"Brit-Am Now"-680
1. The Nancy Ruckus: Background
2. The Nancy Ruckus: Selected Extracts from Letters Received
3. The Nancy Ruckus: End of Thread (we hope).
4. Chaim Hayman: Interesting Midrash about Persia
and the Last Days
5. New Entries from Steven Collins
6. New Lecture on Brit-Am Broadcasts
7. More  Surnames Added to the Brit-Am Genealogy Section

1. The Nancy Ruckus: Background
Nancy sent out a message:
"Brit-Am Now"-678
item #1. Disagreement from Nancy
This message was a reaction to a remark by Yair
Subject: RE: "Brit-Am Now"-677
item #3. Question on Joseph and the Noachide Laws.
Yair said that while not interfering in the question of whether non-Jewish
"Ephraimites" should keep the Law in his opinion it is
advisable to do so.
Nancy replied that while in principle she agreed that Ephraimites should
adopt aspects of the Mosaic Code she also feels that
those Ephraimites
who took such decisions should in effect consult with Judah or at the least
take consideration of the official attitude of Judah in such matters.
This caused a spurt of letters mostly of good quality
from people who feel deeply about the subject.
A discussion of this matter could go on for ages.
It is not what Brit-Am is about and from our point of view is an unwelcome diversion.
We are therefore posting a few "slightly expurgated" selected extracts from letters received on this matter
so that everyone may receive an impression of the issues involved.

2. The Nancy Ruckus: Selected Extracts from Letters Received

a. Paula: "Let's wait for the Mashiac".

This is exactly the reason Brit-Am should not be involved in, nor forward to the e-list things of a religious nature. This applies to Rhonda also, who I happened to agree with.

I thank Nancy for telling us how she thinks we should live and how we should return to YHWH.  We however are not Jewish and she is right in that Jewish halacha does not pertain to us.  The Law of YHWH does.  We are called to return and practice these very essentials....After all, these are the very Covenant Commandments that are tied to the inheritance of the land of OUR Fathers...

This is a clear example of the tensions which have existed between Joseph and Judah from their beginnings.  It is not something that we are likely to over come on our own.  Let's wait for the Mashiac.

There is plenty of work to do on the 3 R's.  Let's concentrate our efforts there.

With all due respect to you and to Nancy.

(b) Malcolm Osborne: to teach with understanding

Hi Nancy, I have read your response with interest but must register some misgiving here.

If I understand Yair right, [and of course I may not,] he is saying that it is not appropriate for Orthodox Jewish leaders to 'foist' their belief system on "Joseph."

Now Nancy, I would agree with part of your statement as follows:
   "The greatest thing Israelites can learn right now is a respect for the law" .. .. ..
for - '"Each person doing what is right in his own eyes" is not the path.'

Certainly, Torah will serve to challenge "Joseph" concerning the value system of the Eternal One Himself, if so received.  "Halachic guidelines" can be helpful too, but to teach them prior to an acknowledgement, understanding and acceptance of Torah is almost pointless, especially as some of these seem to stretch incredulity somewhat...
Regards, Malcolm.

(c) Steve in NC: more than enough room
Shalom Yair,

I agree wholeheartedly with Nancy's assessment of the situation regarding
the "Return." Even under halachic guidelines there is more than enough room
for those "returning" to become  Judaic, yet be called Ephraim or whatever.
The point of being Orthodox JUDAIC being the key. I personally hope that the
Beit Din doesn't begin allowing "Conservative," "Reform," or any other
version of this or that to be considered "kosher" for return, either
conversions (Lost Tribes or Stranger converting) or persuasions (meaning
blood Jewish, yet eclectic otherwise regarding Torah, pick and chose if you
will). ...I'd personally like to
just simply see things done according to the TaNaK and the Oral Law
regarding both return AND what's going on in Yisrael, even now...such is not
the case unfortunately. Maybe the "Return" will help "facilitate" a true
return of both Houses, Yehudah and Yisrael, to HaShem. Just my opinions of
"'al ta'amod 'al dam re'ekha," [Do not stand on the blood of your fellow]

Steve in NC

(d) Y: Brit-Am should be warmer
Regarding Noahide laws and submitting to Judah:

I do not see anywhere that Ephraim is to be subordinate to Judah in any way. We are to learn from Judah but is the teacher greater than the student? Maybe, maybe not. This is nothing but the scriptural envy and enmity spoken of by the prophets that will disappear eventually... Brit-Am should be warmer to Ephraim and encourage those of Judah to be more patient with the return instead of being prohibitive and oppressive.
 Isa 11:13
13 The envy also of Ephraim shall depart, and the adversaries of Judah shall be cut off: Ephraim shall not envy Judah, and Judah shall not vex Ephraim.

(e) Dennis McGinlay: "Who's to say what the future will bring"
Dear Yair

I found Nancy's 'Disagreement' interesting in so much that 'everyone has an opinion about Gods purpose in these latter days.' The destinies of the houses of Judah and Israel were pre-ordained by God and separated as a punishment for sins. He ordained that Judah would follow the 'old' law and that Israel would after a period of time become "Christians' .... I am convinced that the Eternal looks ahead rather than back, and that a NEW COVENANT will be made with the people of greater Israel. For that reason, is it not foolish to argue the toss about the merits of Judaism verses Christianity while we wait patiently for the 'will of God.' Who's to say what the future will bring. All I know is that it will be wonderful.

(f) Athol Bloomer: "observe Torah as appropriate"
...Those who are Halakically Gentile should observe Torah as appropriate to Gentiles not that which is appropriate to Jews. They should take the eternal prinicples of the Torah and adapt them for their own culture and not follow the Jewish way of Sanctity that Hashem has given to the Jews. They can study the Jewish way in order to understand and deepen their own faith but it is inappropriate for a halakically Gentile person (who does not have maternal Jewish ancestry or has formally converted to Judaism ) to practice Judaism. ...Of course there are valid variations of practice and family traditions but they should all be within the bounds of the halakah. All Jews are called to Torah observance appropriate to them as revealed in the Written and Oral Torah.

Cheers athol

3. The Nancy Ruckus: End of Thread (we hope).
I  hope our handling of the above matter is satisfactory.
We would rather not receive anymore correspondence on this thread for
the time beings but rather let us all return to the Three Rs of
Brit-Am (Research, revelation, Reconciliation).

4. Chaim Hayman: Interesting Midrash about Persia
and the Last Days

Yalkut Shimeoni (Isaiah):
<<Rabbi Yitschak said: In the year when the Kingly Messiah appears all the rulers of the world will be struggling with each other. The King of Persia [Iran?] will be fighting the King of Arabia and the King of Arabia will go to Aram to receive advice from them. Consequently the king of Persia will destroy the world and all the nations of the world will be in an upheaval and be panicking and falling on their faces and they will seized with pains as in the throes of childbirth. Israel also be in upheaval and panicking and asking,
Where shall we go and to whom do we turn?
Where shall we go and to whom do we turn?
God will say unto them:
My children Do not be afraid. You have nothing to fear. All that I did I only did for your sake.
Why are you afraid?
You have nothing to fear.
The Time of Your Redemption has arrived. The Final Redemption is not like the First Redemption.
The First Redemption was accompanied by sorry and subjection and followed by foreign rulership but the Final Redemption will not be accompanied by sorry and subjection and not be followed by foreign rulership.>>

5. New Entries from Steven Collins
"Issachar Identified with Finland: ISSACHAR IN THE MODERN WORLD"

" Notes and Mini-Articles of Interest by Steven Collins"

6. New Lecture on Brit-Am Broadcasts
"The Identifying Blessings of Israel", part one

7. More  Surnames Added to the Brit-Am Genealogy Section
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