"Brit-Am Now"-631
1. "Mousehole of the Phoenicians"
2. Helon Family of Zebulon?
3. 9/11 Koran Hoax?

1. "Mousehole of the Phoenicians"
Interesting picture
Article on tin.
Mousehole of the Phoenicians; The odd name of the village may be derived from an
    ancient Mediterranean word for watering place. Phoenician tin merchants anchored
    here 2,500 years ago.  [Book of British Villages, 1980]

2. Helon Family of Zebulon?
Greetings from Australia,
 My name is Wieslaw Helon, my family originates from the area east of Lwow to Poltava in the Ukraine. Descendants of HELON, Prince of the Tribe of Zebulon. We have long known about our biblical and Scythian descent and also have a connection to Genghis Khan. HELON family mentioned in OT Book of Numbers, Judges, Herodotus and Josephus too.
I would like to obtain copy of Yair Davidy's book the Lost Tribes to help in my further research of my family. Could you please advise.
 W.G. Helon

3. 9/11 Koran Hoax?

Subject: RE: "Brit-Am Now"-630
item #1. The Brit-Am Importance of Iraq

Shalom, Yair.  I've seen this internet piece on Iraq before.  The
verse given as 9:11 supposedly from the Koran is entirely spurious, a
fabrication.  There is a lot of fabricated garbage put out on the
internet to feed the beliefs of various factions, and this is one.

It is a good idea to read the Koran.  One of the principle rules of
warfare is to know your enemy.  There is plenty in that book to
condemn that religion without making up lies which, when disproven,
only cast doubt on the very cause the lie is seemingly devised to

Henry Rhea