"Brit-Am Now"-625
1. Shiloh and Tribal Unity
2. David Jackson: Remarks on
(1) Soccer
(2) Israel's Descendants
3. Maurice Barratt: The Name "Europe"
4. Joan Griffith
(a) Australia
(b) The "Strangers" Among Us
5. Dan in Ireland

1. Shiloh and Tribal Unity
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Brit-Am Tour of Israel
Look at the picture of Shiloh
Scroll DOWN and also scroll to your RIGHT to view the entire picture.
The photo was taken by Oriel Davidiy the son of Yair Davidiy.
The scene is of part of the present day Jewish settlement of Shiloh as seen from
a hillside opposite the hillside that Shiloh is located upon.
The dirt road and green fields seen below  are part of the
Valley of Shiloh in the territory of Ephraim.
This was the place where the maidens of Shiloh in Ephraim used to come out once a year
on the 15 th of Av and dance.
The Tribe of Benjamin had been almost exterminated in a Civil War between Benjamin and the
rest of Israel.
This is recorded in the Book of Judges chapters 19, 20, and 21.
You will remember that the Children of Israel had taken an oath not to give any of their daughters
as wives to the Sons of Benjamin (Judges 21:1).
After the war there remained alive only a handful of Benjaminite males with no women for them
to continue their tribe. Some women were obtained from Jabesh-Gilead in Manasseh east of the Jordan
(Judges 21:12). The rest were obtained from the dancing maidens of Shiloh
that the men of Benjamin were allowed to grab hold of and marry up with (Judges 21:21).
After that time the 15th of Ab was celebrated  annually as a Holiday in honor of the day
in which the Tribes were allowed to marry with each other.
Apparently up until that time there had been a de facto prohibition not only against the
Tribe of Benjamin but against intermarriage between people from different tribes
in general. This was something that had not always existed since we see from the Book of Chronicles and
elsewhere numerous examples of inter-tribal marriage.
Apparently the prohibition or taboo had developed over time and then received increased emphasis
with the vow against Benjamin.
After the 15 of Ab (pronounced as "Av") the prohibition was abolished,
the tribes were allowed to intermix, and the date became
an annual holiday.
The Day is also taken to represent Unity of the Tribes of Israel in general.
Brit-Am also works for Unity of the Tribes.
Some people when they first hear of Brit-Am get overly enthused. They somehow imagine
that now (Brit-Am proofs being obviously incontrovertible) the Israeli Government and the Chief Rabbinical authorities
will change their policies and that Brit-Am will be able to hand out Certificates of Israeli Citizenship.
Unfortunately things are not so simple.
[We also once imagined that historical societies, patriotic organization in the West, etc, would rush to support us.
It soon became obvious that they were not even crawling.]
Even so, Brit-Am is a step forward in the right direction.
By supporting Brit-Am, by reading Brit-Am literature, and more importantly
by reading Scripture and leading good lives we can all work towards the Unity and future Redemption of all Israel.

Another step, for those who are able, is to visit Israel especially on a Brit-Am conducted Tour.
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2. David Jackson: Remarks on (1) Soccer and (2) Israel's Descendants

Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-624

(1) On Soccer:
Maybe it is just because I am an American and soccer isn't a widely followed
sport in the US, but I have always thought it was kind of warped.  The most
flexible and finely-tuned part of the human anatomy are the hands.  Why have
a sport that disallows the use of hands?  I can't quite put my finger on it
(pun intended), but it seems somehow wrong or socialistic or something...
It's like the sport wants to level all participants down to where it is
extremely difficult to either excel or look bad.  Anyway, the endless hours
of zero to zero scores probably assure that it will never catch on here.

(2) On Israel's Descendants, from askabek in Kyrgistan:
We will probably never know for sure if isolated pockets of Israelis (Jewish
or otherwise) "leaked out even to the Far East".  They may have, but I think
we should remember that Genesis affirms that the 12 tribes will be
identifiable in the last days.  Small groups of Israelis who may have been
forced into exile amidst much larger Asian and Amerindian populations would
have found it very difficult to not be subsumed both culturally and
genetically into their new neighbors.

Brit-Am's criteria for identifying the descendants of the lost tribes, such
as expansive economic and material blessings, and internal biblical evidence
is most accurately applied to the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand,
and certain European areas, such as Scandinavia, Switzerland and the low
countries along Europe's northwest coast.

The penetration of the Gospel into North America, Africa and Asia began with
British Protestant missionaries in the 18th and 19th centuries.  The Gospel
was introduced into Latin America by Spanish Catholic missionaries as early
as the 16th century.

The nations that Brit-Am has identified as the likely descendants of the
Israel's northern 10 tribes remain the most blessed and intellectually
productive nations.  Centuries of Christianity in other areas has not
altered this.

Abraham was certainly the father of many nations, but the 12 tribes from
Jacob seem to be concentrated in the modern nations of Northern Europe,
English-speaking lands, and Israel.  The Hebrew Bible directs these peoples
to intermarry only among themselves and to preserve their identity.

David Jackson
Texas, USA

3. Maurice Barratt: The Name "Europe"
Dear Yair,

The name Europe comes from the greek myth of "Europa" and the parliament in Brussels has the statue of the naked "Europa" sitting on a bull, showing that they understand where the name comes from and also what the myth prophecies to this land mass

Maurice Barratt
Manchester, UK

4. Joan Griffith
(a) Australia

Apparently the convicts for transportation could not be sent to the American colonies after the American Revolution, so that is when they began to be sent to Australia. The first shipment had 20 cows, a flock of sheep, men prisoners, and a very few women on board, and this caused immediate problems with the men once they were dumped ashore. It is not known if the ladies were willing participants or not...

Therefore, the gov. decided to send a shipload of child-bearing age women (convicts) to be wives for the transported men. Transport was in lieu of hanging.

On the Lady Juliana, shipful of women, was an 11-year-old girl--Mary Wade. According to court documents, she was the instigator in a crime in which she and a 14-yr-old girl lured a 7-year-old sent alone to fetch water into a public toilet, where they took her clothes and pawned them. The judge found this a crime worth death by hanging. Mary was put on the Lady Juliana after one of the original women died, thus saving her life. She is important, because she lived to be around 85 and when she died, she left 300 direct descendants! One wonders about the fertility of rest of them... One thing that struck me was how common the name Mary was on the list of transported women.

As I said, this show began with present day women looking for their ancestors. Information was scarce. It is known from a book written by "John Mercer, Seaman" that the women were very well treated on the Lady Juliana. They were precious cargo, unlike other prisoners. I think 3-4 babies were born during the year it took for the ship to reach what became Sydney.
At the end of the journey, the ship's doctor and several other sailors confiscated some of the women for their own wives.

There was one "businesswoman" on board--a former Madam. She seems to have lent her information to the women on board, some of whom became more legitimate businesswomen once on shore.

That is pretty much where the story stopped--it may be continued, and I hope it is. I think I saw it on WETA.

For years there has been a theory that millions of monkeys typing at random on millions of typewriters would reproduce the entire works of Shakespeare. The Internet has proven this theory to be untrue.

(b) The "Strangers" Among Us
Subject: RE: "Brit-Am Now"-624

Re how to treat the "strangers" among us:
What does the scripture say? One law for everyone (fairness and equality). Also, remember that a "mixed multitude" came out of Egypt with the children of Israel. These were absorbed within the tribes, not true? The fact that there are very blonde Jews and quite black ones shows that such "absorption" continued.

In America there is plenty of intermarriage, and in regard to future "color" of the people, it was said that the people would be light skinned brown with brown eyes and brown hair. All I can say is it would be a pity if there were no "white blonde" people.

5. Dan in Ireland
(adapted from "Lost Israelite Identity" ch.16):

                THE TRIBE OF DANA were claimed to be descendants of the goddess Dana. "Dana" is another way of pronouncing the Hebrew word DAN. DAN was a Tribe of Israel which once had widely spread posts throughout the Middle East including stations in Libya and possessions in Anatolia and Greece. The Israelite Tribe of Dan conquered Cyprus and maybe also Crete and had bases in  Cilicia (i.e. northwest Syria and southeast Turkey), the north Galilee, and by the port of Jafo in the land of Israel. An offshoot from the tribe of Dan at an early stage apparently conquered Greece giving rise to much of Mycenean civilisation.
                In Irish accounts the Tribe of Dana came from Greece13 and arrived via islands in the north14 which assumedly meant Scandinavia15. One of these islands was given the name ASSAL16 which is also the appellation of a Middle Eastern principality17 in the region of Gozan on the Khabur River whereto part of the Northern Israelites had been exiled. An alternative (or supplementary) Irish version says that the Dana came from the city of Dan at the foot of mount Libanus (Lebanon)18 in what was once the area of northern Israel. Even the account which says that the Dana came from or via Greece says that they had fought repeatedly with the Phillistines19. The Tribe of Dan in Israel as seen in the story of their hero Samson (Judges chs. 13-16) was constantly at altercations with the Philistine people*20 and in the Land of Israel the original portion of Dan (in the south) had adjoined the Philistines and partly been taken over by them.. Samson was a prototype for the Greek idol Hercules.
                An Irish Historian, Thomas Moore, stated that the Tuatha de Danaan (i.e. Tribe of Dana),
"after sojourning for some time in Greece... proceeded from thence to Denmark and Norway"21. Geoffrey Keating (ca.1570 1646) understood from traditional Irish sources that, "the Danaans were a people of great learning and wealth; they left Greece after a battle with the Assyrians, and went to Ireland; and also to Danmark, and called it `DAN-mares', Dan's country22."
                The Irish said that upon reaching Ireland the Tribe of Dana fought against both the Fomorians and the People of Bolg23. The Bolg were subjected and granted autonomy in the west, in Connaught. The Fomorians were defeated though later the ruling class of the Dana intermarried with the Fomorian24.
                Raymond F. McNair (1996) lists places containing the name Dan in Scotland (such as Dundee, Dunraven, Aberdeen, Duncansby Head, and the Don River) and in Ireland: Dun Laoghaire, Dunkellin River, Dundalk, Dans-Laugh, Dan-Sower, Dungarven, Dundrum, Dunglow, Dingle Bay, Donegal Bay, and Dunmore Head. McNair then makes the following observation which  is well worth quoting:
                ~It is certainly no coincidence that the Irish Gaelic word Dun or Dunn means "Judge," just as Dan does in Hebrew!~25.  It is also worth mentioning that many of the policemen, lawyers, and judges in the U.S.A. today are of Irish descent.


                In Welsh sources (said to be Irish derivatives26) the Tribe of Dana is paralleled by the people of DON. The Welsh spoke of the goddess Don and her consort Bile the god of the dead. Britain was nicknamed "the honey isle of Bile"27. BILE is the equivalent of Bel meaning the Canaanite Baal whom the Romans in Syria apparently identified with Saturn and this perhaps explains why they considered Britain to be the domain of Saturn.  They also equated Saturn with Israel. The Welsh collection of legends (called Mabinogion) speaks of Beli son of Manogan king of Britain. Beli is thought to be a derivation of Belinus a Druid god28. Beli is named as the ancestor of Welsh royal houses and is apparently considered (in Welsh tradition) a member of the House of David. The Tudor monarchs of Britain had similar origins:

                "At any rate, there is reason to believe that the Tudors were descended from the old British kings who ruled at the time of the Anglo-Saxon invasions"29.

                The Greeks said that Belus (i.e. Baal) son of Poseidon (Neptune)  was the father of Danaus and that Danaus escaped from Egypt with other people the bulk of whom led by Moses  settled in Judea. This confirms the identification of Danaus with the Israelite Dan as well as paralleling the Welsh pairing of Don with Bile. Poseidon the Greek god of the sea and father of Danaus has a name which is capable of being understood to mean "Son(s) of Dan". The Greeks said that Doros son of Poseidon founded the important city port of Dor on the coast of Israel in the territory of Menasseh30. A Phoenician inscription also reported the presence of Israelite DAN in that area. The name  "Neptune" (the Roman term for Poseidon) was believed by Nahum Slouschz*31 to be derived from the Israelite Tribe of Nephtali32. Nephtali and Dan were full brothers the only sons Bilhah (maidservant of Rachel and concubine of Israel) had. The Tribes of Nephtali and Dan were often closely associated with each other. Neptune (according to the Romans) fathered Albion who founded a kingdom in Britain33. Albion is a form of the name Lebanon in which country Nephtali and Dan had inheritance though most of the area belonged to the Tribe of Asher.

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