"Brit-Am Now"-626
1. The Figs of Irritation
2. Anecdote
3. The Weekly Portion
4. Daily Miracles

1. The Figs of Irritation.
You have all heard of the Grapes of Wrath.
I think the inspiration for the expression comes from the verses of Isaiah concerning the vengeance the future Messiah will take on the heathen:




The expression "Grapes of Wrath" was the  refrain of a famous song
in the American Civil War and  the title of a best-seller by Steinbeck.
Anyway things tend to go in cycles.
We are not wrathful just mildly irritated.
At the moment sales are down, offerings seem to be much lower,
nut-cases and anti-Semites are sending us letters,
important necessary projects
that could help Brit-Am greatly are delayed because of lack of funds,
we are struggling to get by at times but know we serve a purpose and should keep going,
This general feeling of irritation seems to be only partially justified
since we have important works in progress (books on the peoples of the world,
the Khazars, on the Celts, and other works at various stages of completion)
and information to impart.
On the whole things are OK and
somehow we feel that everything will improve possibly for
all Israel everywhere.

2. Anecdote
For the record
In 1977 I began regular service in the Israeli Army after which
I was to serve nearly every year, for a good number of years,  for about a month.
When I joined up, due to the system that prevailed at the time the Israeli Army
would conscript youths from a particular socio-economic group every month or so.
It was just my luck that when I enlisted nearly everybody else in my unit
was from one or other of the non-religious kibbutzes. They were also
a few years younger than myself which does not mean much to adults but
for kids it can be important.
There was another person in my unit named  "M".
"M" was from the USA, about my age, and a non-Jew intending to convert.
"M" was blond, blue-eyed, muscular, and an expert in Karate.
"M" had a problematic background and disliked certain groups in America.
He did not however consider himself a racialist since he had an Amerindian ancestor
somewhere along the line.
"M" and I were amongst the few native English-speakers and "observant" people in our unit
and had several points in common apart from being paired together in military training by our superiors.
"M" and I became friends and he told me about himself and he also told others.
"M" said he had been sent to Israel by a "Jew for Jesus" leader named Rozen.
He had been told to convert to Judaism and to missionize (according to what he told somebody else)
amongst the Jews. Joining the army was meant to speed up his conversion since the Rabbinical
authorities in the Army were allegedly easier in this matter.
Eventually "M" finished the first stage of his military training, decided he did not want to continue,
and managed to get himself flown back to the USA.
According to "M", Rozen taught that the Jews in Europe practised Kabbalah
which he said was the same as witchcraft. Because of this they had been punished by the
Holocaust. M believed him since he did not know any better and was not the type to make
extensive inquiries.

This might not be true. Maybe M had misunderstood what he had been told?
Nevertheless it fits the pattern.
A quick look at Messianic Jewish websites will reveal a strong tendency to "demonize"
the Orthodox.

Messianic Jews apparently host and bankroll (?) whoever is behind the site
owned by "Alessandro Revello" in his attacks on Brit-Am.
Some of these attacks were answered in our article
"The Completeness of the Exile".
Messianic Jews apparently do not like Brit-Am
or  "Ephraimites" in general.
See our reply to some of their criticisms at:

3. The Weekly Portion
The Weekly Portion is "Vayatsei" "And he Went Out"
Genesis 28 to 32
This portion deals with Jacob and the Laddter, Jacob and Laban,
Jacab and his wives and the birth of the Tribal Ancestors.
Jacob's use of selective breeding and environmental influence.
The erections of dolmens and cairns by the Ancient Hebrews.

4. Daily Miracles
Every day or so somebody is injured sometimes killed by Palestinian terrorists
or rockets or whatever else. Every injury is a tragedy. Statistically this is usually no more
 than a pin prick when compared to other causes of calamity such as traffic accidents.
Nevertheless it is superfluous and each figure represents unnecessary human suffering caused
by the enemies of the Jewish and Israelite peoples.
We also do not like the Government or the Police because of their behavior in evacuating
Jewish settlers from a portion of the Land of Israel and because what we suspect
they are liable to do in  the future.
All this HIDES an important aspect of reality.
God is with us and with them.
It may not be as obvious as we would want but it is much more than we deserve.
Every day tens, sometimes hundreds, of attempts are made to harm Jews
and nothing comes of them.  The Police, Army,  and security forces including Jewish
and even friendly Arab undercover agents  often at great and selfless risk to
themselves prevent attacks against us.
Most of these successes are not publicized but every day some few of them are
but we tend to take them for granted, a car bomb discovered here, a knifing stopped there,
a planned attack put to nought somewhere else, etc.
No matter how good the people in charge may be they
would not succeed so well unless the Almighty was at their side.
Every day is a blessing.
A gift from the Almighty.
Let us appreciate it.


"When the LORD your God will cut off the nations from before you, whither you go to possess them, and you succeed them, and dwell in the land.
"Take heed to yourself that you be not snared by following them, after that they be destroyed from before you; and that you inquire not after their gods, saying, How did these nations serve their gods? even so I will do likewise  (Deuteronomy 12:29-30).

                The Greeks (and after them, the Romans) said that Uranus was the first god. Uranus begat the Titans from his wife Thera (i. e. earth). Amongst the Titans was Saturn also known as Kronos and Typhon. Kronos was considered to be the same as the Caananite god "Baal Zephon". The Egyptians identified Baal Zephon (i.e. Kronos) with Seth who figured in their own mythology often as representative of the Hyksos or Israelites. Saturn (i.e. Kronos) deposed Uranus and became king of the gods in his place. Saturn, in his turn, was also deposed by his son, Jupiter called Jove by the Romans. Jupiter expelled Saturn (from the east) who went to Italy and after a sojourn  there continued to Britain where he and the Titans established a kingdom and lived happily ever after.
                Sanchuniathon was a Phoenician writer believed to have lived ca.600 b.c.e. and is known to us due to his being quoted by other authors who came later. Philo of Alexandria (in Egypt) in about 54 b.c.e. quoted Sanchuniathon as saying:

                "Kronos, whom the Egyptians call Thouth, excelled in wisdom among the Phoenicians ...Kronos then, whom the Phoenicians call ISRAEL, who was king of the country  and subsequently after his decease  was deified as the star Saturn had an only begotten son ..called Jehud...he arrayed his son ...in royal apparel and sacrificed him".

                In the Bible (Genesis ch.22) it is related how Abraham was commanded to sacrifice Isaac who in terms of the Biblical promise was considered his ONLY SON. At the last minute an angel appeared to Abraham and prevented him from putting his son to death. The Phoenicians were heavily influenced by the Israelites and often amalgamated Israelite traditions to their own pagan ones. From the above quotation from Sanchuniathon one can see that Kronos-Saturn was identifiable (in their eyes) as Israel; other pagan sources tried to equate the God of Israel with Kronos. They also identified the Canaanite Phoenician god Baal with Saturn ( Kronos) and Baal amongst the Israelites was sometimes confused with their own God. "Baal" in Hebrew literally means "Lord" or "Master" and after acquiring pagan idolatrous connotations the term became anathema to the Israelites. Originally the appellation may have had a legitimate applicability and names bearing the root "baal" may not necessarily reflect idolatrous influences.
                Saturn was called Baal Zephon (the two names "Saturn" and "Zephon" both mean "hidden one" in Hebrew) which the Greeks rendered as Typhon. It was also said that Kronos (i.e. Saturn) fled to the west and eventually to Britain.  Other traditions also located the Titans and Saturn in the west. One version said that the Titans had been thrown into Tartarus meaning an underground region located (said Homer) in the Atlantic Ocean. Strabo understood Homer as connecting Tartarus with the vicinity of Tartessus (i.e. Tarshish on the Spanish Atlantic coast) and the west.

                "Cronus..and all the defeated Titans, except Atlas, were banished to a British island in the farthest west (or some say confined  in Tartarus..." Robert Graves

                Saturn (Typhon) according to Classical Mythology had been  exiled together with his brothers, the Titans. A source used by Plutarch (Isolde and Osira 31, no.259) says that the Titan, Typhon, fathered "Hierosolymus" [i.e. Jerusalem] and "Iudaeus" meaning Judah:
The name "Kronos" derives from the Hebrew "Keren" meaning "horn " in Hebrew. Similarly a horned god of the British Celts was known as "Cernunnos".
                The same root "sater" (to hide) as that found in the name Saturn was also employed by the Prophet Isaiah in connection with Israel:

                "Verily thou art a God that hidest thyself [Hebrew:"miStaTeR" derived from the verb-root STR which is also the root of Saturn without the vowels], O God of Israel, the Saviour" (Isaiah 45;15).
 Isaiah continues:
"They shall be ashamed, and also confounded, all of them: they shall go to confusion together that are makers of idols" (Isaiah 45;16).
                Pagan religions (especially those of the Northern Israelites) took Hebrew Biblical concepts and confused them with idolatrous ones. The God of Israel was in some cases identified with pagan idols or represented in idolatrous fashion.
This was forbidden but happened:
                Whatever the forces of idolatry seemed to offer was only at the very best a weak reflection of the One God who is directly reachable by those who acknowledge him. This truth will ultimately be clear to all and all those who took another path will be confounded.

"If your heart turn away, so that you will not hear, but shall be drawn away, and worship other gods, and serve them.
 "I denounce unto you this day, that you shall surely perish, and you shall not prolong your days upon the land  which you are passing over the Jordan to go to possess it.
(Deuteronomy 30;17-18).

                The Lost Tribes of Israel were exiled because they worshipped other gods (2-Kings 17;7 22), they confused Baal with the God of Israel (Hosea 2;16). This confusion was transmitted to foreigners who identified Baal (i.e. Typhon= Kronos= Saturn) with the god or progenitor of Israel. The foreigners also equated him with the god or progenitor of the western Celts especially those of the British Isles. The pagans believed that Kronos and his followers (i.e. the ancient Israelites) had been deposed from the east and had gone to Britain and the west. Bel (i.e. Baal) and Cernunnos (i.e. Kronos), or Bel in the guise of Cernunnos,  were worshipped in the British Isles. The Jews and the western Celts did have a common ancestry and once worshipped the same God. The identification of the Western Celts with Israel is proven by the Bible and through history
 and so these facts are echoed in Mythology.

There is more material along these lines showing how a certain thread in Pagan Mythology could be understood
to ethnically link the peoples of Ancient Britain with the Israelites and Jews of Judah.
These indications are perhaps worth taking note of but fortunately for us we do not need to rely upon them.
We have more than enough evidence from the Bible, from archaeology, from history in general and and from linguistics all of which confirm the Israelite origins of western peoples.