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3. Another Question on Judah.
4. Ray Lee: How Many Israelites Will There be?
5. Encouragement for Brit-Am
6. Steve Mathe: Thanksgiving
7. Advice from Athol Bloomer

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Someone has been sending e-mail letters with a forged Brit-Am address
and attachment containing a virus.
Anything we need to illustrate etc that an attachment could do we now post
to our
It turns out that Brit-Am has a lot of enemies.
The Jewish people has a lot of enemies.
All The Israelite nations have many enemies.
The Bible says repeatedly that the enemies of the Israelite peoples are the
enemies of God.

3. Another Question on Judah.
V wrote:
Are only the Sephardic Jews really Jews? Are the Ashkenazi Jews Khazars?
>I do not know what to make of this. I read that the Khazars are really
>Kenites of Cain. That is why they over ran the Czar of Russia, whom
>himself is of Esau, the brother and enemy of Jacob. It seems that some
>Ashkenazi Jews are behind alot of leftist movements in the USA. Please
>sir, i respect your opinions alot for you are a person of truth and
>wisdom. I was hoping you can tell me what you think of my questions. And
>if i need be corrected, it would be a honor comming from you.
>Best, V

I am surprised that a person of your caliber should even be asking such a
On the other hand maybe I should not be surprised. The Forces of darkness
are attacking everyone
and threatening to unbalance every one of us.
Thank you for asking for my opinion on this matter.
The Khazars were mainly Israelites.
In my opinion the Czar of Russia was not a good person and neither were the
any good but they both had their place in history.
The Jews were persecuted by both of them and as usual are blamed for the
sins of both of them
as prophesied would happen in Isaiah 53.
Some Jews are active in left wing movements but not as many as claimed and
some aspects of leftwing claims
may be justified in certain contexts.
Jews and people of Jewish descent are also active in rightwing causes.
They are an active people by nature and by their economic and social
are part of the most active sections of society.
People with high education, intellectual interests, some money, a family
tradition of concern for others ,etc
are more liable to be found in the public eye.
Anyway these and similar questions have all been covered several times over
by us in the past.
Please look at the relevant articles on our website.
Go to our "Queries on Judah"
read through the questions until you find what you need, read it through,
and if you wish for more on the same subject follow the URLs appended
at the end of each answer.
See also our Commentary to Isaiah 53:
This commentary may be read without necessarily prejudicing other beliefs.
Scripture has many facets that may all be pertinent.
See also:
The Jews Are Judah

4. Ray Lee: How Many Israelites Will There be?

Subject: letter of Israel population

Dear Yair,
  I am sure you know the Abrahamic Covenant wherein
G-d promises Abraham an innumerable posterity, that is a posterity so hugh
that he would
not, or anybody else would not be able to count them for their multitude.

You will recall that G-d said they would be innumerable as the stars in the
heaven, as
the dust of the earth, or the sands of the seashore.

What is interesting today is that we can count every Jewish person on this
planet, and we
know that there are approximately 13 million or so.  It is true, that there
are those of Jewish
descent that we cannot count, but by the same token they, for the most part,
do not know that they are from a Jewish descent to begin with.

As you know, in Exo. 37:12 it mentions that there are over 600,000 men that
left Egypt and then went to Sinai.
That did not count the women, the children up to 20. or the old men.
In addition it did not count the tribe of Levi, or the "mixed multitude"
that went up from
Egypt with the Children of Israel.  Even so, the same is true of the census
in Numb. 1:2
that God commands Moses to take, the number still comes out to be over
600,000 men.

I realized that you might have a problem with the 600,000 plus men, so I
sent you some
articles that discuss this very problem, if it is a problem, for you.

To arrive at the population of the 12 Tribes of Israel, plus all the other
people that went up
with them, it could number in the millions.  Suppose that each married man
had 8 children,
plus he and his wife, that would multiply out to be over 6,000,000
people.  And if each man
had 3 or 4 wives, which was a common thing in those days, a number of 10
people per
family is not a large number at all.

It is estimated that there was 7.5 million to 8 plus million Egptians in
Egypt when Israel
left.  In the scriptures, it states that the Israelites were very numerous
throughout the land
and that the Egyptians were quite concerned for their safety, seeing that
they had just
expelled many of the HyKsos people from their country not too long
before.  Some of the
Hyksos that did not leave Egypt at that time might have been some of the
Hyksos people
that were included in the "Mixed Multitude" that went up with Israel.

In Deut. 1:10, some forty years later, Moses make the comment that God had
Israel to the point that they were "as the starts of the sky for
multitude."  He goes on to say:

     "The Lord, the God of your fathers, make you a thousand times as many
as you are,
      as He promised you."

The question is then, was Moses speaking from a revelation that God had
given him, or
was he speaking because of his present reality, just how huge a job it was
to lead and
feed that many people.

The second question is, if Moses did not speak from revelation, then he was
on what a humogeneous multitude of people that stood before him.  If you
took each fighting
man, added to him one wife and six children, that turns out to be 4,800,000
people on an
average.  If you multiplied that by 1000 times, that turns out to be
4,8,000,000, thats
four billion, 8million, people, and that does not count the Tribe of Levi,
or the mixed
multiude.  Now, what happens if God multiplies that number by 1200 or 1500
instead of the
1,000 figure that Moses mentioned.

Today we have about 6 billion people on the earth as you know.
If those figures above are somewhat correct, it could mean that over 2/3rds
the earth's population has some genetic
marker in their blood from Abraham.

Now, if you add the Arabs to this mix, which we will not do, you can see
that Abraham has
gotten around, much more so that he ever thought would be the case with
just his son

Is it possible that billions will return to Israel?  I think not, because
the ones who return will
believe in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  But, thanks to the
genetic marker of
Abraham, and the promises of God, Abraham does have an innumerable posterity,
but it seems only we Jews, perhaps many Christians, and any of those that
might see the light
later on will return to Israel.

Anyway, you can see why I told you what I told you about the
billions.  But, of course,
most of those will not return to their ancestral home, unless, as I have
said, they see the
light.  That might be our job, helping them to see that light.

G-d bless you,

Ray Lee

5. Encouragement for Brit-Am
Dear Yair,
I just want to write and say thank you for all you are doing to help and
encourage us, and that you are providing a place for us all to communicate
with each other.  I also want to let you know that our family is praying
with you between now and Chanukah that The Almighty begin giving us direct
guidance as to how we are to proceed from here as Steve Mathe suggested.

6. Steve Mathe: Thanksgiving
Extracts Only:
Dear Yair ,

This coming Thursday, November 24th, a unique holiday among the nations,
Thanksgiving will be celebrated in the United States.  Manassite Pilgrims
in 1621 laid it as a most important stone into the foundation of the land
and government of Menashe at the "coasts and extremities of the world."
George Washington at the unanimous request of the House and the Senate,
proclaimed a National Day of Thanksgiving, affixing the tradition into the
fabric of the government of the United States in 1789...presidents have
issued Thanksgiving proclamations to give thanks for the blessings we
enjoy.  They affirmed Thanksgiving as a sign of who we are as a
people.  The role the holiday has played in our history is surely an
important factor in assuring us the continued realization of the blessings
upon the progeny of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and particularly Yosef.

For millennia the secrets of our identities and whereabouts as the people
of "the lost Ten Tribes" have been hidden from ourselves and the world. We
do not know exactly why G-d has chosen some of us now, to be awakened early
before the great masses, and make us part of the early contingent to arise
form the Valley of Dry Bones of the spiritually dead, (Ez. 37).  However,
we can be sure that we are the servants of G-d if we have been called to
wake up early, (Isa. 48:3).  We do know that our identities as part of the
Ten Tribes are being revealed to us, that we may confess our sins and
return to the Covenant. Centuries ago, the sages of Yehudah have concluded
from studying the prophets that those who are the farthest away from the
Covenant will be called to come home first.  As such, we who are now
awakened to our identities, and are studying the Prophets' injunctions to
us in the latter days, are to realize that we are part of the "early
contingent" to arise from the Valley of Dry Bones.  Therefore we have a
responsibility to offer "offerings of thanks " to the Holy One of Israel,
on behalf of ourselves as well as on behalf of the "whole House of
Israel"  for we are the first ones touched by the work of EliY-h who is
doing the prophesied ingathering. (>

Are we given the opportunity to speed up the Redemption with our work of
"standing in" for our brothers?.... (>
http://www.uniteourheart.com/Prayer-Projects/Standing-In.html <).

Jacob tells us "gather yourselves together in the last days," (Gen.
49:1-2). Though we cannot all meet together at this time, we are able to
send our thanks-giving prayers aloft in a united way this Thanksgiving Day.

Hoshea tells Ephraim to "take words" with which to approach the G-d of
Abraham, Isaac and Jacob at the time of their return, (>

   Let us give thanks for our unique calling and do the work meted out for
us NOW.  Let us build the Mishkan [Tabernacle] of Prayers for the Guidance
of our people on our journey of return, (Isa. 48:21, >
http://www.uniteourheart.com/Foundation-Articles/Mishkan.html <). Let's
begin NOW!  "Let us all enter His gates with thanks-giving" as November 24
dawns upon the world!"  It is time!

Yours for the Restoration of ALL Israel,
Steve Mathe

"Only Torah and prayer will unite Israel."
 > http://www.uniteourheart.com<

7. Advice from Athol Bloomer
Dear Yair,
{Extracts Only}:
You cannot please everyone- you are Orthodox Jewish and so are the key
people in Israel so you should present your views in accord with Orthodox
Jewish belief with a ecumenical sensitiveness to the areas where Jews and
Christians disagree and also where Christians and Christians disagree.
State the Orthodox Jewish position in an informative way calmly and
politely and I think any well balanced person will appreciate that even
though they have a different understanding themselves. The beauty of
Brit-am is its Orthodox Jewish base so please do not compromise that.

I think you are very tolerant of people who seek to push their own agenda
and I commend you for that. Other people's beliefs and ideas should not be
a threat to others if they are presented in a gentle and informative way
that doesn't seek to indoctrinate and push them on others. May the Lord
bless you and the work of Brit-Am.

Cheers Athol