"Brit-Am Now"-564
"Brit-Am Now"-564
1. Jeremy Birningham: Brit-Am is the Answer
2. Athol Bloomer: The Davidic Ancestry of Western Royal Houses
3. Question from Valerie: Why Does Judah Not Accept Us?
4. Letter From Elisheva
5. Questions from Rita:
a. Germany?
b. Question on The "Ephraimite Error": Reply to International Messianic Jewish Alliance
6. Reinhard Lukat: Compressed Wood to be used by Gog and Magog?
7. Brit-Am versus DNA Findings?

1. Jeremy Birningham: Brit-Am is the Answer

Brit-Am is truly the only organization that can bring peace to the entire planet and for all peoples of the the earth once people understand the mission of Israel. The Biblical solution is the only solution that will heal our planet for one and all. God Bless

2. Athol Bloomer: The Davidic Ancestry of Western Royal Houses
I am putting up some information on my website that people may be interested in about Machir of Narbonne etc


Cheers Athol

"Confusion about Machir Todros ben Judah Zakkai arose over the Jewish statements that this Jewish Davidic Prince was made Ruler over the Jews of Southern France in the time of a King Charles. This was latter believed to be in the time of Charlemagne (Charles the Great) however the Jewish account was not referring to Charlemagne but to his grandfather Charles Martel. There were two seiges of Narbonne one in the 730's in the time of Charles Martel and another in the 750's in the reign of his son King Pepin. These two seiges have also been confused. The Jewish sources state that the father of this Jewish Davidic scion of the Royal House of David in Babylon was the Exilarch Judah. "

3. Question from Valerie: Why Does Judah Not Accept Us?
Can you please explain to me WHY Judah does NOT want Ephraim to return, while Ephraim DOES want to return???

Prophecy sais they will come together....

I need to understand totally what the problem is...

Our answer consists of three parts:
a. Only Brit-Am (at this stage at least) can do the work
b. "Ephraim" is not aware and serious
c. The "Messianic Identitiy" Approach

a. Only Brit-Am (at this stage at least) can do the work
From our point of view the degree to which Ephraim wants to return may be judged by how much support "Ephraim" (meaning the Lost Ten Tribes as a whole) gives to Brit-Am. Someone may say that they support other entities that have the same or similar aims. I personally doubt that this is true but if it is you could direct the same question to them. From what I see, speaking "objectively", only Brit-Am is working for the Identification of Ephraim to be acknowledged and taken account of.
We would be quite happy to give an "accounting" on the assumption that the accounting would be followed by "accounts" that it would be possible to give accounting for.
Brit-Am does what it can according to how much it is enabled to do so.
If "Ephraim" would enable Brit-Am more, more would be done.

I understand your question to mean why is Judah not encouraging Ephraim to return?
The attitude of Judah depends on whether or not Judah believes in the identification of Ephraim.
First Judah has to be aware of the existence of "Ephraim" and after that other matters may be considered. We have a book in Hebrew which is quite good, maybe a bit (but only a bit) "heavy" but interesting reading and readable. I sometimes give out copies of this book, "Achim Acharim" (The Other Brothers) to Israelis who give the impression that they could be interested in the subject.
Recently I gave a copy of the book to a shopworker. Later she reported showing the book to her grandfather who was interested. After a few days she said that she herself had also read parts of the book, found it interesting and wanted to know more. She gave the impression that she wanted to believe in it. The only problem she said was that it lacked "proofs".
Since the book consists mainly of "proofs" (albeit in summary form) arranged one after the other I found this reservation surprising. It turned out that by lack of "proofs" she meant that she does not see an identification on the part of Ephraim as "Ephraim".
The answer (in part) is that the actions of "Joseph" in supporting Israel etc TOGETHER with the Biblical and historical proofs (that NEED TO BE INTERNALIZED) are enough for Judah at this point in time to accept the identification of "Ephraim"..
The whole scenario however has to be presented as one whole before Judah in the right way. This is what Brit-Am attempts to do. It is what Brit-Am can do and it is effective at least as an initial introduction. One should also realize that for most of Judah this subject is entirely new and completely unexpected.
Other competing claims were able to receive a hearing because they used the media effectively and had backing and repeated their case often for a long period. Brit-Am has a better case and one that is true but Brit-Am needs to be heard. Brit-Am needs your support.
Enable Brit-Am and things will change.

b. "Ephraim" is not aware and not serious
"Ephraim" is taken to represent the whole Lost Tribes of Israel that number hundreds of millions of people. Most (nearly all) of these people are not aware of their Brit-Am identification and need to be informed of it.
Brit-Am has the Biblical Historical and even Scientific tools to do the informing but once again Brit-Am needs your cooperation to enable us to use these tools more effectively.

c. The "Messianic Identitiy" Approach
I understand that you belong to the Messianic movement as do a significant proportion of Brit-Am subscribers.
We talk to groups, listen to lectures before or after giving talks of our own, meet with people, and receive letters (as well as literature) nearly every day that we do read.
We do not agree with the message but we are aware of it and accept it as another of the ways Divine Providence has provided to open Joseph up towards Brit-Am identification type beliefs.
Basically the "Messianic Identity" Approach seems to be that anyone who believes and practices (according to their own understanding) is part of Israel. The result is that Brit-Am and related "proofs" are considered to only confirm that which they already know. for sure. Some emphasize the spiritual aspect of this identifying and some both the spiritual and physical.
We cannot argue with this type of argument neither do we want to but it is not going to convince others.
It is however liable to frighten them. Do not take counter-productive steps.
Let Brit-Am present the case for you.

4. Letter From Elisheva
Shalom Yair, i really think it's wonderful, the work you are doing in the restoration of the 2 houses. i myself came to know about my israelite heritage 2 years ago... i have had a strong connection to the Jewish people,the land and the language long before i knew anything about Torah. that longing to live in the land has grown stronger in the past 2 years. and i so look forward to the day when that becomes a reality. i have a strong British descent through both sets of grandparents on my mother's side, i'm not sure about my father's side, although that may be the case also.[doing some genealogical research]. on the other hand, i do feel a strong connection to Judah. so who can say. it will all be revealed to us in the end when the Messiah comes, to which tribe we belong as there is 12 tribes and 12 gates and we must belong to one of the 12 tribes in order to enter the gates of the new Jerusalem... thank-you for your time. Shalom.

5. Questions from Rita:
a. Germany?
Dear Yair Davidiy:
Could you tell me what you think of Germany in regard to your writings?
Thank you so very much.
Shalom, Rita , a German in USA


Rita Shalom,
We say that many Israelites settled in Germany but most moved to the USA and elsewhere before ca 1900.
Those who remained were according to our understanding belonged to other groups such as Gomer, Ashkenaz, Magog, Edom, etc.
See our book "Joseph:" for more details.

b. Question on The "Ephraimite Error": Reply to International Messianic Jewish Alliance

Shalom, dear Yair Davidiy:
Thank you for answering my email.
I ordered 4 of your books with the hebraic heritage ministry. Your information is totally new to me. It is historically so interesting and biblically fascinating. I do not know if you want to comment on my question, I would highly appreciate it because I know that truth in the end will prevail. At the website of www.mjaa.org at the bottom of their website on the right hand corner it talks about the Ephraimite Error.
When I read this position paper months ago I thought that it was logical and correct.
I think that the major reason behind the disaproval for this type of teaching is the fear of the Messianic Jews of replacement theology which always has supported willingly or unwillingly Antisemitism. I as a German who loves the bible hate Antisemitsm as well. There is no excuse for this type of behavior. And it saddens me greatly what has happened in the past with the Jewish people. My mother, grandmother and aunt got a taste of this type of behavior as well when they lost everything and were driven away and transported like animals from Sudetenland which was Bohemia, Moravia ( the home of Schindler) which is now Tschekoslovakia to Bavaria in West Germany. I asked one time a messianic rabbi about the lost tribes and the teaching that the lost tribes were also to be found in the USA and Great Britain, and she said: we know the 10 tribes exist we don't know where. But the teaching of the Two house Covenant Israel.is wrong, based on the position paper of the MJAA. I am a truth searcher, and I love to read when I have time....
Have you ever challenged this position paper of the MJAA? Maybe I misunderstand something completely?Your opionion would be very precious to me, because you are an expert in the field of the lost tribes, a lover of your country and of your people ( I also do love Israel). Blessings to you, your family, and Israel.
Thank you so very much for your free email news letter!
Rita, USA

Rita Shalom,

The article you quote from (A Short Summary of "The Ephraimite Error" A Position Paper Submitted to the International Messianic Jewish Alliance, Author: Kay Silberling, Ph.D.) criticizes the "Identity" beliefs of Batya Wootten and Moshe Koniuchowsky. The beliefs of these people do correspond in many points with those of Brit-Am but they also diverge from us. They also use arguments that we do not necessarily agree with or at the least would not use. Nevertheless the attack made on these two focuses on points that Brit-Am also advocates. Our best answer is to point you to the Biblical and Historical evidence in our publications, on our web-site, and in our postings of Brit-Am Now.

Even so, a few points may also be made at present:
The Brit-Am Understanding:
It was prophesied that the seed of Israel would be extremely numerous (Genesis 15:5, 22:17, 24:60, 32:12, Numbers 23:10, Isaiah 10:22, 24:16, 26:15 Hosea.1:10) and internationally important (Genesis 12:2-3, 18:18-19, 22:17-18 24:60
27:29 48:19 Amos 6:15 Isaiah 42:1 42:6 43:3 44:28 45:14 Numbers 24:7-9 Micah 5:7-9)
towards the end times and according to end time criteria:

Judah and Israel ("Joseph") are spoken of separately in Scripture and as being separate until the End Times when they will be reunited (Ezekiel 37). It is true that the term "Israel" can also be applied to Judah but when used in juxtaposition with Judah the intention is more often than not that of "Joseph" (the Ten Tribes) and Judah as distinct entities. Check a Concordance.

Only the Tribes of Judah, Benjamin, and Levi are recalled in the census lists of Ezra and Nechamia since mainly from these tribes descend the "Jews" who returned from the Babylonian Exile. The overwhelming majority of all the other tribes went into exile and were lost. They are the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel. The Jewish People do however contain a small proportion of members of the other tribes amongst them.

The article says that Yair Davidiy is used as a source by Moshe Koniuchowsky and mentions, "Davidy's dependence on another probable source, the writings produced during and after the eighteenth century movement called Anglo-Israelism or British-Israelism."

In answer:
We did our own research and came up with pertinent conclusive original evidence of our own. We also on some points went in the path of others who had gone before us. We acknowledge this and try to give due credit in our writings to all sources used by us. The fact that scumbag perverts in the so-called "Identity" movement also use some of these sources is not our fault. We cannot be held responsible for these pagan reprobate alien agents of darkness giving us a bad name. It is not fair to speak of us and "them" in the same breath.
It is in fact a dirty reprehensible tactic and indicates that those using this tactic have little respect for justice and the truth and have unclean intentions.
The Promised Land of Israel stretches from the Nile River to the Euphrates. This land will eventually be divided amongst all Israel. Judah it was prophesied would precede the other Tribes and prepare the way for them (Micah 4:8 Hosea 6:11). The task of Joseph at present should be (as we explain in detail in our work, "Joseph. The Israelite destiny of America") to help Judah occupy and develop the land, to enable Judah to defend itself on the international sphere, and to cooperate with Judah in flying the Palestinians to somewhere else in the west (Isaiah 11:14). Joseph needs to repent and do what Joseph is supposed to do.

6. Reinhard Lukat: Compressed Wood to be used by Gog and Magog?
From: Reinhard Lukat
Shalom Yair,
Since the invention of lignostone, the compressed wood, used even to produce tanks, "the burning of weapons" as described in Ez. 38 does make sense.
In His Service,

7. Brit-Am versus DNA Findings?
Recently we were sent an article by a writer with a grudge against "British Israelism, a central doctrine of the old Worldwide Church of God and Herbert Armstrong".
The writer claimed to see a contradiction between Brit-Am Identification type beliefs and DNA findings.
The school of thought the writer was replying to is is not the same as Brit-Am Identification though there is an overlap and similarities.
Brit-Am Identification is in its own category.
We do not have to defend or apologize for others
And neither should we be confused with them.
We appreciate the fact that often people were introduced to this field of study by other entities and then came to us but we have more than earned the right to be considered on our own merits.

We get questions on the DNA subject from time to time.
I have therefore taken it upon myself to answer the article in question even though I lack the necessary background to fully understand the subject matter.

There is no one else around at the moment who can raise the necessary questions.

The article is still in preparation.
In short:
Our impression is that DNA is determined by environmental influences that work on large bodies of people in one specific area at a specific time. Later these changes are indeed transmitted by heredity and therefore DNA can help in studying ethnic movements and the inter-relationships of different peoples. This is in contrast to conventional DNA "science" that says that all DNA "mutations" Used in DNA testing originally occurred in one person and were inherited ONLY by descendants of that person.

Jewish DNA (male Y chromosome haplogroups) Taking Ashkenazi Jews (Sephardic Jews are similar) in general.
The figues vary from one source to another but the statistics are something like:

one has minority finds amongst East European Jews such as ca 2K (associated with Australian aborigines?) and ca 4% Q (associated with some East Asians and Amerindians?) Ashkenazi: 70% of male Y-chromosome are J or E3b, and the rest are .
R1a1 (12%) & Rlb (ca 5-12%).
You also have the Cohen marker (CMH a variety of J) which is found in ca 50% of Cohen and maybe ca 12% of other Jews.
The Jews are similar to Armenians, Kurds, Palestinians, and Turks indicating that they left the Middle East relatively recently.

1. J2: 27% 2. J1: 13%
3. R1a1:12%
4. E3b: 25-30%
5. G: 5-10%
6. Q: 5-10%
7. R1b: Less than 5% (Sephardi ca 12?)
8. I: Less than 5%, primarily Ilb

Britain is about 50% R1b (Celtic?) and the rest mainly a mixture of R1a1 (East European, Scandinavian) and I1a (Scandinavian) with some J and E.
If we say that many of the British are from the Lost Ten Tribes and therefore related to the Jews how does one account for the difference in DNA?

I1a and J are frequently confused and effectively the same.
R1a and R1b are found in both Jews and British only the proportions are different. E3b-M is considered African in origin is but also found in the Balkans, in Austria, and in areas of Germany. .

Avshalom Zoossmann-Diskin
"HOMO: Journal of Comparative Human Biology - Zeitschrift fuer vergleichende Biologie des Menschen" (volume 51, no. 2-3, 2000, pp. 156-162).

* The Cohen modal haplotype (CMH) is the most common haplotype among Southern Italians*, Central Italians*, Hungarians*, and Iraqi Kurds*, and is also found among many Armenians* and South African Lembas*.

Are all these Gentile peoples all descended from Cohens?
What about the more than 50% of Cohens who DO NOT have the CMH?
Could it have been caused by environmental factors affecting people in a specific area, e.g. the Middle East.
Why then do Cohens possess it (4 to 5 times) more than regular Jews?
Could it have been that a higher proportion of Cohens (due to their attachment to the Temple Service and the Hashmonean-Cohen rulership etc) were in the Land of Israel at a certain point of time?
And that the same influence also affected people in Northern Syria many of whom later moved to Italy as recorded in historical writings?

Jews are similar to peoples in the Middle East because they were in the Middle East about 1000 years longer than the Lost Ten Tribes were.
Jews were affected by the same environmental factors that other Middle East peoples were.

Even so Jews and British even according to conventional DNA findings are not so different, at least not sufficiently different to preclude their having had common ancestors about 3000 years ago.

Overall the ingredients are similar but the proportions different.

In addition we have OTHER DNA EVIDENCE (from haplotypes etc) that really does suggest a connection.

Concerning the Lost Ten Tribes DNA findings will be sen to confirm the Brit-Am Historical paths of Migration and also prove an ultimate origin of Brit-Am peoples from the Middle East (i.e. Greater Israel) area.

Spreading the Brit-Am message is our task.
We do this full time and God willing will continue to do so
as long as necessary.
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