"Brit-Am Now"-686
1. B-AMBI: "The Historical Mission of Joseph"
2. Francis H: The People of Ulster and History
3. Attacks on Brit-Am from the Deranged

1. B-AMBI: "The Historical Mission of Joseph"
B-AMBI: Brit-Am Broadcasts Israel:

Transcript of Lecture, "THE PURPOSE OF THE EXILE"
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"The Historical Mission of Joseph"

Part of the task of the Israelite Tribes was to be become a great and mighty nation. This was unconditional and had to be fulfilled. The Lost Ten Tribes took this task upon themselves. In order to fulfill this task they had to loose their identity. They had to become barbarians and to act as cruelly and as badly as everybody else did throughout history. They did however evolve. They went forward. They improved themselves. They improved the ways they treated their own people and how they treated others. They went upward and they dragged the rest of the world (to some degree) upward with them. They became a light to the Nations, a "Brit-Am",  a covenant of people, bound together in agreement to respect each other and to do good together to the best of their ability. Now, at the present time, things have come full circle.

The Lost Ten Tribes headed by Joseph have more or less fulfilled their task in this stage of History. They should now endeavor to combine their physical power and development with a spiritual and religious revival. Judah has also fulfilled his task of keeping the Law to a degree in Exile. Now the situation has changed and Judah once again is asserting his need for his own land. Joseph (through the USA),  is helping Judah rebuild his land and is helping Judah defend himself against the rest of the world. Judah and Joseph need each other and subconsciously they realize it. This is the present phase of history we are now entering into.

2. Francis H: The People of Ulster and History
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-685
#1. Steven Collins: Tara, Tamar in Ireland, Menasseh in the USA, and Gad in Germany

I wish to differ with Steven Collins and quite possibly with Brit-Am in relation to the posting entitled - Tara, Tamar in Ireland, Menasseh in the USA, and Gad in Germany.  Firstly Gaelic interpretations in language on the island of Ireland are flawed and in very very many cases most recent, that is within the last 1500 years. It has been an ongoing event in line with gaelic expansionism of the entire island, the most recent in language being around the 1800's when an attempt was made to gaelisize every non-gaelic place name. ( Physically gaelic (now called 'Irish') has been trying it by killing. and maiming.)  This has lead to a corruption of historical events and more importantly, in this case, place names.  Thus, with proper observation of the facts, historically, politically and religiously, it can be seen that this is not by chance, but by design.  To even suggest, that Jeremiah arrived amongst the gaels, or somehow we can use gaelic 'records' as an accurate account is an advancement of gaelic corruption's with intent. This is so because quite simply, the gaels were not there at the time of the Prophet's  probable arrival.

It is believed by many, but not all, in Ulster, that Jeremiah came to them, a lost tribe in the wilderness.  This is still displayed today by the Royal Black Preceptory who every year mark their mourning for Israel by wearing black sashes.  Interestingly this practice is viewed by the many of the gaelic community as bigotry and sectarian.  With the Prophet, among other things, he had Jacob's pillow stone.  From Ulster - land of Scots (Roman label) it was taken with the 'lost'  to northern Britain where they give that land their name -land of Scots-Scotland.  Interestingly at this stage the Ulster people or Scots departed their home at the time due to gaelic invasion.

In those times the island of Ireland had as is now, two capitals, Tara for the gaels, and Navan (or Emain Macha) for Ulster.  Emain Macha - Armagh is still the religious capital of the entire island with each modern-day side still in competition for control to this day.

Considering or believing that Israel was in captivity with the Assyrians, and that the Assyrians may well be for the most part in what is now Germany, then why is it now recognised that the Ulster-Scots language is germanic in origin? Further to the point why is gaelic considered anything but germanic!

Tara is recognised as an ancient settlement among gaelic tribes, but Navan is the only unique site of its kind in Europe that is considered as truly religious.  It was built and then destroyed mysteriously by the people who built it.  For what reason time may tell, but here with Jeremiah's direction the Ark of the Covenant could be, if not, it was taken with the Scots.  It would not have been left in gaelic Ireland obviously as history shows

There are many differences on the island of Ireland still, in particular the gaelic expansion now called "Irish unification" is carried on with vigour against a people who does not want it.  They wish to be separate, their flag displays with the state of Israel the only flags in the world the 'star of David' proudly.  Ulster fought against Assyrian nazism, gaelic Ireland did not.  Ulster took many of Judah (and others) within her boundaries during W.W.II, gaelic Ireland did not.  Infact gaelic Ireland recognised in her so-called neutrality nazism right up to Hitler's death, the swastika flew in Dublin, in Belfast it did not.

The Ulster people over time, lost, later called Scots, return to Ulster, then leave for the USA are one of the most misunderstood races on this globe.

The Almighty knows where the children are, but we know the actions, events, history and decisions that makes us what we are.  Do not allow myths created by impostors to alter that!

3. Attacks on Brit-Am from the Deranged
Someone calling themselves "Elisheva" but whose proper name
appears to be "L"
 has been sending slanderous missives all
over the place telling lies about us
and about numerous other people..

Here is an extract from what "L" writes:

<<When I saw who the UnSanhedrin emplaced in their Non-Noahide Council,
well, that did it for me. The people they appointed are all grade d,
Xtian missionary types.

<<They work with Brit Am, which is an openly Xtian front - their leader
writes to the members "please do not tell the Jews you are still
Xtians, so they will accept you." They are "Jo's" in the worst sense
of the word - claiming "rights" to seize a lot of ur Israel and push
us the real Jews off. They are buddy buddy with the Vatican, and the
Vatican wants our Jerusalem...In Faith Elisheva>>

And again:
<<Brit-Am claims to be most of the lost tribes, and claims to have
rights to possess much of Israel. Brit-am is Xtian replacement
theology at its ugliest, and views Jews as a mere stepping stone
for themselves.>>

<<One of the deceptive techniques used by the Brit-Am Saboteurs is
that they are very aggressive in seizing Israel, and fighting
against the claims of others, alleging it to prove they are
supportive of Jews and Judaism. Not so. Taken at face value, it is
helpful. They openly fight against the government, which might seem
great - except that they are just as aggressive against Jews. As
seen here, they invade Jewish internet sites, and ruthlessly attack
real Jews and - yup - especially Chabad.>>
<<Attacking Chabad is always a Dead Give-away.

The writer of the above passages has a sick mind
and may be mentally deranged. Nevertheless
the messages "she" is sending out are reaching
all kinds of people some of whom are not familiar
with Brit-Am. Some Letters of inquiry have been sent to us
on this matter though most are already aware that
"L" is not altogether "there".

It is not clear from the letters of "L" as to whether Brit-Am is being accused
of all the offences listed or only part of them with
some Noahide group taking the rest.
At all events assuming that it is all directed against Brit-Am,
we can say,
Just for the record::
None of the above is true.

Brit-Am does not work with the Sanhedrin nor with Bnei Noach though we are sympathetic to both movements.
We are not Christians, not openly and not covertly.
"their leader" [if Yair Davidiy is intended and not someone else] did not write to anybody saying anything about pretending to be anything other than what they are.
Nor did we suggest it in any other way.
"Jos" like the ones described may exist but we have not come across
any. All the "Jos" we know are basically pro-Jewish,
some to a great degree.
We are not "buddy buddy with the Vatican".
We are not in favor of any "Replacement theology",
-just the contrary, as all they who actually read what we write
can testify.
We do not "invade" Jewish sites to spread our message though we have
been invited to do so at times. This is not because there is anything wrong
with answering such invitations but we ourselves
are limited in time and energy and so concentrate on where we feel
we are most needed and can have the greatest effect.
We have never attacked Chabad. In fact we hardly mention them
and in the rare instances when we did so
we were positive. We have supporters of Chabad on our list
and have referred to Chabad writings.

There was one instance where the monitor of a "Chabad" type (not Chabad
but similar) blog said something negative about us. We pointed out to
the said person that a mistake had been made.
The person concerned immediately apologized
in public on his site saying with great emphasis that he
had confused us with somebody else. And that was the end of
the matter.

Brit-Am is not the only group that has been attacked by "L".
On the whole we are in very good company
since "L" directs her poisoned letters
against most good people in the public domain.

In fact "L" is symptomatic of all Brit-Am enemies.
While "L" is obviously deranged (we hope only temporarily)
her symptoms are those of all they who
attack Brit-Am.

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to hear our lecture on Joseph and his Historical Mission