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1. Present-Day Descendants of King David
2. Brit-Am Strengthens Bible Belief and Helps Everybody
3. Daniel Chapter Seven Uploaded

1. Present-Day Descendants of King David
Through the Male Line
<<Jewish descent from the Royal House of David can be traced through oral tradition, rabbinic sources, historical data and/or extensive research. Most families claim descent from King David through Rashi. Several families claim descent "ben akhar ben"(father to son) in a direct line, most notably the Dayan, Shealtiel and Charlap/Don Yechia, families.

<<There have been many great rabbis and rabbinical houses that trace their ancestry back to David Hamelech. This group of great scholars and leaders include: Hillel, Rabban Gamliel, Rabbi Yehuda Hanasi, Yochanan Hasandler, Rashi and Yosef Karo as well as the more contemporary gedolim like the Vilna Gaon, the Baal Shem Tov, the Breslevor Rebbe and the first Lubavicher Rebbe, Shneur Zalman of Liadi, to name but a few.

<<Here we will enumerate some of the well-known family names that trace their ancestry back to David Hamelech. Since well over 100 generations have passed between the time of King David to the present, there might be hundreds, even thousands, of family names that can legitimately trace their family line back to David Hamelech. ...

See the URL for a list of names

2. Brit-Am Strengthens Bible Belief and Helps Everybody
H wrote:
From: H
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-659
item #1. Brit-Am Reply to "Jewish" Objections.

[Extract Only: letter contained personal information some of which has been deleted]
 I sent you an email about 2 weeks ago explaining that I couldnt believe your claims about the 10 lost tribes possibly being in Europe (Britain) and America. You wondered why I was in a Christian chatroom and if I am really a Jew.

Let me give you a little background about myself and why i was in the Christian chatroom. My Jewish education was typical for babyboomer American Jews--afternoon Hebrew school affiliated with the Conservative movement. Very little true Jewish education really took place--but i was still very much in my heart, soul and body a Jew. I was raised with very little Yiddishkeit but was raised to be a proud jew--whatever that meant.

When I was 18, my first year in college in the mid-west, I happened upon a booth in the student union that had a sign, "Jews for Jesus". ..

Certain passages from Isaiah (such as Isaiah 53) I have figured out but not without A LOT of research for many many many years.

So yes, I was visiting a Christian chatroom (and I dont do it all that often) just to see what they were saying if anything about the Jews. Converting us, disparaging us, whatever. Many Christians love to think of themselves as former Jews--in fact many Jews for Jesus are not Jewish at all. They just like to think of themselves as Jewish believers in Christ. So, in my opinion, Brit-Am is a perfect alibi for those who are out to convert us to Jesus. I am a witness to that--I know first hand. And i also know that if they could, thousands of missionaries would flock to israel to convert the Jews if they were allowed to do so.

Although, deep down i know that most Jews are so secular spiritually, that the last thing most of us would believe is that a man is god. Most of us really are too sophisticated for that. So perhaps, instead of (with all due respect, really) figuring out if non-Jews are lost Israelites, let's make our people stronger spiritually, etc. Baruch HaShem, I had enough sense(sechel) and money to send my children to yeshiva so that i would be the last ignorant Jew in the family and that they will not fall prey to those who want to convert us right out of Judaism.

YES, Yair, I AM A JEW!

Brit-Am Answer:
OK. Some of my remarks at the time were probably out of line anyway.
We in Brit-Am try to avoid religious discussions concerning religious differences.
This is despite the fact that the most important portion of our message
is based on the Bible, i.e. religion.
And we are generally successful.
So let us focus on that part of your message pertinent to us.
(a. Concerning the whereabouts of the Lost Tribes
"being in Europe (Britain) and America". The question should be whether they are or not
in those places not whether we should want them to be though this too
may be a factor.

(b. You said: <<So, in my opinion, Brit-Am is a perfect alibi for those who are out to convert us to Jesus.>>

We do not see this but in some cases it could be so though we doubt if such an approach would succeed.
Nevertheless it is something we should guard against.
Converting others is an integral part of most forms of Christianity.
Just as a religious Jew wants or should want other Jews to keep the commandments
so do Christians want others to believe as they do.
They do not understand that for a Jew this is equivalent to idolatry and worse than suicide.
In the past the Christian will to convert Jews was often motivated by a hatred of Judaism.
Today it is sometimes motivated by a misplaced love of the Jewish people which makes
it even more dangerous. We should however understand it for what it is.
There have been many cases of people who set out to convert Jews
but themselves (or their children) converted to Judaism.
There have also been cases where they have not converted but in other ways they
have helped the Jewish people.
Brit-Am does not attack Christianity and we do not attempt to bring them over to Judaism.
You should read our book "Ephraim" where we deal with this issue.
We work for an attitude of mutual respect and on the whole succeed.
Claims have also been made against us from the opposite direction, e.g.
Gary David Atkinson reports:

<< I read a negative post about you on another web site that said you have led many messianics back into Judaism. I thought at the time what do they expect he is doing what any good Jew would do if it is true >>.

This was news to us and probably exaggerated but one can see how it works both ways.
Also the "Messianic Jews" do not like us.
I do not why but they invested money and energy in attacking our "Lost Tribe" beliefs in general
and also in at least one case specifically targeting Brit-Am in a most malicious and concentrated manner.
It is interesting to note that the MJs strongly support anti-Semitic Conspiracy freaks
like Barry Chamish who attack the State of Israel and deal in calumnious lieing.
Similarly the Neo-Nazis in the USA dedicated a whole booklet against us
something that very few others have merited. We would like to think that this was
because they realize we are a real danger to them or at least would wish to be so.
They even on another occasion described us as someone to be kept away from
and not made contact with.
We were quite flattered.

Brit-Am pushes belief in the Bible and our own Brit-Am message which is part of the
Bible.  We have found that strengthening belief  in the Bible helps
strengthen religious belief. Christians become more Christian and Jewish more Jewish.
We are not out to convert Christians BUT if the Messiah or a Messianic process
will so act Paradoxically we have found that Gentiles who are Christians
are the best potential converts to Judaism in so far as they remain
Jewish after conversion.
See our article:
We see Christianity as a tool of Divine Providence to bring non-Jews
closer to the truth as preparation for the Messianic Era.
It brings people to believe in the Bible and the Bible has a message for
the Lost Ten Tribes and about the Lost Ten Tribes which message
Brit-Am has the task of promoting.
The fact is that the strongest and most reliable allies the Jewish People
and the State of Israel has today are believing Christians
mainly of Lost Israelite Brit-Am origin.

You said:
<<So perhaps, instead of (with all due respect, really) figuring out if non-Jews are lost Israelites, let's make our people stronger spiritually, etc.>>
Here I can quote the experience of Rabbi Avraham Feld.
Rabbi Avraham has a kind of "Street Ministry". He helps people in trouble,
mainly Jews but also Gentiles. He works throughout Israel but his base is in Jerusalem.
He frequently speaks on Brit-Am matters. In the course of his work
Rabbi Feld often encounters groups of non-religious secular Israeli Jewish youth.
He reports that one of his best "weapons" in bringing these people closer to
Judaism is the Brit-Am message especially in the form of our Hebrew
book "Achim Acharim".
Brit-Am strengthens belief in the Bible, proves Prophecy, and demonstrates the
involvement of the Almighty in this world and the importance of each individual action.
If one is Jewish this should strengthen belief in Judaism.
on behalf of

3. Daniel
Chapter Seven Uploaded
Daniel Dreams
of the
Ancient of Days
and the
Fate of the
The Four Beasts in the End Times.
A Suggested Solution

Are Britain and America the First Beast in the
Vision of Daniel?
Are they the inheritors of Babylon?
The Golden head in the vision of Nebuchadnezzar?