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1. Encouragement from New Zealand
2. Legal Depositions and Transcriptions.
Robert E. Lee
3.  Thanks to the transcript and Question
4. Explanation of terminology "Ger Shenitgerar"
5. Question on Zechariah 8:23
6. Tracy: Radio Broadcast:  "Fabulous".
7. Gold in Bronze Age Ireland

1. Encouragement from New Zealand
Dear Yair,
I listened to the Arutz Sheva interview here in NZ, and it was just great !!
I hope that you have many more such interviews, and get the word out to the  listening public of Judea of Judah !
As to which version of the Holy Scriptures, I like Thomas Grey, like the 1611 KJV, it indeed speaks with such clarity, and inspiration, I find that reading in the "Old English", tends to make one actually "look" at the words, and really read them, as apposed to a lazy scan. Such sacred and important writings, surely deserve to be honored by translation into a higher form of language than the ordinary English we use everyday. Of course, one may argue that when the 1611 was first printed, the language was the everyday tongue, what, would we soon have the works of Mallory, and Shakespeare put into the "Modern English ", Lo , G-d forbid ! Peradventure, such works loose that which sets them apart from the ordinary of everyday life.
Their wonderful language.
Keep up the good work !!!
Sha'ul Suhr.
Brit Am NZ.

2. Legal Depositions and Transcriptions
Correction to Phone Number
for all English-Language Legal Depositions and
Transcriptions in Israel.
09-740-7765.  The professional address of Carmelita is wordworks@012.net.il
Carmelita did the transcription of the Brit-Am Israel National Radio
Interview with Tamar Yonah
Raymod and Carmelita Lee are personal friends of us and strong supporters of Brit-Am.
It may be of interest to note that Raymond is a descended from the family of
Confederate General Robert E. Lee

3.  Thanks to the transcript and Question
Dear Yair,
           I am so happy you did the Tamar Yonah show.  I did listen to it that night, but had trouble getting it in clearly.  The show kept buffering and rebuffering.  Thanks to the transcript I was able to fill in the pieces of what I missed.  It was an awesome interview!  Thanks so much for your work.  I had asked Tamar to put you on her show.  She was very receptive to the idea.  However I think she has a fear along with other Jewish people of what Christians, and Ephraimites will do to Jewish culture, and identity.  I have had a love of Jewish people and culture for a very long time.
I have even started to learn Hebrew recently.  I believe it is very likely that I am among the Lost Tribes myself.  (not just the awakening...but also my genealogy as well) ....  believes that the Cherokee Indians are part of the lost tribe.  (I have seen other data from a book I read two to three years ago saying the same thing)  I wrote Tamar the night you were doing your interview and she didn't see it in time to give it to you on the air. (the question)  Have you done any research on this subject?  May G-d bless you mightily for your work, Yair.

K Shalom,
We have said several times that people of Hebrew descent probably did intermix
with some of the Amerindians but we cannot give details since this is not a field
we have researched.
God bless you
Yair Davidiy

4. Explanation of terminology "Ger Shenitgerar"
Yair shalom,

Thanks for providing the transcript of the radio interview, which was excellent.

The term 'gere shenitgayere',mentioned in the interview is new to me.

I did read the comment by Rabbi Feld, however I'm not clear on the explanation. Would you please expound upon this.

God bless you and all the Brit-Am family, Diane, USA

Diane Shalom

'gere shenitgayere' means literally
"A Convert" (ger) who "Converts Himself" (shenitgayere)
Even though in Spoken Hebrew this expression would be understood to mean
simply someone who converted Rabbi Feld was saying that it could also be understood
(as the Sages explained)
to imply that the Convert had already been converted from the very beginning
and the actual ceremony was only giving an outward expression to an internal reality
that had always existed.

5. Question on Zechariah 8:23
Dear Yair,
Heard your radio interveiw and thought what you and especially Rabbi Feld said from the scriptures was really good on the lost 10 tribes. Just a thought concerning the joining of the stick of Joseph ( Ephraim)and Judah in Ezekiel 37. Is Zechariah 8:23 related? It does say"10 men of all languages of the nations" . Is this referring to the tribes of Israel?  Would " take hold of the skirt of him that is a Jew, saying we will go with you." Is the skirt the Jewish tzit tzit ? What is significant about holding on to it? If this is talking about the re-unification of the 2 houses of Israel the ratio in the joining is 10 to 1.
Keep up the good work
Shalom Robert , WA, Australia

Robert Shalom,
Your idea regarding the 10 men in Zechariah 8:23
representing the 10 tribes is a good one
that we have briefly explored in the past.

6. Tracy: Radio Broadcast:  "Fabulous".
I listened to the radio broadcast.  It was fabulous.

7. Gold in Bronze Age Ireland
Gold in Ancient Ireland?
Extracts from "Desmond" on another list:

Currently Tournagin Gold Corporation have been drilling extensively at Curraghinalt, near Gortin in Co. Tyrone and have found potentially rich gold sources.
It is quite on the cards that such sources were in use in ancient times - eventually abandoned for want of appropriate technology.(This has happened in the case of abandoned 19th. cent mines in NZ - now successfully reopened.)
On a bus tour of the Wicklow Hills I remember the driver saying that there were ancient gold sources there , reopened for a period in the 19th. cent. and due for further investigation using modern methods.
Some time ago I read in a book that an analysis of Minoan/Mycenaean gold objects had indicated an Irish provenance for the mineral content. Unfortunately I have mislaid the reference to book-title and author. Such a situation could put the working of Irish gold into the Bronze Age.
Gold veins have been reported along the Armagh/Monaghan border and in Donegal, but less fruitful than the Gortin source.

Comment: It is becoming quite clear that rich sources of gold existed and were exploited
in Ireland in the Later Bronze Age and this together with richer sources of silver, copper in North
Wales and enormous reserves of tin in Cornwall lead to Phoenician interest in the area
and an early Phoenician induced colonization of Israelite Exiles to work these reserves.
At the time spoken of up to 70 (or more?) % of the ancestors of the later population of
Scotland and much of Wales was in Ireland. Later in the Iron Age there was a period when Ireland was
denuded of population perhaps due to a local disaster that caused many of the peoples there
to move overseas to Britain.