteries have been found which have yielded weapons and other iron objects closely allied to the Hallstatt products; also, and perhaps more significantly, types of bronze horse-bit and bridle mounts have been found in many graves in Hungary and Austria which are closely related in form and type to types found across the Pontic steppes, beyond the Caucasus and even farther off in Iran. The finding of these objects in graves of the early Hallstatt period (c. 1000-800 B.C.) which are clearly those of horse-using warriors suggests that they brought a sort of military stimulus with better weapons of iron and improved horse management; they may even have been veteran mercenaries from the armies of Assyria and Urartu. We shall examine presently some pretty convincing evidence that this was indeed the case
"Herodotus (writing in about 400 B.C.) tells of a people dwelling beyond the Danube and to the north of Thrace called Sigynnae. These may perhaps be identified with a people of the Caucasus region called the Siggini mentioned by Strabo, who was writing of a period around 100 B.C., and maybe with the later Sequani of Gaul (Caesar, 58 B.C.) who eventually reached the region of Paris. Both Sigynnae and Siggini are said to have worn Medean costume, trousers; which were of course the usual wear of the Celts. What Herodotus has to say of them is illuminating in the added light recent archaeological discoveries.
He says:
'...It appears that you no sooner cross the Ister [Danube] than you enter an interminable wilderness. The only people of whom I hear as dwelling beyond the Ister are a race named Sigynnae, who wear, they say, a dress like the Medes, and have horses which are covered with a coat of shaggy hair, five fingers in length. They are a small breed, flat nosed, and are not strong enough to bear men on their backs; but when yoked to chariots are the swiftest known, which is the reason why the people of that country use chariots. Their borders reach down almost to the Eneti on the Adriatic sea, and they call themselves colonists of the Medes; but how they can be colonists of the Medes I for my part cannot imagine. Still, nothing is impossible in the long lapse of the ages.'
Nothing indeed. During the last century the remains of chariots and the bones and trappings of small horses have been found in the graves of the Hallstatt warriors; the trousered costume of the Celts is well known from the Gaulish and Italian sculptures of the Roman period, while Roman writers often speak as eye-witnesses of the swift, shaggy little horses and the trousered charioteers. We may even believe what Herodotus found it hard to imagine; as we have seen, objects of the same culture and the same form have been found in regions very close to the Medean territories (and even within them) as well as in Austria. This at least suggests a cultural connection between the Hallstatt people (the ancestors of the Sigynnae) and the Medes. There is an even closer link with Assyria. In Celtic burials widely scattered in Western Europe-at Avranches, in the Loire valley, near Abbeville, in Baden and the Palatinate and Moravia-have been found ingots of iron, small billets of good quality metal in a handy and portable size. Identical ones have been found at Khorsabad, near Nineveh. Nor is this all, for a distinctive style of sword and scabbard mount is found both in the West and in Assyria."

"He also mentions the similarity in the helmet styles of the Assyrians and Celts, that they both have a similar pointed apex, and that no other culture has helmets of this type; thus he sees a connection between the two.

4. Message from Puah
From: Pu'ah
Subject: Please Help

Dear Yair:

I am a believer in the "Two House" theory and have been enjoying your email newsletters for a while now. My maiden name is Ryznar and I think I may have ancestors from Judah on my dad's side, but primarily, I believe I am an Ephramite. Here is my problem: I live in southwest Florida and there are two messianic congregations nearby, both of which are totally opposed to the concept of Ephramite/Manassah Brit-Am, etc.

I would dearly love to find a few people in southwest Florida who believe in the Two House, or Two Stick Theory and would like to start a home fellowship to study Torah. (I am so hungry for good, solid Torah teaching.) Would you publish this email in your Brit-Am Now email newsletter so that if there are others in my area who feel as I do, they can contact me? You can include my email address: Ephramite@earthlink.net.
Many thanks to you Yair for your wonderful work. I praise the Heavenly Father for you and pray that the truth will be revealed.
Shalom, Pu'ah

5. Reply to Some "Biblical" Objections
Someone Quoted from Bible verses as if to show that not all the northern Ten Tribes were exiled:
These are the verses followed by our answers:
(a) King Asa of Judah: "He gathered all Judah and Benjamin, and those who sojourned with them out of Ephrayim and Menasheh, and out of Shim'on: for they fell to him out of Yisrael in great number, when they saw that Adonay his God was with him". (2Chronicles 15:9 )
Answer: King Asa of Judah lived well before the Exile of the Northern Israelites.
His reign is conventionally given as 908-867 BCE whereas the Exile took place in 730-720 BCE.
The Assyrian Exile included all of the Northern Kingdom PLUS a good portion of the southern though the northern section is the one emphasized by Scripture.
Those who remained were from the Tribes of Judah, Benjamin, and Levi as well as a mixed remnant of the other tribes that according to one Midrashic source represented 20% per cent of the total.
Nevertheless those who remained from the other tribes were a minority and are subsumed amongst Judah, Benjamin, and Levi.
We have discussed this at length in our works especially in "The Tribes".

(b) "Hezekiah sent to all Israel and Judah, and he also wrote letters to Ephrayim and Menasheh, to come to the House of Adonai at Jerusalem to celebrate Passover... For if you turn back to Adonai, your brothers and your children shall be shown compassion by their captors, even to return to this land... And the messengers passed from city to city throughout the land of Ephrayim and Menasheh, as far as Zabulon... some from Asher and Menasheh and from Zabulon humbled themselves and came to Jerusalem... many of the people, many from Ephrayim and Menasheh, Isaskar and Zabulon had not been cleansed, yet they celebrated Passover..." (2Chronicles 30:1,9,10,11,18)

Answer: This event occurred at the beginning of the reign of King Hezekiah (ca. 726 or earlier to ca 697 BCE) before the Assyrian Exile of the Northern Tribes was completed. The source says that many from the northern kingdom came to Jerusalem to celebrate the Passover. After keeping the Passover in Jerusalem they presumably returned to their homes in the north. They did not necessarily all stay in the south though some may have.

(c) "And the children of Israel who were present performed the Passover at that time... And none of the Kings of Israel had celebrated a Passover as Josiah performed with the Kohanim and the Levites, and all Judah and Israel who were present, and the inhabitants of Jerusalem". (2Chronicles 35:17-18)

Answer: King Josiah (ca 628?-609? BCE) celebrated the Passover with those who were present. The verse emphasizes the Kohanim (Priests), Levites, Judah, and "Israel who were present" apparently including Benjamin and those few from the other tribes who still remained. The very phraseology suggests these were a minority. In addition, as explained in "The Tribes" and "Origin" in the time of King Josiah Northern Israelites amongst the Scythian forces did make a short-lived attempt to re-settle in the Land of Israel but the attempt was not successful.

(d) "And in the cities of Menasheh, and Ephrayim, and Shim'on, as far as Naphthali... And they went to Hilqiah, the High Kohen, and they gave the silver that was brought into the House of Elohim, which the Levites who kept the door had gathered from the hand of Menasheh and Ephrayim, and from all the remnant of Israel and from all Judah and Benjamin, and which they had brought back to Jerusalem". (2Chronicles 34:6, 9)

Answer: The King James (KJ) says: [2-Chronicles 34:6] AND SO DID HE IN THE CITIES OF MANASSEH, AND EPHRAIM, AND SIMEON, EVEN UNTO NAPHTALI, WITH THEIR MATTOCKS ROUND ABOUT. The words translated as "WITH THEIR MATTOCKS" is "BeCharvotayhem" which means in Hebrew "IN THEIR RUINS". King Josiah went around the RUINED CITIES of Northern Israel and destroyed the remnants of idols and so on he found in them. The verse in Hebrew actually affirms that the cities were in ruins and presumably uninhabited.

(e) "Then the children of Israel, the Kohanim and the Levites, and the rest of the sons of the captivity, kept the dedication of this House with joy, and offered ... as a sin offering for all Israel twelve male goats, according to the number of the Tribes of Israel". (Ezra 6:16,17)

Answer: This verse mentions Kohanim (Priests descended from Aaron from the Tribe of Levi) and Levites and the rest of those who had been taken into captivity, i.e. from Judah and Benjamin. They offered sacrifices for all the Tribes of Israel and so they should have but that does not mean that all the Tribes were present.

(f) "The sons of the exile, who had come from the captivity, brought burnt offerings to the Elohim of Israel: twelve bulls for all Israel,... and twelve male goats as a sin offering". (Ezra 8:35)

Answer: See our answer to (e) above. Also in the Books of Ezra and Nehemiah are found lists of the families who returned. ONLY families from the Tribes of Judah, Benjamin, and Levi are mentioned.

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