"Brit-Am Now"-668
1. Thomas Gray: Brit-Am has "a callous disregard"?
Why Not Convert LTTs to Judaism?
Brit-Am Reply:
(a) Christianity is a Tool of Divine Providence
(b) No Need to Become Jewish
(c) Some Do Become Jewish
(d) The Tribal Aspect
(e) The Messianic Aspect
(f) Personal Limitations
2. Orjan Svensson: The English Bushel: A Biblical Measure?
3. Steve Mathe: Brit-Am Followers Should Be lIke Elijah

1. Thomas Gray: Brit-Am has "a callous disregard"?
Why Not Convert LTTs to Judaism?

Note by Yair: Lately we received quite a few well-thought out letters
of high quality discussing various issues that have come up recently.
We have however decided not to publish most of these messages
since these issues are diverting us from our main theme and
creating unnecessary tensions.
At present, We wish to calm everything down

Thomas Gray sent us a letter in which he explains from a Christian
perspective a possible rationale
for wishing to convert Jews to Christianity.
He did not necessarily justify it, just explain it.
We have deleted this main section of his letter and only quote
the last section dealing specifically with our own attitude:

From: Thomas Gray <tgray@supernet.com.bo>
Subject: Here we go again
<<Finally, you also still seem to not appreciate the fact that most Christians
will view your statements that you are not interested in converting
Christians to Judaism as evidence of a callous disregard for them.  During
the time of Jesus, Jews were heavily involved in trying to win proselytes,
and it is only as a "we wouldn't do something like that" reaction to
Christian missionary efforts, that Jews seem to have lapsed into that
posture.  If you really believe that orthodox Judaism has the true path to
God, and yet don't try to get non-Jews to convert, you must be content for
them to miss the blessings of God.  The people of Israel were called by God
to be priests to the world, and of course fell down on the job by being
involved with idol worship.  Now that you have the idol worship under
control, you are falling down on the job by a complete disinterest in what
the Gentiles do or don't do.

Sincerely once again,

Thomas Gray.

Brit-Am Reply:

(a) Christianity is a Tool of Divine Providence
We have explained that we see Christianity as a tool of Divine Providence
to make the Gentiles familiar with the Biblical Message.
This is especially true of Fundamental Christians of Lost Ten Tribes origin.

(b) No Need to Become Jewish
We also understand that a "Gentile" may be "saved" through
Christianity.  There is therefore no question of needing to save souls from
the fires of hell by making them Jewish or anything like that.
In fact many are not necessarily suited to become Jewish so why
impose upon them additional obligations that they will not be able
or willing to fulfill? The majority of Jews themselves do not endeavor
to keep the Law even though they are obligated to do so.

(c) Some Do Become Jewish
Individual cases do become Jewish. This can be a long, very difficult and
even traumatic experience and not all those who begin the process
last the course.  Those who do convert are often descendants of Jews
or have an inner compulsion to identify with Judah.

(d) The Tribal Aspect
Each Tribe is different and has its unique attributes.
Judaism is associated with Judah.
The Lost Ten Tribes and Judah will re-unite
and the religious issues will be resolved but how this
will come about we do not know and at present do not have to.
Each individual must live their own life and make their own decisions.
In principal from a Brit-Am Perspective we would like to see things move
on a Tribal basis.
In our opinion, they who belong to Joseph should work within Joseph strengthening
themselves and others for the good of Joseph and sharing
their Tribal destiny.

(e) The Messianic Aspect
The Almighty will do things in HIS own time through HIS Messiah.
Brit-Am has a Mandate, a certain Empowerment, to spread its own
message and no more than that.

(f) Personal Limitations
A policeman, a surgeon, a lawyer, etc all need to develop certain qualities
that in other people could be considered negative.
We in Brit-Am see our task as limited to the three Rs
(Research, Revelation, Reconciliation).
We have no inner urge to proselytize and feel we should not do so.
We are not inspired in that direction.
This may be a fault but it does perhaps help us to do the task
we have more effectively.
If Divine Providence has a need for other activities then we may assume
that other more suitable candidates will be chosen.

2. Orjan Svensson: The English Bushel: A Biblical Measure?
Orjan Svensson <o_svensson@yahoo.com wrote:


 There has been dispute amongst scholars for a long
 time regarding the definitions of the Biblical
 measures. (Many are now also claiming that the Ephah
 was close to 22 litres, but I do not agree on that.)
 The Jewish historian Josephus wrote that the Ephah
 equal to the Attic metretes, which equals around 8.7
 British Imperial gallons or 39.6 litres.
 However, I read on page 5297 in "ENCYCLOPEDIA
 London 1903, see


 "(2) On the other hand the connection of Hebrew with
 Babylonian and Egyptian measures makes it probable,
 in the eyes of many metrologists, that the log is
 only roughly equivalent to the sextarius, and is really
 the  same as the Babylonian unit of .505 l. From this we
 obtain an ephah of 36.37 l., or very nearly 8
 gallons, or about 66.5 sextarii. It must be remembered that
 it is perhaps more common to confound closely
 resembling measures in cases of capacity than in
 cases of length, and that for most purposes the equation
 log=sextarius was near enough."

 This is very interesting, because if the Biblical
 Ephah was equal to 36.37 litres, then it was indeed
 very close to the British Imperial Bushel, which is
 a measure that is defined as 36.36872 litres!!

 So the British volume measurement system appears to
 very closely connected with the Hebrew one if the
 above is correct.

 Even if the assumed definition of the Hebrew log
 measurement (which was a measure for liquids) is not
 correct in the quotation above (my research
 indicates that the dry and liquid measures were actually
 different in the Hebrew system), the information
 that there existed a Babylonian measure that was equal to
 a 72nd part of the British Imperial Bushel is in
 itself very interesting!

 Especially so, when considering that Epiphanius put
 the Omer (a tenth part of an Ephah) to 7.2 sextarii
 (see page 5296 in the same volume), meaning that a
 full Ephah should of course then equal 72 sextarii.
 And now assuming as above that not exactly a
 sextarii was intended but instead the "Babylonian" measure of
 0.505 litres, then we arrive at 72*0.505 = 36.36
 litres or 36.37 litres, i.e. basically the same as
 the British Imperial Bushel!

 In my own previous research I however arrived at the
 result that the Ephah should be equal to around
 36.13 litres, but it is still not far from the official
 British Imperial Bushel!


3. Steve Mathe: Brit-Am Followers Should Be lIke Elijah
From: Steve Mathe <eliasaph@uniteourheart.com>
Subject: Let's do our job as the first contingent

I am writing concerning the recent appeals for funds for the acute needs of Brit Am's continuing functioning. At last Chanukah time I wrote that for us, who are being called to resurrection form our spiritual graves, there is yet
"a spiritual task for ALL of us to do.  That is to do whatever we can in order to "come close" to God in focused and concerted prayer as the first group to arise from the grave where we have been exiled to be dead identity-wise and spirituality-wise for the last 2700 years."
Further, I pointed out that
"While Brit-Am is the only body that can represent Ephraim in a positive manner in Israel, we, the first contingent to arise to consciousness from the "spiritually" dead, comprise the only ones from the collective body of Ephraim that can represent Ephraim before God in a uniquely influential manner at this time.  We are in a pioneering position and
"am of the opinion that it is our duty, as members of that first contingent to represent in front of God our "spiritually dead" brothers and sisters.  Indeed, it behooves us to intercede for them, as our father Abraham did for the sinners of Sodom.  The instruction of the words of Psalm 80 have been written for us NOW.
With the knowledge of our identity comes the obligation to do something that our revealed identity uniquely qualifies and prepares us to do.  It is to form the core of a growing body of committed individuals whose aggregate effort in pleading before God for His Guidance builds a receptive place for that Guidance. We desperately need that Guidance for sustenance of the Brit-Am effort and for the "spiritual" guidance of this "first contingent."  Having been chosen by God to be in this  pioneering work, we need that guidance to facilitate our return to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and His Torah.  After all, we have been cast out of the Land, and from our identities as the "firstborn of God" because we have cast away the Torah and our obligations in it.  As pioneers of the great return to come, we are to set good examples for others to follow in relying on God's Guidance and empowerment."

As such,  I am calling on every one on this list to reflect on the fact that for some reason we are given the privilege by Divine selection and mercy, to be partakers of the initial work of laying the foundation for many wondrous things to come that will comprise the great regathering of all Israel.  I am calling on all of us on the Brit Am list, now to pour out our hearts in front of the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, in fervent prayer for the Guidance of the Shekhinah
[Divine Presence] to be restored to all of us.

I propose that all those who are with Brit Am because they identify with this Work, try on for size not just the identity of the Ten Tribes in the "latter days," but also try on the identity of the "first contingent that arose form the spiritually dead" in order to be of use in the work Eli-Yah [Elijah].  We need to own this designation. I also propose that all those not afraid of a Divine answer, take up the challenge and ask for personal confirmation of that... We also need to demonstrate our commitment to this work of Eli-Yah, by giving of our substance just as the tribes of ancient Israel gave as they were moved in the concerted effort of the building of the first Mishkan / Tabernacle.

The forces of evil are stepping up their activities to thwart and destroy Israel.  We need to step up our activities to be partakers of the tasks the All-Mighty has given us.
That is why we are here at this time, at this Brit Am list, a this "group of the first contingent"  of resurrected workers. Ben Franklin said that "G-d helps those who help themselves."  We can all contributes something, prayer and/or funds.  Let's do the job given to us... or we can be replaced...
I invite comments on these points.
Steve Mathe
"Only Torah and prayer can unify Israel."