"Brit-Am Now"-537

1. Brit-AM Claims Justified by New Studies: Changes in "ancient genetic patterns."
2. Joan Griffith: The USA and "Messiah son of Joseph"
3. In Praise of Steven Collins
4. Jorge N. Robles Olarte: Good Wishes
5. COG Still Faithful to Tribal Knowledge
6. Katy Whelan: Jerusalem?
7. John Stembridge: My favorite is "Joseph, the Israelite Destiny of America."

1. Brit-AM Claims Justified by New Studies: Changes in "ancient genetic patterns."
The note below describes a study in Holland showing that through migrations etc the populations of different areas has changed drastically. The study claims that in some places only 20% of the inhabitants had ancestors in the area more than a few hundred years ago. The study has since been challenged concerning the extremity of its conclusions BUT the principle is now agreed upon. It has also been said that in some parts of Europe the changes may turn out to be EVEN MORE drastic.
This confirms the researches described by Brit-Am (especially in our book, "Joseph. The Israelite Destiny of America") indicating that many of the migrants to North America from Europe came from specific areas and were of a specific type that MOSTLY MOVED OUT.

Here is an Abstract [Short Summary] of the Study in question:

Am J Phys Anthropol. 2004 Jul 26 [Epub ahead of print]

New method for surname studies of ancient patrilineal population structures, and possible application to improvement of Y-chromosome sampling.

Manni F, Toupance B, Sabbagh A, Heyer E.

Equipe de Genetique des Populations, Departement Hommes, Natures, Societes (UMR5145 CNRS), Unite d'Eco-Anthropologie, Musee de l'Homme MNHN, Paris 75016, France.

Several studies showed that surnames are good markers to infer patrilineal genetic structures of populations, both on regional and microregional scales. As a case study, the spatial patterns of the 9,929 most common surnames of the Netherlands were analyzed by a clustering method called self-organizing maps (SOMs). The resulting clusters grouped surnames with a similar geographic distribution and origin. The analysis was shown to be in agreement with already known features of Dutch surnames, such as 1) the geographic distribution of some well-known locative suffixes, 2) historical census data, 3) the distribution of foreign surnames, and 4) polyphyletic surnames [i.e. Surnames that have more than one known origin]... We show that, in a given location, the descendants of those individuals who inhabited the area at the time of origin of surnames can be as low as approximately 20%. This finding suggests 1) the major role played by recent migrations that are likely to have distorted or even defaced ancient genetic patterns, and 2) that standard-designed samplings can hardly portray a reliable picture of the ancient Y-chromosome variability of European populations. Am J Phys Anthropol, 2004. Copyright 2004 Wiley-Liss, Inc.

2. Joan Griffith: The USA and "Messiah son of Joseph"
From: Joan Griffith
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-532

"Messiah son of Joseph" would lead the Lost Ten Tribes in the End Times who would fight major battles, perform great deeds, and re-unite with Judah.
Concerning the above comment you made about the Moshiach or Messiah, it almost seems that the U.S. President could fulfil the role... if these are the end times...
I doubt that is how things will take place, but I just thought of it as I was reading your comments.
It seems that this son of Joseph will be a sort of Superman who is at least a great general and looks kindly on Judah. But will he really know who he is and the prophecy he is carrying on? I suppose in light of Gen. Allenby, he could believe the prophecies & still not be aware of who he is. I'm just contemplating how things could happen. [] Do the rabbinim say anything specific about this beyond what you said?

Joan G.

3. In Praise of Steven Collins
Steven Collins deliberately working from a relatively few sources applies logic and original thought proving the present day identity of the Lost Ten Tribes. His conclusions on the whole agree with our own but from a different perspective. Steven Collins is a brave man and an original thinker. He has done much good and is a champion of the truth.

4. Jorge N. Robles Olarte: Good Wishes
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-536

Hi dear Yair,
Has been a pleasure to have been receiving your correspondence and information. Im observed in your last Brit-Am News #536 that you wrote Genesis 12:15.
If I am not wrong it is Genesis 12:3 that speak of the "I will bless those who bless you...." Continues, please, with your good work,
Shalom and Happy Sabbath,
Jorge N. Robles Olarte

5. COG Still Faithful to Tribal Knowledge From: marymc3
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-534

Reply to Den:

WCG (Worldwide Church of God) has gone the way of "Sunday" keeping along with other things since the death of Herbert Armstrong, slowly over the course of time since his death in 1986. But the COG crowd who left that organization are still strong with keeping the Sabbath, Holy Days in the Bible and growing in knowledge of the Tribes of Israel.

6. Katy Whelan: Jerusalem?
Subject: Something on the lighter side of things...
Dear Yair,
Here is unresearched proof that America is the primary home to the lost ten tribes. Sometimes G-d has a funny way of showing us the obvious.
-- JerUSAlem --
We are in the heart of Israel.

7. John Stembridge: My favorite is "Joseph, the Israelite Destiny of America."
From: Johnstembridge1@aol.com
Subject: Fwd: Brit-Am Badly in Need of Offerings

Shalom Yair,

Sending your need to my list with the hope that some if not many may be able to respond. All of your books have excellent information about Ephraim/Israel the ten lost tribes regathering, but so far my favorite is "Joseph, the Israelite Destiny of America." All on my list who have not read this book, I urge you to order a case for your family and friends.



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