"Brit-Am Now"-554

"Brit-Am Now"-554: Ephraim Returns
1. J.C. De Ruco: Compliment
2. Questions and Answers Regarding the Return of Ephraim to Israel
3. New Information

1. J.C. De Ruco: Compliment Subject: Excellent,well done! Dear Yair Davidiy,

You've done it again, well done! This is just a short note of gratitude, on your excellent article, concerning Psalm 38. It's amazing and a good lesson for us all, that King David, "the apple of G-d's eye," was humble enough to express regret and responsibility for doing wrong, for all the world to see and learn from; right through the ages in the form of his brilliant Psalms. I personally believe and this is just my very humble opinion, that the Psalms are an integral part of G-d's creation, the truth in them is striking! One should keep their messages, deep in one's heart and soul, they're an anchor in turbulent times and give you a glimpse of who and what, the L-rd of the universe, is all about. Avoid them, at your own peril; the truth is difficult to come by, if not impossible, in these most perilous of times. I pray for you and everyone involved, for the interpretation and commentary of the Psalms. I know that all will go well for you all. Toda raba [Thanks a Lot]. Shalom.

Yours faithfully, J.C. De Ruco

2. Questions and Answers Regarding the Return of Ephraim to Israel From: Nancy Nancy Subject: RE: "Brit-Am Now"-553

Joseph will return to Gilead (Syria and Jordan) and Lebanon (Zechariah 10:10). The Lost Tribes will return to Bashan (Syria and Iraq) and Gilead (Syria and Jordan) see Micah 7:14. From the sheevta yisrael site, concerning a meeting including yourself and R' Feld: The legislation will allow for Ephraimites to settle in Israel under a residency status. I don't understand how this legislation lines us with prophecy. Are you not perhaps beating your head against a wall and wasting precious time in pursuing an avenue which is not supported in Tanach? If Yosef will return to Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, and Iraq, why is there a push to bring Yosef here at this time?

Nancy Shalom,
Your letter raises more points than you may have imagined.
The three Rs of Brit-Am, being the primary points for which we exist and to which all other considerations must be subservient from our point of view, are:

a. Research: Proving where descendants of the Lost Ten Tribes are today.
b. Revelation: Revealing Research findings to others especially to those who are identifiable as "Lost Israelites" and to the Jews of "Judah".
c. Reconciliation: Working for the Recognition that the Lost Tribes and Judah have a mutual destiny and common origin and interest and therefore need to accept Israelite identification and the unique role of each other.

You asked:
(a). How does this activity (re legislation) reconcile itself with Prophecy?
(b). Are we not wasting precious time and energy?
(c). Why should we push to bring Joseph here now when prophecy indicates that Joseph may well be required to go first of all to Lebanon, Bashan, and Gilead (Zechariah 10:10 Micah 7:14)?

You are perhaps right that Brit-Am should concentrate only on promoting its Hebrew Identification Message (for which it has a mandate) and leave other matters aside or at most emphasize that the Lost Ten Tribes should firstly liberate lands now illegally occupied by Arabs surrounding Israel.
Nevertheless there will always be some who will wish to move to the State of Israel.

First of all

(1. Brit-Am: The goal of Brit-Am is to spread awareness as to the REAL whereabouts of the Lost Ten Tribes while constantly deepening our own understanding of these facts. We concentrate on Biblical Proof but also supplement this with knowledge from secular sources. Other groups and individuals are engaged in similar activities and each one has something unique of their own to contribute.
Brit-Am has good points of its own, an approach acceptable to both Jews and Christians and in ways is in a unique position to promote the Hebrew Identification Message.

(2. Locally: Brit-Am is located in Israel and amongst our supporters here are some Ephraimites who came here for various reasons but often have trouble staying for lengthy periods due to the legal situation regarding aliens. We would naturally wish to help them.

(3. Precedents: The State of Israel in recent years absorbed about 300,000 non-Jewish immigrants from the former USSR in addition to "Plans to Bring 19,000 Falash Mura Home to Israel"
The "Falasha Mura" unlike previous Ethiopian Jewish immigrants (that Brit-Am is in favor of) are Christians who MAY (or in some cases may not) have once had a Jewish-type religion some generations ago. The process of bringing these non-Jewish "Russian" immigrants to Israel was began and maintained under Governments that had strong Orthodox (Shas) representation. Only later did it receive a strengthening from anti-religious governments. The reason for bringing these people here was for demographic and ideological reasons. Demographic: To increase the proportion of "Israelis" loyal to the State against the growing Palestinian population. Ideological: To increase the proportion of secular and European-oriented "Israelis" against the expanding Orthodox and related sectors. Many of these "Russian" immigrants have some Jewish ancestry but some do not and some of them are even anti-Semitic.
You may say that "two wrongs do not make a right" but nevertheless the above facts are worth keeping in mind for the sake of perspective.
The Powers That Be in the State of Israel may well realize that the country has certain needs only it does not know how to answer them.

(4. The Arousal of "Joseph" to Return: Many individuals from the West especially from those groups we identify with "Joseph" have felt an urge to return to the Land of Israel. This usually begins without any connection to Brit-Am though Brit-Am (or related other "Hebrew Identification Movement") may well strengthen such feelings. Sometimes such people are initially attracted to "Brit-Am" because they feel we may have an answer to their already-existing inner desire to return to the Land of Israel.
We are not speaking of encouraging a massive influx (at this stage) but rather of facilitating those who at any rate are pulled in this direction. All this should be considered in light of the numerous non-Jews from other places that elements in the Establishment are actively encouraging to come here.

BRIT-AM DOES NOT ENCOURAGE SUCH TENDENCIES but see our answers to questions (a), (b), and (c) below.

Elements amongst Judah including very religious and nationalistic ones are also opening up in this direction.
Consider the following news item:

50,000 Baptists Plan Move to Gush Katif
16:44 May 18, '05 / 9 Iyar 5765
(IsraelNN.com) Police believe that 50,000 Baptists are to arrive from the United States in the coming week to take up residency in Jewish communities in Gaza and northern Samaria that are scheduled for evacuation. The police assessment is that the group will try to arrive before the army declares the communities closed military zones.

I personally do not believe the above news item is serious.
I do not believe that at this stage anything remotely approaching the said number of people are planning to come here at such short notice nor (and MORE IMPORTANTLY) that the Israeli authorities would allow them.
Nevertheless the fact that the claim was made by an important Christian presence probably in co-ordination with pro-Settlement leaders and reported upon favorably by the national-religious Artutz-7 News Service is significant.

(5. The Religious Problem:
There may be a problem with members of Joseph wishing to return permanently to areas held by Judah before the unification of Judah and Joseph has taken place.
In principle the Land cannot be held without a basic acceptance of the Law (Nachmanides on Leviticus 18:25, see Leviticus 25:38, 2-Kings 17:26, Psalms 105:4, etc)
Joseph has its obligation concerning the Law suspended in this era (Hosea 1:9 Jeremiah 3:8 Yebamot 17).

Ezekiel (11:2, 18) and other verses indicates that the Ten Tribes will return and after that the religious problem will be solved. In our commentary to Ezekiel 37 and elsewhere we have shown that we have an obligation to quicken the returning and reunification.
The message at present is clear concerning Hebrew Identification and the need to spread knowledge of it but unclear concerning other matters. This could change with time and a deeper study of Scripture may further clarify this matter.

Your questions:
(a). How does this activity (re legislation) reconcile itself with Prophecy?

Answer: First of all the point about legislation may have been superfluous. For all I know the existing laws may be sufficient and allow a more liberal application in the desired direction according to Ministry discretion. A change in attitude is needed more than anything else. We want the Lost Ten Tribes to know who they are. Ultimately this will lead to a reconciliation between Judah and Joseph. An outcome of this reconciliation will be the return of at least a portion of Joseph (representing all the Ten Tribes) to parts of the Land of Israel. It may be that the major fulfillment of this return will involve Joseph going at first to outlying areas of the Land of Israel (such as Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, etc) that the present Jewish State of Israel has not (yet) taken control of. Nevertheless the return will also involve a movement of those who-are-called amongst Joseph to move to the present State of Israel.
[It is not the purpose of Brit-Am to encourage such movement. Our purpose is to spread knowledge of the Hebrew Identification Message
. Those however who do come should be accomodated].
See what we wrote in our commentary to Jeremiah:
The Midrash says:

“Behold thou art fair, my love, yea pleasant, also our bed is green” (Song of Solomon 1;16).
“Israel says: Behold thou art fair, my love When you will take retribution from the worshippers of idols. Yea pleasant when you pay the reward of those who fear you. Also our bed…: These are the “Ten Tribes.” [In Hebrew bed is “eres” while ten is “eser” and uses the same letters, and “our bed” (erseynu) sounds like “our ten” (esereynu).] They are those who were exiled beyond the Sambation River. The exiles of Judah and Benyamin [i.e. the present-day “Jews”] are destined to go unto them and bring them back in order to merit with them the Messianic Era and life in the World-To-Come. This is as it says, “In those days the house of Judah shall go unto the house of Israel and they shall come together out of the land of the north unto the land that I have given for an inheritance unto your fathers” (Jeremiah 3;18). -Yalkut Shimeoni, Song of Solomon 905.

The verse should be read according to the above as:
“THE HOUSE OF JUDAH SHALL GO UNTO [rather than “WALK WITH”] THE HOUSE OF ISRAEL”. People from Judah and Benjamin (i.e. legal Jews) shall go unto the Lost Ten Tribes who are beyond the Sambation River. In our works (“Ephraim” and “The Tribes”) we explained that the Sambation River means Israelite Exiles who migrated to the west. The simple meaning is that Jews from Judah will go unto the Lost Tribes to bring them back. It could be said that the Jewish members of Brit-Am Israel are doing this.

Numerous other verses may be found in Scripture along the same lines.

(b). Are we not wasting precious time and energy?
Our primary task includes the very important goal of educating Judah (as well as Joseph) concerning their brothers from the Lost Ten Tribes in Western Peoples. Rabbi feld is on the Committee but I am not and do not wish to be.
I am hope not to be involved overduly with the matter.
The Committee has stated that be its primary goal, in the early stages, will be to spread knowledge of Hebrew Identification amongst Judah.

This should directly and indirectly benefit both Brit-Am and everybody concerned.

There is a definite need for such an entity to deal with this matter. In the recent past other people have tried to fill the vacuum and may have done more harm than anything else. It is better that the initiative come from those who think along our lines and will work in co-ordination with us. They are good people. They may well achieve something positive.

(c). Why should we push to bring Joseph here now when prophecy indicates that Joseph may well be required to go first of all to Lebanon, Bashan, and Gilead (Zechariah 10:10 Micah 7:14)? See our answer to (a) above.
I agree with you that Brit-Am should not necessarily emphasize this matter and therefore we have given it over to a Committee outside of us.
Brit-Am should concentrate on getting the message regarding Hebrew Identification out to as many as possible both amongst Judah and Joseph. As a result of this knowledge it is to be expected that the attitudes of both sides will change for the better.

The Committee that was established is supported by Brit-Am but not exclusive to us.
There may be an overlap in membership but I would not refer to it as part of us but rather an independent entity in its own right headed in the same direction.

In my opinion increased support for Brit-Am would be the best solution for everybody all round but I know that not everybody wants to go that way.
There are good people who have something to contribute and may prefer the approach represented by the Committee that has been set up.

3. New Information
Some of you may have overlooked the Brit-AM Commentary to Psalms 38. At the end of our explanation we quoted from a source ("Absent Voices. The Story of Writing Systems in the West" by Rochelle Altman, 2004) that appears to contain new research information of potential service to the Brit-Am Message.
The evidence is somewhat technical but original and convincing. We hope to return to this source and quote from it some more in the future. We also hope to review the work in question for a future issue of our magazine, "Brit-Am Truth".

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