"Brit-Am Now"-676
1. Letter from Tracy and Brit-Am Comment
2. Question on the Effects of Intermarriage and Ancestry
3. Rabbi Feld Broadcasts for Brit-Am

1. Letter from Tracy and Brit-Am Comment
From: tracy

Hello Yair' I am new to this teaching and have recently been told of your site. I have read a book, "The Triumph of British-Israel" by James Mountain written about 1930. Other than the obvious, he being Christian and you Jewish, I find your teachings are very simular. The two house teaching seems to have been around for a very long time for Jews and Christians, so why are people not getting it ? I am not well educated but I got it, I felt it and I am busy trying to learn more. When I try to talk to people about it thy look at me like I am a false prophet. It is such a wonderful ,wonderful truth, I want everyone to know... By the way, I am so glad  I was told about your site , the information is astounding.. Thanks , Tracy

Tracy Shalom,
As far as I remember I have never read anything by James Mountain
or even heard of him till now. In the past there were they who advocated
"The two house teaching" using both Biblical and historical arguments.
Certain low-lifes twisted this teaching for anti-Semitic purposes, the historical
arguments became out-dated and enthusiasts emphasized unreliable evidence
and confused the issue with other matters. This has given "Identity" type beliefs
a bad name.
The Bible however actually justifies Brit-Am and similar understandings
and some historical and related researches support them.
Where possible at present we recommend emphasizing Biblical proofs
and only using historical evidence etc as to show that our Scriptural evidence
is consistent with possible directions of secular research while we ourselves
actually engage in such research.
God bless you
Yair Davidiy

2. Question on the Effects of Intermarriage and Ancestry

R' Yair,

I have been looking at some of your material online. One obvious question arises, which may be treated somewhere on one of your sites or in a book: Let us suppose that people from the 10 shvatim [Tribes] migrated to these various places and that their descendants are among the nations that you mention. Unless they were very careful not to intermarry, the likelihood of their descendants being Jewish is very slim. If intermarriage is a problem in Jewish communities where Jewish education is not strong, wouldn't it be even more of a problem in groups where there is no Jewish education?

So, while interesting, how would the shvatim return if they had all assimilated and most of them would not be Jewish? Would there be some phenomenon of mass conversion, or a sudden interest in Yiddishkeit [Judaism] on the part of these non-Jews who had Jewish ancestors?

Your thoughts, please.

Besurot tovot [Good Tidings], Purim Sameach [Happy Purim],

Yosef Kaner

Yosef Shalom,
The Lost Tribes will definitely return and re-unite with Judah.
Many of them may well have intermarried but not necessarily to
such an overwhelming extent that you suppose.
In the past most people lived in villages and married only those of an equal social
station within a small radius of their place of residence. This phenomenon held quite well
in most places even up unto about a hundred years ago
and it still exists and is still statistically significant.
We have also the factor of people often marrying those of similar type and ancestry to themselves
even though they come from different places.

At all events we may say that in the eyes of the Almighty there are no "half-way" cases.
One either belongs or one does not.
Or one chooses to belong.
You said, "the likelihood of their descendants being Jewish is very slim".
They are not Jewish (as belonging to Judah) but rather Israelite (mainly from other
tribes apart from Judah) and at present not technically bound by the Law.
We understand that this will change in the future but  we do not know how.
It will be the task of the Messiah or at the least of a Messianic Process.
What exactly will happen in the future we do not know.
Our task is limited to the Three Rs of Brit-Am:

a. Research: Proving where descendants of the Lost Ten Tribes are today.
b. Revelation: Revealing Research findings to others especially to those who are identifiable as "Lost Israelites" and to the Jews of "Judah".
c. Reconciliation: Working for the Recognition that the Lost Tribes and Judah have a mutual destiny and common origin and interest and therefore need to accept Israelite identification and the unique role of each other.

These Three Rs represent the preliminary requirements for whatever will follow after them.

See our answer to the Question:
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3. Rabbi Feld Broadcasts for Brit-Am
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