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2. Jeremiah Birningham: Brit-Am is Kosher
3. Capt. Ian McRae: To find the "truth about the situation"
4. Dr. Lee Kelley "like father, like son"
5. Robert Graves:  "stick to your message"

1. Brit-Am Broadcasts on Web-Site
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Lecture no.1 Biblical Proofs. Part One: Where Are the Lost Ten Tribes?
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2. Jeremiah Birningham: Brit-Am is Kosher
Subject: Brit-Am cannot be used for Identity movements!

Brit-Am cannot be used for any Christian Identity movement. Because Christianity exists in countries Brit-Am does not include or identify with being physically related to Israel. Brit-Am deals with specific people and locations not an entire religion which covers the whole world. Brit-Am makes no claim that Christianity replaces Gods chosen people. If someone makes a claim that Brit-Am is anti-Semitic it is obvious they speak out of ignorance.

3. Capt. Ian McRae: To find the "truth about the situation"
From "Capt. Ian McRae"
Subject: RE: "Brit-Am Now"-669

Hello Yair,

Thanks for the answer on the web site regarding Brit Am being "dangerous".    You said:

Answer: Experience shows that no matter what one does or says there will always be those who will try to present you as intending the opposite. In some cases the people concerned are genuinely mistaken and it may be possible to show them the error of their ways.

I, personally, once held this view, that Brit Am was just trying to get support of the Christian community for Israel's mistreatment of Palestinians.    What I would say to anyone who has this opinion, study the history of the situation, and you will find out who is in the aggressor in this situation and who is purely defending themselves.    There is now no doubt in my mind that Israel is only defending itself.     If anyone wants the truth about the situation they should subscribe to Honest Reporting at    www.honestreporting.com

Shalom Elechem,

Ian McRae

4. Dr. Lee Kelley "like father, like son"
From: "Dr. Lee Kelley" <doctor@seascape.ns.ca>
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-669
item #5. New Articles Posted
More articles have been posted to the Brit-Am "tribesman" feature



Excerpt from Betty Matteson Rhodes : "CELTIC HERITAGES. The Celtic Link To King David"


<<Perhaps God caused the Northern tribes of Israel to become "lost" for safety's sake, in order to escape the murderous intentions of anti-Semitic dealings. God caused Israel (both North and South), to become "lost" and scattered them about the face of the earth. The South never forgot who they were, however.


Ms. Rhodes idea is plausible, even tenable when you factor in the idea that Yaacov did the very same thing with his family upon his return trek to meet his brother Esau.  It seems that the "like father, like son" or "children do what their father does" thesis could be defended herein and hereby!


Doc k

5. Robert Graves:  "stick to your message"
From: Robert Graves <rhg2@ev1.net>
Subject: Jews, Messianic Jews and Christians and Gentiles..

Shalom Yair,

This is in reference to Brit-AM Now 667 and your intercourse with "H".

I have been a subscriber to your email for many years..almost 10 now I guess.  In all these years I have seen the character of the input from subscribers change from those who see the Scriptural truths you have been proclaiming supported by biblical, rabbinical and other evidence to that of moving your message to a more 'religious' 'christian vs. jew viewpoint.  I am disappointed that your message may be being adulterated into a jew vs christian thing.  That, to me, is NOT the thrust of your message nor has it been so over the years.

Whether we be descended from the household of Ephraim or Judah YHVH intends to bring us together again as ONE in the land promised to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in the Messianic age that is soon to come...but, and this is critical...No Gentiles will be rulers with the Messiah when He returns this earth to its Edenic state....Only Israelites will be rulers with Him...

So, Yair, stick to your message about the reunification of the house of Jacob for it will come and that right soon!

May YHVH continue to bless you and prosper you in the work He has called you to do!