"Brit-Am Now"-571

1. Do Not Come Back Now ! What was the Alternative?
3. Thomas Gray: Reservations Concerning Evidence
4. Ian McRae: Brit-Am Badge Needed
5. Jeremy Birningham: DNA Not Yet Properly Understood
6. Winston Churchill Quote: Never Give In
7. Tracy D. Wright: Confederate Israel?

1. Do Not Come Back Now ! What was the Alternative?
Re "Brit-Am Now"-565: Do Not Come Back Now !
Reactions to the above posting were mixed. Most of the letters we received were supportive and encouraging. I heard that some were discouraged.
Let us all keep going as well as we can according to our understanding. God will guide us and as long as we are headed in the right path things should turn out well.
Brit-Am is sill the best and truest friend you have.
Every now and again SOMEONE new pops up with a plan to guide "Ephraim" back to Israel.
Such people did not make much progress in the past though it was good that interest was aroused. In some cases the antics and extreme sudden changes of attitude of those doing the arousing were liable to cause damage though I do not think that overall they had much effect either way.
If you want to go that way you can.
If you want results in the long run and the truth now look to Brit-Am.
Help Brit-Am, become a participant in Brit-Am decisions.
The three Rs of Brit-Am are:
a. Research: Proving where descendants of the Lost Ten Tribes are today.
b. Revelation: Revealing Research findings to others especially to those who are identifiable as "Lost Israelites" and to the Jews of "Judah".
c. Reconciliation: Working for the Recognition that the Lost Tribes and Judah have a mutual destiny and common origin and interest and therefore need to accept Israelite identification and the unique role of each other.
The Brit-Am attitude is to get the knowledge to Judah and Joseph and let things begin to work themselves out according to the natural dynamics occasioned by the three Rs of Brit-Am.
When we said we are not interested in your body or your soul we meant we are not encouraging people to give up everything and move to Israel (i.e. the "body") and neither are we trying to convert people to Judaism i.e. the soul. If however someone for personal reasons has already made decisions of their own we do not mean to interfere or be discouraging.
We are working for the ultimate reunification of Joseph with Judah and understand that knowledge of Brit-Am identification is a prerequisite or at least an accompanying factor.


3. Thomas Gray: Reservations Concerning Evidence
From: Thomas Gray

Dear Yair,

I read with interest your summary of what you apparently believe are the chief proofs of the Lost Tribes identity, looking up many if not most of your references. Of course, I have looked at your reasons before, but this mailing prompted me to formulate some ideas that have been gelling for some time. Firstly, as I have stated before, I believe that you are basically right in your conclusions on where most of the Israelites are. However, you have included several "proofs" that I believe you should leave out. I will give just one example, because my intention at this time is just to make a basic point. The Micah 1:16 reference to a bald eagle is speaking of a state of mourning for loss of children, and any connection to the symbology of the United States is stretching things, in my opinion.

You have responded before to this type of criticism by saying that, although a specific proof might be kind of weak, they become strong when put together. You gave the example of a red haired man named Jim? standing on a certain street corner, etc. This is not a good comparison, however. Each of those items given to identify Jim is very specific and unambiguous. It is true that a sum of unambiguous indicators reduces the probability of error when put together. However, a series of many ambiguous indications that look to be stretched even a little do not make a proof more solid. Each proof or evidence offered must be strong and clear of its own right to make a basis and, as the Law states, there must be two or three lines of evidence to make a conclusive case.

If I were not convinced of the truth of the existence of lost tribes of Israel, I would not be convinced by most of your alleged proofs, and your inclusions of the weaker evidences does not make your case stronger in the eyes of a skeptic, but makes it weaker by distracting from the truly notable and unambiguous lines of evidence. Personally, I would principally put forward these lines of evidence: Genesis 48, Numbers 24:9, Deuteronomy 33, and Ezekiel 37. Even by saying that a nation is predominantly Israelite, you cannot therefore say that they are all Israelite, so, to me, it is not helpful in a practical way to say that Holland is of Zebulon if a particular Dutchman might be an anti-Israel Gentile..

Those four passages spell out the undeniable truth that Ephraim is not just one nation or culture (such as Jewish) but many, that the house of Joseph can be identified by the blessings they bring to others who bless them, and that Israel is divided into two groups, some tribes associated with Ephraim and others of the same twelve tribes associated with Judah. These are what convinced me and I basically rest my case very simply there and look at the other scriptures like Ephraim's idolatry or drunkenness or flying to the west on the shoulders of Philistines with a "Hmm, interesting," attitude. I would suggest that you would be more effective if you would do the same.

Those who look on the English speaking nations as Israelite are on the wrong track. The English speaking nations surely contain Israelites and owe their greatness to those Israelites in their midst. However, the deceiver is the father of lies and a master hijacker of the works of God. As England has in the past expelled Jews and served evil purposes, so England, the United States or Australia could do the same again. I seemed to detect a slight bewilderment when the U.S. began supporting Israeli withdrawal from Gaza. I say, don't depend on the U.S. being Joseph or acting like Joseph should. Joseph is there, Joseph (and Judah) built the land, but Joseph is being shoved to one side and the machine that Joseph built has been hijacked by the evil one. "Now there arose up a new king over Egypt, which knew not Joseph."
Watch out!!

Thomas Gray

Brit-Am Comment: Your points are well taken. Nevertheless I would distinguish between
(a) shaky evidence and (b) generalized proof.

(a) Shaky evidence (such as PERHAPS the bald-headed eagle of Micah could give a negative impression and should perhaps be discarded or less emphasized.

(b) Generalized proof is valid and valuable evidence when co-related with complementary facts, e.g. A lion is a symbol of several Israelite Tribes (Judah: Genesis 49:9; Dan: Deuteronomy 33:22; Gad: Deuteronomy 33:20; Lion and Unicorn: Numbers 24:8-9) and of "Ephraim" (Micah 5:7) in general.
A lot of nations however use the lion as a symbol. I counted about 25 sometime ago and at least 10 of them were not Israelite peoples.
Nevertheless the use of a lion as a symbol may be considered as an indication of Israelite identity when taken into account along with other proofs. In such a case the cumulative effect does apply and the parable of the red-haired man on the corner we used in the past would be appropriate.

As for the drunkenness of Ephraim (Isaiah 28:1, 3) this is what the Bible itself says.
It is pertinent and descriptive. It may not apply so much for you or the circle you move in but for a lot of people amongst "Ephraim" it is quite apt.

We never (as far as I remember) used "flying to the west on the shoulders of Philistines" as a proof but rather as an interpretation of Prophecy that should be read from the Hebrew as ""flying by wing (on the shoulders) Philistines to the west" (Isaiah 11;14) .
It is part of Biblical Prophecy as we understand concerning both Judah and Ephraim and it involves a situation that people who live in Israel and wish to continue to live here are faced with every day and which occupies the international community MORE than any other issue.

Below is the list you are referring to. It is not the complete longer list we have posed in the past but a shortened version:

The exiled Israelites were to become one of the most numerous groups of people on earth (Genesis 15:5 22:17 24:60 32:12 Numbers 23:10 Deuteronomy 1:11 Isaiah 10:22 24:16 26:15 Hosea 1:10);
to be the most powerful (Genesis 27:9 Numbers 24:7 Michah 5:7-9),
to be the richest,
to possess the most mineral and agricultural resources (Genesis 27:28 49:25 Deuteronomy 33:13-16 Hosea 2:8),
to live in the best places (Isaiah 41:8-9),
to be in islands (Isaiah 42:4 49:1-6 Jeremiah 31:9-10),
peninsulas (Jeremiah 31:8),
and at continental extremities such as North America, the British Isles, Scandinavia, the Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa (Deuteronomy 33:13 Isaiah 24:16 26:15 41:8-9 49:6),
to be sea-farers (Isaiah 42;6),
to gain control over strategic points regarding their potential adversaries (Genesis 22:16-17 24:60),
to be like a lion,
unicorn (Numbers 24:8-9),
and bald-headed eagle (Micah 1:16).
They were also to be largely unaware of their Israelite identity and to practice a non-Jewish religion (Hosea 2:8, 2:13, 2:16 11:12).
Judah at first would not know who they were (Isaiah 49;21).
Scripture gives numerous other identifying characteristics that taken as a whole can only fit one group of peoples.

This list to my mind is convincing. Your point about the bald-headed eagle (Micah 1:16) may be valid but that should not detract from all the other points.

4. Ian McRae: Brit-Am Badge Needed
From: Ian McRae
Subject: Re: Jerusalem News-361


The idea expressed by another supporter, that we should have Britam badges available, is an admirable suggestion. A badge is an outward symbol of one's membership of a community. Wearing it strengthens one's identity with, and within, that community, and is a witnes to the world of one's allegiance. For this reason people all over the world wear symbols on chains round their necks and on their jacket lapels. It is a human trait to wish to belong, and to show where one belongs. Among its many characteristics, Britam is a rallying point for the ten (nay twelve !) tribes of Israel, and a spiritual home for a people scattered over the surface of the Earth. An outward symbol both gives those associated with Britam a heightened sense of identity and belonging, and also presents Britam, and its message, to the world at large.
Let's have a wearable symbol soon.
Ian McRae

5. Jeremy Birningham: DNA Not Yet Properly Understood
From: J B

Yair, You said it in your Brit-Am posting number 2. How do we know that the mothers DNA dose not affect the Y chromosome? The answer is we simply don't know yet for sure. DNA is still a young study and something new and ground breaking about DNA is learned every year. These new findings often make scientists throw the baby out with the bath water and they have to rethink things and go back to the drawing board. Tracing family trees and tracking ancient peoples and races through DNA is still a study based largely on assumptions. History and the Bible give us the clearest picture of who Israel is today.

6. Winston Churchill Quote: Never Give In
"Never give in, never, never, never - in nothing, great or small, large or pretty - never give in except to the convictions of honor and good sense."
Winston Churchill.

7. Tracy D. Wright: Confederate Israel?
Hello Yair! I enjoy reading your web site and all of your e-mails.
Could you shed some light on certain designs of flags especially, the St. George cross of England and the St. Andrew cross of Scotland. Of course these two designs, along with the St. Patrick cross of Ireland, make the Union Jack of Great Britain. Also, several Irish flags have displayed white circles or "moons" as well as the harp.
During the American Civil War, the Confederate armies used the St. Andrew's cross in MANY different designs other than the traditional Confederate Battle flag. There were other color schemes used such as a blue flag with a white cross, blue flag with a red cross, a white flag with a red or crimson cross, a red flag with a white cross. The traditional flag uses a red flag with blue cross consisting of 13 white stars. The states of Alabama, Florida, and Mississippi still use the cross of St. Andrew. I have read that this is how Jacob crossed his hands when he gave the blessing to Manasseh and Ephraim. The cross of St. George was also used by the CSA army especially in General Leonidas Polk's Corps. It was a blue flag with a red cross of St. George and consisted of 13 white stars. General William Hardee's Corp used the white circle or "moon" on a blue flag. Several of his brigade commanders were Irish especially General Patrick Royane Cleburne who was immigrated to the States in 1850. General Cleburne was descended from Irish and English nobility. In the American Revolution, many of the armies and militias from Southern States used "moons" on their flags. The Southern states were populated by Scot and Irish immigrants (Celts) and I am wondering if there is more to these symbols than meets the eye. Does the word "Erin" for Ireland have any relation to the Lost Tribes? The number 13 on the US flag (stripes and original stars) and 13 on the Confederate flags (11 states seceded but 2 stars were always added for Kentucky and Missouri, sometimes Maryland). The number 13 is always expected. Any thoughts, Yair?

Tracy D. Wright

Tracy Shalom:
We understand the name "Erin" to be derived from two sources:
a. A derivative of Eire which ultimately comes from the name Yair (Iar) who was an ancestral figure in Ireland and Scotland and identical with (or at least related to) the Biblical Yair [Jair] of Manasseh (Numbers 32:41 Judges 10:4).
The Scottish form "Ian" and the Scandinavian "Ing" may also be related to the same source.

b. Eraine being Eran which was originally the name of a region in Ulster and derives from Eran of the Tribe of Ephraim (Numbers 36:26).
The number 13 is especially pertinent tot he Tribe of Manasseh and to the ultimate reunion of Judah with Joseph.
The cross of St. Andrew was considered less offensive to the Jewish citizens of the Confederate States who at that time were greatly valued though times change.

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