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1. The Children of Rachel Will Prepare the Way
2. Sally:  Brit-Am May be on the Verge of  "a leap forward"
3. Tom Turner: Ezekiel 37  and The Two Sticks
 That  Become One!
4. Cannot Contribute
5. Human Races Can Change
Background: The Kennewick Man

1. The Children of Rachel Will Prepare the Way
From: Atlas or Janet Laster <lasters8@msn.com>
Subject: Commentary
Shalom Yair.
 Here is an interesting commentary from page 391, chapter 23, verse 4 of the ArtScroll Tanach Series Yechezekel/Ezekiel concerning Oholah and Oholivah.  Please comment or provide a link to your previous commentary.

It is the destiny of Rachel's [Joseph and Benjamin] descendants to prepare the way for Leah's descendants to serve God in the ideal manner, in much the way that the Josephic Messiah is to prepare the way for the Davidic Messiah.

Thus, the Oholah nature of the northern kingdom, its refusal to be subordinate, is not a coincidental fault, but one that by its very nature made a mockery of God's plan.  Ephraim's role, by definition, is to be subordinate to Judah, and if he balks at that destiny, he is doomed.


2. Sally:  Brit-Am May be on the Verge of  "a leap forward"

Hello Yair, the 'pledge button' is a really convenient way to make a donation. I think a system for regular funding is a sign that Brit Am is prepared for greater progress and a leap forward in spreading the Brit Am message. Brit Am's message is essential to increasing numbers of people and the funds to match the message should be available to help get the message out. Thanks for all the work you do, Sal

Thank you. It was due to your suggestion that we introduced this feature.
Contrary to the impression some people have all suggestions we receive
are considered and often acted upon at some time or other.
God bless you,

3. Tom Turner:
Ezekiel 37  and The Two Sticks
 That  Become One!
This is a new feature of interest
consisting of two articles:
(1. The Production of the Ezekiel Stick
(2. The Ezekiel Stick in Prophecy

4. Cannot Contribute
Hi Yair,
Your are right in all you say in your message and I do understand that the "life" of your service through the Brit-Am news it is invaluable to subsist but in my personal case Im very sorry to say you that by now its impossible to say you that Im going to help your work with any amount.
So if you can continue sending me your information I wil be grateful greatly. But if not, then dont worry for that.
In all case or event I will continue looking for the truth that lead us to our great Eternal Father and Sovereign,
Sincerely your Hebrew brother,

Brit-Am Answer:
Most people subscribed to our lists do not contribute and that is OK with us.
Only a very small portion of our subscribers actually assist us in this way.
We said in advance that getting the message out is our main concern
and by participating on our list you are helping us do that.
We hope that they who can help will do so when they can.
The most important thing is to do what one knows to be right
and to take in the message correctly.
God bless you
Yair Davidiy

5. Human Races Can Change
Background: The Kennewick Man

The Kennewick Man is the name given to the original owner of a partial human skull found along the bank of the Columbia River near Kennewick, Washington, in 1996.
It is claimed the skull is between 8400 and 9200 years old.
We do not believe that the skull is that old but some of  the scientists do.
The scientists also think that the Kennewick Man MAY HAVE  (or may not have been) typical of the ancestors of the Amerindian People and himself have been one of them.
We do not have an opinion on this issue one way or another.
Neither do we have the training and qualifications to even follow the technical discussions concerning the issue.
What however is worth taking note of is that the Kennewick Man was racially partly Europoid and partly Asiatic. He was more "Europoid" (they say) in his features than the present day American Indians are.
The scientists also believe that in this matter he may have been typical of the forebears of the Amerindians and similar to the forebears of Asiatic peoples who have since developed and their differences from "Caucasoids" become more pronounced.
This is what the scientists are saying as may be seen from the extracts below.
We are not saying they are correct and they themselves admit they are not certain.
We note that they consider such changes possible and tend to the view that they reflect reality.
We would agree to a degree as we have been saying ever since we began these studies.
This is NOT EVOLUTION but rather the expression of genetic potential that existed from the very beginning.
For More see the article on our web-site:
The article says in effect that the ancestors of Modern Races
may well have been quite different in appearance from what they are today.
The ancestors of the Amerindians MAY have been similar to the Ainu
of Japan possessing both "Asiatic" and "Caucasoid" features
but have since "evolved" as did the peoples of Asia.

<<It does... confirm the work of other researchers (Steele and Powell 1992, 1994; Jantz and Owsley 1997, in press) which indicate that early New World populations have some features shared by some modern Polynesian and European groups.>>