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1. Diane Herndon: help spread the word
2. Mark Twain: Quote
3. Sephardic Jewish Blood in Western Peoples
4. Tribal Origins of Present-Day Jews
5. Luke Martin: Ruth should serve as an example
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1. Diane Herndon: help spread the word
Yair, Shalom,
As I contemplated how we all, as Brit-Am , could help spread the word, it came to mind to simply add: Visit www.britam.org to my e-mail signature line.This is something we can all easily do.

May God bless all, Diane Herndon

2. Mark Twain: Quote Whenever you find you are on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect. Samuel Langhorne Clemens ("Mark Twain").

3. Sephardic Jewish Blood in Western Peoples

Background: "Sepharad" in Hebrew is the name for Spain. Jews from Spain had a great influence on Jewish communities in the Mediterranean area and in the east so that today all such communities are considered "Sephardic". Jews from Spain and Portugal were forced to convert to Catholicism and in Portugal all Jewish children were kidnapped and brought up as Christians. Many Descendants of these people in one way or other reached areas in Western Europe.A noiteo n the follwing study was first posted in "Brit-Am Now"-238 item 5. A certain article (DNA and the Sephardic Diaspora:Spanish and Portuguese Jews in Europe By Abraham D. Lavender Ph.D. from HaLapid Winter, 2003 http://www.cryptojews.com/dna_and_the_sephardic_diaspora.htm

Taking 9 Genetic characteristics (DNA markers) that when found together form a "haplotype", we find a certain "haplotype" amongst a certain percentage of Sephardic Jews and consider this "haplotype" to be typically "Sephardic" Jewish. The "haplotype" in question concerns male ancestry; different criteria are used for females. The article discusses DNA evidence indicating a Sephardic Jewish presence amongst the Gentile inhabitants of places in Western Europe: Since specific "markers" are used THE ACTUAL HISTORICAL FIGURES COULD WELL BE MUCH HIGHER. The study ONLY concentrates on one haplotype and this is the largest haplotype known in Western Europe. Other haplotypes almost certainly existed amongst Sepharadic Jews so the total figures in reality should be higher.

The article said: "The percentages for other European areas are: 4.80 for Belgium and 4.48 for southern Netherlands (Holland and Zeeland) ... 2.18 for the northern Netherlands (Friesland and Groningen) where smaller Sephardic communities existed; 0.87 for Hamburg (where a Sephardic community was begun, but later lost numbers to Copenhagen), 2.41 for five sites in western Germany (Dusseldorf, Cologne, Limburg, Mainz, Freiburg) on or very close to the Rhine River whose mouth is in the Netherlands, 6.06 for Strasbourg.....1.45 for seven sites elsewhere in Germany (Munster, Magdeburg, Rostock, Berlin, Leipzig, Stuttgart, Munich), 1.35 for Rome, 1.22 for four sites in northern Italy, and 0.27 for five other sites in Italy. London, England and Dublin, Ireland, both of which had Sephardic communities, had respectively 2.83 and 1.87." "There was a 6.35% match (to be interpreted cautiously because of a small sample size) for Copenhagen, Denmark, which had a Sephardic community, but for Scandinavian countries without Sephardic communities, there was 0.67% for Norway and 0.57% for Sweden. Finland was 0%. The percentage was 0.62 for eight sites in Poland, and 0.16 for four sites in Eastern Europe (Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, and Moscow). Budapest, Hungary, earlier part of the Ottoman Empire with a Sephardic community, had 1.71, Croatia, with a Sephardic community, had 2.00, and Krakow, Poland, also with a Sephardic community, had 0.93.

4. Tribal Origins of Present-Day Jews Preliminary Impressions concerning Relative Predominance (1) Ashkenazim (European): Judah, Benjamin, Levi, and other tribes. (a) "German" Jews. By German Jews we mean a cultural phenomenon that included many of the Jews of Britain, Scandinavia, Holland, Belgium, France (especially the important center of Alsace), Germany, and even an important enclave amongst the Jews of Russia. German Jews dominated by Judah and Levi with the addition of many from those segments of the Lost Ten Tribes who remained with Judah or rejoined Judah at a latter date. Judah was also prominent amongst Sephardim and similarities exist between the German Jews and Sephardim of Spain and Italy and the West. (b) Benjamin was more prominent amongst the Jews of Eastern Europe. The Jews of Eastern Europe later moved westward and came to be significant in all Jewish communities so we are speaking of relative mixtures.

(2). Sephardim: (a) "Spanish": Mainly Jews of Spain, Portugal, Italy, Holland, Greece, Turkey, Syria. Dominated by Judah. (b). Eastern and some North African Communities: These are considered "Sephardim" since they share the same customs but they are somewhat different. They include groups of the 'Spanish" alongside important constituent elements of the other tribes. They are basically the same as the other groups but the proportions are often different, e.g. in some Moroccan Jewish communities there appear to have been many more Levites than elsewhere on a relative basis. They also included a few important families that had a tradition they were from Ephraim. Ancestors of the Yemenite Jews may include Judah, Levi, Dan, and Jethro.


For an article (by the Jewish Sage, Nachmanides) explaining how nearly all the Lost Ten Tribes were exiled yet some remained and these are counted amongst Judah and Benjamin see: http://britam.org/ShortRETURN.htm http://britam.org/RETURN.htm

5. Luke Martin: Ruth should serve as an example Subject: RUTH OF MOAB, ANCESTRESS OF KING DAVID

Shalom Yair! If only people would wake up and realize that those who love Judah and the other tribes are blessed! If only people would learn from the conversion of Balaam in Numbers 23-24 when this seer, who was hired by the antisemitic Balak, met HaShem, who then forced him to pronounce blessings over the tribes.

I feel somewhat sorry (not repentance) for some otherwise decent persons who have believed antisemitic lies as propagated by antisemitic forgeries such as the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Whilst these people may not oppose Jewish people generically, they nonetheless, mistakenly believe that somehow elite Jewish people are responsible for their low-paid job, world problems, and their personal lack of political influence.

It is sad to watch these simple persons robbed of G-d's favour, because they fail to understand one of the most fundamental of biblical laws: "I will bless them that bless thee, and curse them that curse thee". As Balaam discovered, in Numbers 24:1, "And when Balaam saw that it pleased HaShem to bless Israel, he went not, as at other times, to seek enchantments, but he set his face toward the wilderness".

Furthermore, we can learn from Balaam's prophetic blessing of Israel in Numbers 23:23 that "Surely there is no enchantment against Jacob, neither is there any divination against Israel". In other words, the curses and magic of antisemites has no power at all against Israel. Nevertheless, HaShem will personally curse those who curse Israel.

But if somewhat antisemitic persons will repent of their wickedness and see like Balaam that G-d is pleased to favour Israel as his first jewel, G-d in his mercy will prosper them, change their world (circumstances) and give them a voice even in the political arena. But if they will not humble themselves, they will continue to reap HaShem's judgment.

Let us take to heart, Yair's example of Ruth of the antisemitic Moabites who humbled herself and was not only prospered, but became the ancestor of King David and the predicted Messiah.


Luke W. Martin, Melbourne, Australia.

6. What Can Brit-Am Do For Me? "From: "sean.grieve1@virgin.net" "Subject: Please tell me

"Hi! Guys, You must know I like to get your stuff and all that, but tell me something. Presumably the 'Lost Tribes' in britain do not go to Synagogue, and will in some way be disconnected from their roots- how do you intend to graft anyone back in? I mean, is it possible for people who do not practice the Jewish faith or have any proof of Jewish ancestry to move to Israel, or anything practical?


Answer: Shalom, Brit-Am does not offer anything except information. Recently, we did set up a kind of "think-tank" to perhaps look for ways to help those who wish to come to Israel. We may have news soon on this matter but even then we are thinking of a long-term proposition. In the past, we tried to set up Brit-Am groups of those who agree with Brit-Am to fellowship with each other and work together but apart from a few exceptions these did not last long. There were however signs of promise in this direction and in the future we may try again. The bottom line is that at present Yair Davidiy does nearly all the work and tries to do as much as possible within the limited possibilities that exist. There are limitations of funds, time, energy, and personal inclinations. If things improve and others become more involved (as they might) and more possibilities open up we will do what we can.

The bottom line is that at present we can only offer some knowledge and insights concerning the ancestry and future destiny of Western Peoples. I would consider this of great value and importance but others may not. God bless you Yair Davidiy

7. Odds and Ends a. Our next posting will include an article on the Hebrew Roots of Scandinavian Mythology by Orjan Svensson. b. I received an article by an Armenian anti-semite attacking Zionism. The article relies heavily on the fantasies of Barry Chamish. I replied in detail to the article and may post it out though anybody who deals with the sicknesses of BC and his ilk is liable to be infected. c. Likewise attacks on the beliefs of Brit-Am have been made and I have been asked to reply to them and may do so.

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