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1. New entries on Web-Site:
(a) Lecture no.1 (b) Biblical Proofs. Part Two:
The Whereabouts of the Lost Ten Tribes according to the Bible
Sample list of English words clearly derived from Hebrew
2. Jeremy Birningham: Jews and people of UK ancestry
3. Question about the Ancient Greeks
4. Question from Cecil Davis: Conservative Jewish Opinion on Controversial Issues
5. Afghanistan, Japan, etc.

1. New entries on Web-Site
(a) Lecture
Lecture no.1 (b) Biblical Proofs. Part Two:
The Whereabouts of the Lost Ten Tribes according to the Bible
Transcript of Lecture No.1, part two
To Hear Broadcast of Lecture No.1, part two


(b) Article
Sample list of English words clearly derived from Hebrew
Letters "A" and "B".

2. Jeremy Birningham: Jews and people of UK ancestry
From: J B <jeremiah_71@hotmail.com>
Subject: Sephardic Jews and Brit-Am -perspective
In Rebuttal to Brit-Am- 671 (Sephardic Jews and Brit-Am)

We have to remember the common English man on the Street wielded no power or choice on who would be allowed into England and who would not in the 1700's. It was the British elite that had the power to allow who would come and go. It makes no sense to lump all the English people as a whole group who did not want Jews in their country. In fact I would say the English population as a whole were indifferent to Jews coming into England and they were more worried about themselves.

In addition if we look at the Jewish population presently in the world it is easy to see where Jews have prospered and obtained power and influence. Jews living among the nations born of the UK have done the best physically and financially then anywhere else on the planet other then Israel itself. Jews, have added to the fabric of the British colonies and their input into our societies cannot be measured. Proof is in the pudding and I ask anyone to challenge the fact and show proof where Jews have done better in the world then amongst the people of UK ancestry.

Before we write things we should put things in perspective and not get emotional. I think we all still live in the same reality. Nor, should we say we are something or imply we belong to a group when we clearly do not. Because people who have some knowledge about what you are arguing about can see through your approach and nobody will take you serious after they read your first paragraph!

3. Question about the Ancient Greeks
From: Robert Jones
Subject: Dorians?

Mr Davidiy,

I was reading a book by Chaim Herzog on Battles in the Old Testament.  My comment is on the Dorians.  Was Dor a named Canaanite city or was the port later named Dor by the Israelites?  The second question is the Dorians themselves, were they Canaanites fleeing Israelite colonization called Dorians, or were they Israelites expanding out into the Mediterranean?

 Based on your research it seems that Argos was a Danite colony, while Sparta was founded by other Israelite tribes.  In an article on the Origin of nations website, they say the Corinth was an Ephraimite colony.  At any rate Peloponessia seems to have been colonized by Israelites while the rest of Greece by others.  Dorians being Canaanites, and Ionians being a mixed people??  Who do you think the Greeks were then and who do you think they are now?


Rob Jones

We considered these matters in our work, "Lost Israelite Identity. The Hebrew Ancestry of Celtic Races" (1996)
which is now out of print. Other works dealing with this and related subjects are now in preparation.
We need funds to activate them.
Dor was a Canaanite city in the territory of Menasseh that the Israelites eventually conquered.
The "Dorians" who settled in Spain are proven to have been Israelites from Menasseh.
The Dorians who conquered Greece were not Israelites but Greece was at one stage
conquered by Israelites (especially from the Tribe of Dan) and these, though a minority, influenced
the development of Greek civilization.
Our impression is that Sparta was settled by descendants of Esau
though Steven Collins identifies them with the Israelite Tribe of Simeon.
Settlers from Sparta were also instrumental in the foundation of Rome.
The Ancient Greeks consisted of some Israelites, Phoenician-Canaanites,
Edomites, and descendants of Javan (Yavan) son of Japhet.
The present-day Greeks appear to mostly pertain to Javan with a minority from Canaan.

4. Question from Cecil Davis: Conservative Jewish Opinion on Controversial Issues

Hi Yair--I have a question:

I just heard (on Israeli English TV news 9-March-06) a Rabbi, a member of a Conservative Organization,
 stating that his organization will be debating the Homosexual issue in relationship to "Accepted world policies" or words to that effect. He admitted that God states clearly in the Bible, that it is blasphemous against God, punishable by death; nevertheless it will be discussed.

My question is, "What is there to debate? God never changes, Malachi 3:6, "For I am the Lord, I change not--"." If we followed the commands of God we would have no "Love parades", no men marrying men, no murdering of unborn children, and no need for all the prisons around the world packed with killers, and the like.
No man (regardless of his title or position in life) has the right to change God's word or actions--Moses is a good example, he changed what God had commanded him to do, then disobeyed God, resulting in Moses not being allowed to enter into the Promised Land.

Numbers 20:7, "And the Lord spake unto Moses, saying,". Verse 8, "--speak ye unto the rock before their eyes; and it shall give forth his water---". Verse 10, "--and he said unto them, Hear now, ye rebels, must we fetch you water out of this rock?" Verse 11, "And Moses lifted up his hand, and with his rod he smote the rock twice--".
Moses placed himself alongside God by saying, "--must we fetch you water--". Then to make it worse Moses struck the rock twice instead of simple speaking to the rock.

Attempting to change God's word is deadly business to me; but during this time of God's grace men are being allowed to think and say whatever they can come up with against God---and the Lord remains silent--contrary to popular belief God is not dead--we will soon learn (to the despair of many) what terrible lies we have been told by men.

I will appreciate your answer.

Your friend,


Present-day Judaism may be considered in the religious sense as divided into three main streams:
a. Reform Judaism does not believe in the Bible as obligatory but takes a kind of relativist approach
to religion in general. In Britain and British Commonwealth nations the Liberal Jewish movement parallels
the American Reform movement but it is perhaps less extreme.
b. Conservative Judaism tries to keep something of Jewish tradition as binding while adapting the Law to fit
modern requirements as much as possible.
c. Orthodox Judaism sees the Law as Divinely Inspired and endeavors to keep it.

Brit-Am is not the domain of any one religion but Yair Davidiy and Rabbi Avraham Feld adhere
to Orthodox Judaism.
Conservative Rabbis disagree with Orthodox Judaism.
 They are not relevant to us.
Brit-Am exists to promote the three Rs ( Research, Revelation, Reconciliation) concerning the Lost
Ten Tribes.
We can discuss Biblical aspects of our Research ONLY with they who accept the authority of the Bible.
It is not our task to argue with people concerning the truth of the Bible.
This is not our calling.
There are other authorities who are more qualified in this area than we are
and are more than willing to take up the challenge.
Those who do not believe in the Divine Authority of the Bible may discuss with us the
"secular" aspects of our researches.
Brit-Am concentrates on its primary task but we also make it clear that for the Israelite peoples
to survive they need to do away with abortion, homosexuality, etc. and to return to Biblical values.


5. Afghanistan, Japan, etc.
We had some questions concerning the possibility of Israelites being found in non-Brit-Am areas such as
Afghanistan, Japan, etc.
Concerning Afghanistan, Burma and other "candidates" see

Concerning Japan see

See especially our article:
Ephraimite Criteria
  How Do You Know
 You Descend from Israel?