"Brit-Am Now"-592
1. LINDA TAPP:  Israelite Heritage
2. William Rasmussen: Time to Repent
3. Celtic Connection to the East in Music
4. Ian McRae: Northern Sea-Land Routes
5. The Way Back
7. New Book by Stephen Collins
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1. LINDA TAPP:  Israelite Heritage
Shalom Yair, i just came to find out recently that i am a direct descendant of United Empire Loyalists, and that their coat of arms depict 3 wheat sheaves. do these things have any bearing on Israelite heritage. also a couple of friends have a heartfelt attachment to lions and wolves and want to know if this has any bearing on the posibility of belonging to Judah or Benjamin. thank-you and look forward to hearing from you.
These symbols could well be indications of tribal affiliation as happens frequently.
They are not necessarily proofs in themselves but they can indicators for supplementary research
and as confirming points.
2. William Rasmussen: Time to Repent
Date: Thu, 01 Sep 2005 17:58:22 -0700 (PDT)
From: William Rasmussen <brasshalom@yahoo.com>
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-591
Shalom Yair:  I am writing in regards to the comments made by a Mr. Henry Rhea that were posted in Brit-Am Now-591.  With all due respect, how dare this individual infer that what happened to New Orleans was not in some way connected to the events in Gaza?
For weeks and months, many, and I mean many Jews and Christians have been saying and warning that if the U.S. pushed Israel to give up land to the Palestinians, there would be ramifications and consequences that America would pay for its involvement.  I have saved countless e-mails of pastors and rabbis warning President Bush of the harm that he would bring to America if he proceeded with his beloved Road Map.
It wouldn't take the proverbial rocket scientist to see that the coercion applied by President Bush and Condoleeza Rice towards Israel to dismantle the settlements would in fact, bring about a speedy warning to America.  And by the way Mr. Rhea, Hurricane Katrina was not a judgement of G-d.  If G-d judged New Orleans like he did Sodom and Gomorrah, there would be nothing left of the city and not one person to inhabit it.  Read your Bible Sir, all G-d needs to do is remove his hedge of protection from this nation.  If the United States wants to rebel against G-d, G-d will gently pull away and let the forces that are out there, have their free will to do what they wish to harm this country.  The results of Hurrincane Katrina are the effects of G-d removing his hand over this nation.  All we have to do is repent and stop forcing the hand of Israel to give up land that belongs to HaShem himself.  Then, HaShem in his loving kindness and mercy, will bring about a healing.  2 Chronicles 7:14 bears this out.
I am sure that all the hearts of Brit Am members go out to those who have suffered and are suffering as a result of the hurricane.  This in fact is the proper time to reflect on where both America and Israel are going as nations.  If ever there was a time for HaShem's people to fast and pray and repent and cry out for his mercy, now is the time.  Monday, September 5th, is the beginning of the month of Elul.  Thus begins 40 days of repentance that leads up to Yom Kippur on Tishri 10.  Both America and Israel are in the valley of decision.  It is time to blow the shofar and warn the people.  It is a time for the watchmen of HaShem to sound the alarm.  We cannot be like ostriches with our heads in the sand, ignoring what is going on around us.
Brit Am is like unto Ezekiel 33 where if we warn the people and they take heed, then all will be well, or if they don't take heed, then we will be free from their blood. These are serious and dark times.  May HaShem's prophets, deliverers and watchmen rise up now to confront the challenge!
Shalom, Bill Rasmussen
Brit-Am Note: 'Katrina' in Russian is the same name as 'Katyusha'  see
Jerusalem News-377
3. Celtic Connection to the East in Music
From: David <david@culdee.org>
Subject: RE: "Brit-Am Now"-591
I am also conducting research connecting the early Celtic music with the
Temple music.  St Columba of Iona was noted with singing a chant that
predates the Gregorian chant and is thought by some to be temple music in
singing the 150 psalms.  Early missals of the Celtic Christian Church
(Culdee) contain melodies that match those also found in Ethiopia who claim
it was given to them by Israelites that moved into their country just after
the time of Solomon.  The Rosary was invented by the Celts with originally
150 beads to help them remember where they were in chanting the 150 psalms
each day. The Roman Church when it subdued the Celtic Church changed the
usage to redundant prayers.
Abbot-Bishop +David
A Culdee
4. Ian McRae: Northern Sea-Land Routes
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-591
Hello Yair,
I think Ashira Morgenstern is right when he says:

Also, I have a strong belief that at the time of chorbon bayis sheni [Destruction of Second Temple] there were navigable >waterways from the Mediterranean through the Ukraine to the British Isles.
In fact these waterways still exist and are in use.   Recently, a British company wanted to get two new large anchor handling tugs built in Britain out to the Caspian Sea for work in Azerbaijan.   One went the north route and came down by the Volga, and the other went via the Mediterranean and the Black Sea, so yes there are inland waterways linking the Mediterranean to Britain.    The Volga does not go via Ukraine, but these were big ships and I have no doubt that smaller vessels could go via the Dnepr to Kiev, which is in the Ukraine, and onward from there.   I believe there is some record of Vikings from Scandinavia using this route to the Mediterranean.
Best Wishes,
Ian McRae
5. The Way Back
From: C. Subject: Thank you
Mr. Davidiy,
I appreciate what you do in waking up Ephraim from our slumber. I am a former Christian that sought truth but only within the confines of the at best inaccurate and at worst absolutely pagan western theologies. I am fortunate that Abba [Father, i.e. the Almighty] didnt allow me to perish in my afflictions or delusions. Now, I love the Elohim of Yisrael, the Torah and the Jewish people that are my brothers and have subsequently attached myself to them. I grew up in what seemed a typical Christian family until we found out my father had been living a life of homosexuality since he was in his pre-teens. I went off the deep end and spent my time as a Nazi skinhead for many years then eventually returned to Christianity, as a point of reference, in my search for life and peace. Father showed me His Torah as I continually cried out for guidance toward genuine religion and Truth. I am being refined and my Egyptian garments slowly removed. I hesitate saying I believe because of the Greek mindset I grew up with that is seeped in thought, philosophy and abstract ideas; but the foundation I know as truth is Torah. ...You have a message I, and those like me, need. Thank you for doing what you do! One day we will return to the land and live in peace/love with one another. Thank you for preserving the message of the Torah and searching out those in exile.
6. English-Chinese?
Here is an interesting article in which the
author argues that English is in its grammatical structure closer to
Chinese than to some Germanic languages and especially to German.
7. New Book by Stephen Collins
Received a copy of "Israel's Tribes Today" by Stephen Collins.
All books by Stephen Collins are worth reading and this present work may well
be the best of them all.
More later.
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Hi yair,
8. Quotation
It is wiser to find out than to suppose.
Samuel Langhorne Clemens ("Mark Twain").
9. French Language Version of Brit-Am Proofs on Web
 prepared by Claude Boisseau