"Brit-Am Now"-647
1. Batya Wootten: The Creator first used the Star of David
2. Snowflakes and the Star of David: Pictures
3. Tracy Wright: Scottish
Heritage of Southerners
4. Al Ramsay: Masonic Symbolism on Dollar Bill?
5. Bob Davis: Star of David in Heraldy

1. Batya Wootten: The Creator first used the Star of David

From: Batya <batya@mim.net>
Subject: The Star of David  RE: "Brit-Am Now"-646

An interesting point about the Star of David:
If we use the "law of first use" as our standard when seeking the origins of
the Star of David, we first find the hexagram design first used in
snowflakes, which of course were created by our Maker.  So, in reality the
design belongs to the God of Israel.
Batya Wootten

2. Snowflakes and the Star of David: Pictures
Something Old in black-and-white but interesting:
The URL below seems to be the only one that depicts snowflakes that are
NOT six-pointed (and the depictions here are drawings not photographs. It seems that all
REAL snowflakes have six points and some look exactly like a Star of David):
For a very nice picture of a snow crystal and some facts see:
For some more facts see:
"All snowflakes have six sides".

For more pictures than you can probably look at just enter "snowflakes"
in a search engine and surf away.

For more about the Star of David from the aspect of Brit-Am  see:

Question #3. Is there a Biblical source for the Magen David ("Star" of David symbol)?

3. Tracy Wright: Scottish
Heritage of Southerners
The Confederate army used the St. Andrew's cross because of the Scottish
heritage of Southerners.  Florida, Alabama, and Mississippi still have the
St. Andrew's cross on their state flags.  Georgia just recently removed it
from their flag.  General Leonidas Polk was an Episcopal bishop prior to the
war.  He used the St. George's cross on his corps flag which is the cross
used on the Episcopal Church flag.  The Episcopal Church also has the St.
Andrew's cross in the canton of their flag.

Does the meaning of "union jack" mean the union of the house of Jacob?
Did Jacob cross his arms, making the "X" or the St. Andrew's cross when he
blessed Ephraim and Manasseh?

I would love to hear some thoughts on this subject!!!


Tracy Wright
Chickamauga, Georgia, CSA

4. Al Ramsay: Masonic Symbolism on Dollar Bill?
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-646

Yair, George Washington and most others who founded the US were Masons. Most of the symbols on the back side of the US dollar bill are Masonic symbolism.

"The Star of David Probably WAS favored by George Washington
and WAS important in US and Confederate Symbolism."

- Al
Please see our note on this matter:

item #1. Is the Great Seal of the USA a Masonic Symbol?

5. Bob Davis: Star of David in Heraldy
Dear Yair

The star of David may have been favoured by George Washington, as suggested in Brit-am 646.  However, this is a copy of a Washington family crest http://members.aol.com/washpage/arms.html (there are probably others).  The 3 x 5 pointed stars were known as "mullets" in medieval times.  A mullet is a geometric figure, originally meant as the rowel of a spur, but commonly used to represent a star.  It dates from at least 1244.     The default mullet has five points. Any number of points may be used in heraldry     A mullet may be pierced, with a circular hole in its center. If the mullet is of six points, this variant may also be called a spur rowel.  Mullets can have a hollow centre. In the case of six points, the result is the Star of David.

The star of David has been documented in use on medieval English shields and flags as early as 1305. http://heralds.westkingdom.org/Templates/Stars/


Bob Davis