"Brit-Am Now"-672
1. Dennis McGinlay: why  publish such ravings?
2. Questions on Returning (Repatriation) to Israel.
3. Cherie Koch: Despite the Evil Israel Exists!
4. Thomas Malloy:  Who was that nut?
5. Questions About David and Saul

1. Dennis McGinlay: why  publish such ravings?
Dennis McGinlay  wrote:
re "Brit-Am Now"-671
item #1. Sephardic Jews and Brit-Am?

Dear Yair
Apart from the 'entertainment' value of HP's letters why do you publish such
ravings, and post them on the site?
God bless
Dennis McGinlay

Dennis Shalom,
Others asked the same or similar questions.
It is true that letters of much better quality often do not merit to be included
in our postings for various reasons.
HP's letters served the following purposes:
(a. They were representative of a lunatic fringe that also pesters us from time to time
and that our general readership should be aware of.
[The usual "quality" people that Brit-Am readership is familiar with are not the only ones out there.]

(b. They illustrated the poisonous effects that Conspiracy Theories may have on some people.
HP sent me more postings quoting from sites dedicated to promoting
Conspiracy Theories or attacking "heresies" including "British-Israelism"
with which HP has confused Brit-Am.
I have friends who were affected by Conspiracy Theories and my impression is that
they can cause mental instability or trigger off  weaknesses that would otherwise
by kept under wraps.

(c. They enabled us to make a few points concerning the need for claims against Brit-Am beliefs
to be specific and preferably based on Scripture or relating to our published understanding of scripture.

(d. The historical remarks we made concerning Sephardic Jews in England are interesting,
not generally known, and based on recent researches.
HPs tirades served as an excuse to make mention of these findings.
In an upcoming issue of our magazine we will write more extensively on this subject.

2. Questions on Returning (Repatriation) to Israel.
We often get questions from people with Jewish ancestry or who identify with
Judah or with Israel and want to come to Israel and legally be accepted as a citizen.
Brit-Am does not determine policies.
Anyone can come to Israel as a tourist.
We understand that if you  are not Jewish and you cannot prove that your forebears  in living memory were practising Jews or known publicly as Jews then you cannot be accepted as Jewish under the Law of Return.
There may be exceptions.
If you want a more authoritative answer your best bet would be to contact the nearest Israeli Consulate
to your place of residence.

3. Cherie Koch: Despite the Evil Israel Exists!
From: "C. Koch"
re "Brit-Am Now"-671
item #1. Sephardic Jews and Brit-Am?


I have seen a lot of the information regarding the Freemasonry layout of Washington, D.C. and also other cities such as Paris.  Man has attempted many things throughout the millennia!  This information can be totally true and still not negate the revelation regarding the 2 houses and the inheritance of the tribes in these latter days.  The tribes were not perfect!  [as you have also said many times] and both houses have experienced seasons of captivity for offenses against the Most High.  Even IF a leader were found to be an idolator [what's new?], that does not negate the fact that he or she is [likely] also an instrument of the Almighty. Even Nebuchadnezzar was termed by HaShem to be "My Servant" as scripture says.  Everything is orchestrated perfectly by the One who sees and knows.

What many Christians and Messianics do not see is that, amidst any shortcomings, transgressions and/or iniquitous bents, there are generational BLESSINGS and promises that have been graciously handed down and given to the literal descendants of Abraham, Issac and Jacob.  That is what has been beautiful to see in your work [and others such as Steve Collins, etc.]----the footprints of the tribes throughout the millennia, and the acts of the Almighty throughout history to perfectly use vessels that are imperfect and accomplish His will in the earth.

I would urge such persons as this writer to look at all the proofs showing the legacy of Jacob/Israel in the earth....that Jacob's progeny has not totally forgotten where they came from and has left this mark all over the world, and especially in places such as the USA, etc.  If one wishes to look at the Freemasonry map of Washington, D.C., why don't they also look at the list of cities in the USA that bear the name of Biblical cities, names, topics, etc.??   Is this not equally worth of attention, if not MORE SO?

....Even Judah had many evil kings along with the exceptionally righteous! Has this stopped the plan of God?  No!

So, rather than say "no conspiracy could ever exist" - I think that a more balanced approach is necessary. ...

Let's focus on the truth of scripture, all the while knowing that men with evil inclinations lurk EVERYWHERE on this planet.   BUT, we who dwell in the secret place of the Most High shall forevermore abide under the shadow of the Almighty.   We need a more expansive view of this, and we need to LOOK UP, and not DOWN.  That email was very negative and fearful.  I can acknowledge that idolatry, conspiracies and evil exist in the world, but still revel in the power and plan of my God, and the HOPE of Moschiach/Messiah in the coming kingdom.  That is truth worth pondering. The other stuff is just stuff to take note of and file for future reference, if necessary.  Yeah, there will always be hard times and holocausts.  But no one can thwart the ETERNAL plans of the Most High. No, not one.

.. ))  -::-
        . .))
      ((.  ..
    -::-    ((.  Cherie

I will sift the house of Ephraim among all nations, as grain is sifted in a
sieve; yet shall not the least kernel fall upon the earth. (Amos 9:9)

Brit-Am Reply:  This is a good point but mistaken. Cherie says that even if Conspiracy Theories are true
this does not detract from Brit-Am identifications.
If someone wants to believe in Santa Claus they may do so.
In the case of Conspiracy Theories however not only are they false but they are also harmful
and spread falsehoods about the Israelite peoples.
How much lieing, blood-libels, and slander should one tolerate?

4. Thomas Malloy: Who was that nut?
re "Brit-Am Now"-671
item #1. Sephardic Jews and Brit-Am?

I just finished reading #671. I am referring to the man who SHOUTED at you in caps. Based on what I read, I believe the author to be an Identity Christian. I'm writing this letter to request that you not tar us Messianics with the same brush. Pastor John Hagge has just organized Christians United for Israel, www.cufi.org , our beliefs are quite similar.

The nut is right about the sexual degeneracy of America. He ignores the fact that observant Jews and Christians aren't sexually immoral.

5. Questions About David and Saul

Please forgive my questioning today, but I'd like to know if DVD was of or near the same stature as Sha'ul (king) since DVD was offered Sha'ul's helmet, sword, and Armour?

Why did YHVH place a none Yahudim, Sha'ul, as king when Ya'acov's bedside blessing on Yudah was that he would be the one through whom the sceptre and law-giving power would come?

Continued blessings on your incredible work,


Lee Shalom,
You asked
(a) about the stature of David
(b) Why was Saul who was not of Judah made king?

In regards to (a) it may be that David was large like Saul was but he is never noted in Scripture
for being such. He was offered the armor of Saul but upon putting it on he could not
cope with it (1-Samuel 17:39). It may have been too large for him.

(b) The name "Shaul" means "on loan" as if his destiny was to be a king "on loan"
until the one to whom the monarchy rightfully belonged should show up.
Each tribe has qualities of its own.
It may be that at that time in history the Israelites for their first king needed someone
who had the aristocratic qualities of a Benjaminite.
Not so long before then the Tribe of Benjamin had committed a shameful act and consequently been
almost exterminated by the other tribes (Judges chapters 19, 20, 21).
It could be that by making Saul from the Tribe of Benjamin king (even though his line was not to last)
the Almighty was restoring to Benjamin its Tribal self-respect and also the respect it needed in the
eyes of the other Tribes.
Saul came from Benjamin which at that time was considered as belonging to the House of Joseph
(2-Samuel 19:21).
Saul was a precursor of the Messiah son of Joseph.
If Saul had have been worthy he would have remained king in some kind of co-monarchy under David.
This is the opinion of the Sages. Similar arrangements have been known to history and have worked.
For a period in the Later Roman Empire there was an arrangement like this.
The Khazars also are reported to have had a dual monarchy with one king concerned with
religious and ceremonial matters and the other actually ruling.