"Brit-Am Now"-678
1. Disagreement from Nancy
2. New Entries on Brit-Am Genealogy Site
3. Viking Dentistry from North American Amerindians?

1. Disagreement from Nancy
From: Nancy
Subject: RE: "Brit-Am Now"-677
item #3. Question on Joseph and the Noachide Laws

Brit-Am as an organization tries not to take "sides" in religious questions not involving us.
Personally, I think it is advisable for members of "Joseph" in our time to draw closer to their
"Hebrew Roots" but others would disagree with me and even I would not say it is an obligation.
This is a matter for each person or group to decide for themselves
and not a Brit-Am issue.

I can't disagree with this more.  "Each person doing what is right in his own eyes" is not the path.  We have clear halachic guidelines which Israelites should be taught.  The greatest thing Israelites can learn right now is a respect for the law and Judah the lawgiver.  This currently does not exist.  They want to enter on their own terms with their own interpretation of the law and expect Judah to welcome them with open arms.

Israelites are halachically Gentiles.  Thus, there are many things in the law which they are free to do, yet there are some restrictions.  For instance, those things which are a 'sign' are forbidden to those who are halachically gentile.  I have found only a  handful at best of Israelites who accept this as where they are right now and gladly develop themselves in ways which do not circumvent Jewish law.  Most, in defiance and arrogance, demand the right at the very outset to apply their own interpretation and, therefore, practice to these very essentials, showing a total disregard for Judah.

2. New Entries on Brit-Am Genealogy Site
Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2006 19:46:23 -0500
From: betmatrho@direcway.com
Subject: New genealogy pages

Wanted to let you know that I have added some new genealogy pages with 'coat of arms' artwork and other family data for the following names:
Allan/Allen, Baumgardner, Lehmann, Bell, Gallagher, Field and Tapp - at:

3. Viking Dentistry from North American Amerindians?
Articles speaks of 24 "men from the Viking Age (ca. 800-1050 AD),
found in present-day Sweden and Denmark". [In continuation however the article
only cites from Swedish cases].
The upper layer of their frontal teeth had been filed in such a way
(plenty of photographs and drawing provided in article, see figure 10 especially)
that is only known so far from the graves of Amerindians from about the same period in
Georgia, Illinois, and Arizona. The Amerindian finds included both men and
women whereas the "Viking" finds were only found on young men
(returnees from an expedition?).