"Brit-Am Now"-687
1. Israelite Temple Music, Irish and Appalachian Music
2. The Bagpipes in Scripture
3. Isaiah Summarized, chapters 41-45

1. Israelite Temple Music, Irish and Appalachian Music
Ashira Morgenstern is a Musician, a Composer, and a Teacher of
Music in Jerusalem.
Ashira for quite a long while has been conducting  intensive
research into the Music that was used in the Temple.
This research is still in  progress.
Music was an important part of the Temple Service.
There were choirs of Levites in the Temple and
instrumented orchestras.
The Psalms of David were composed to be set to Music
and David himself invented musical instruments.

Ashira believes that the Music used in the Temple gave rise
to the traditional melodies of Ireland and that Spanish music also
shows the same influence. She says that Appalachian Music
(from which evolved much of Country and Western) in the USA
is closely related.
This is not my field but I spoke to Ashira and my impression was
that the research is serious and the results could be

2. The Bagpipes in Scripture
There is an opinion that musical instrument termed
"NABAL" (pronounced "naval" and translated as "psalter" in the KJ)
was a form of bagpipe.
See the Brit-Am Commentary to 1-Samuel 10:5
Ashira Morgenstern points out that the bagpipes are also recalled
elsewhere in Scripture and we have used her references to add the
following to our Commentary on Daniel 3:5:

<<PSALTERY>>: "Simponia" in Aramaic. PSALTERY in the King James is the usual translation for the Hebrew word "nabal" which we have interpreted to mean "bagpipes" (1-Samuel 10:5).
So too, the meaning is here also to bagpipes.
Saadia Gaon (882942 CE) says, "Sumponia. This is what the shepherds play [tunes] on. It is like a blown up animal skin [nod], for example the "bait sumponia" [animal lung] mentioned in the Mishna, Hulin 3;1. "
Saadia is referring to a type of bagpipe as confirmed by the Rabbinical Commentary, "Shilti Giborim" p.41, who includes an illustration of a primitive type of bagpipe.
 [This source was pointed out to us by Ashira Morgenstern who is a Musician, a Composer, and a Teacher of Music in Jerusalem.]
So too, the very early Medieval Rabbinical Reference book "Aruch" says that the word "Simponia" means "a musical instrument, a kind of bagpipe".
This is also the opinion of "modern" commentators as mentioned by Wikipedia:
<<although the Aramaic word sumponyah ( ), appearing in Daniel 3:5, 10, and 15, has been translated "dulcimer" (a stringed instrument) and "symphony", modern Bible translations generally render the expression as "bagpipe." Koehler and Baumgartners Lexicon in Veteris Testamenti Libros gives the meaning "bagpipe" (Leiden 1958, p. 1103).>>

3. Isaiah Summarized, chapters 41-45
The Islands will be called upon to return to the truth (41:1). God will raise up his righteous representative to overcome his enemies (41:2-3). God is the beginning and end and knows all that will be (41:4). Israel is the servant of God (41:8) and the servant-people from the ends of the earth. Israel in the last Days will be in the geographical extremities of the  earth, e.g. America, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Scandinavia, Netherlands, etc. At the ends of the earth and in the best places thereof (41:9). God will help Jacob and Israel meaning the Ten Tribes and Judah (Isaiah 41:14). When all of the Israelites return to the Land of Greater Israel and re-possess most of the Middle East much of which is now desert miracles will happen, there will be climatic changes (41:18). Israel who are in the Isles will return to His Law (Isaiah 42:4). God has called Israel in righteousness to become a Brit-Am (Covenant of the People) and a Light to the Nations (42:6). They were to reveal the truth and release the imprisoned (42:7). God is God and will not give HIS glory to another (42:8). Prophecy reveals what will come about (42:9). They who are sea goers and live in the Isles at the ends of the earth are called upon to praise God with a new song (42:10). This message is also applied to "Kedar" (42:11) which we have said in some contexts refers to North America. At all events the emphasis is on the Islands (42:12). God will bring His people back both in the physical sense and in the spiritual one (42:14-19). The Troubles of  Jacob and Israel (Joseph and Judah) will have been caused by sin (42:20-25).
Jacob and Israel (The Ten Tribes and Judah) will be redeemed (43:1). God will be with us no matter what happens (43:2). Egypt will be given over for Israel to redeem itself, Cush (India, Africa) and Seba will be ours (43:3). Peoples will be subjected under Israel and God will bring Israel back from the East and from the west (43:3-4). From the north and south, from afar, and from the corners of the earth Israel and Judah will return (43:6). Every member of Israel has been called by God by HIS name (43:7). Israel and Judah are the witnesses of God in this world (43:10). The Casdim (Chaldeans) oppressed us and came against us in their ships because God wanted it so (43:14). The final return of Israel will be accompanied by miracles that according to the simple meaning of certain verses will be comparable to those of the original Exodus from Egypt (43:16-21). Israel has not called out to God (43:22) nor offered sacrifices but has sinned (43:23-24). God will forgive us (43:25). Literally God is almost pleading with us to return to Him for both His sake and our own (43:26). Jacob and Israel must hear God (44:1). Jacob is HIS servant and Jeshurun (Yeshurun) HIS chosen one (44:2). In the End Times many of the descendants of Israel will be Divinely Inspired (44:3). The Israelites will return. Some will express their return more in the religious sense while others will identify with Judah and others openly acknowledge their Israelite descent (44:3). There is Only One God and HE is Everything  (44:6). The People of Israel will bear witness as to the existence of God (44:8). The Muslims and heathen will be ashamed of the idolatrous past and Israel should look at their uselessness and not go in their pagan ways (44:9-20). Israel is the servant-people of God. He has not forgotten us (44:21). Creation will see that God has redeemed Jacob and glorified Himself in Israel (44:23). God is true. The Bible is true.  The wise academics who deny this are fools (44:25). God will have mercy on Judah who is HIS servant and Jerusalem and the cities of Judah will be restored (44:26). Cyrus is the shepherd of the Almighty and shall enable the Temple to be rebuilt (44:28). We have explained that "Cyrus" meant both the Persian Emperor of that name who released the Jews from Babylon and ALSO a future leader of the Ten Tribes, a Messiah son of Joseph. An identifying sign of Israel in Exile was that they should rule Egypt, most of Africa, and India as the British did (45:1-4,14). So too in the future Joseph will be instrumental in the Restoration of Judah (45:13). That which comes to Egypt [via the Suez  Canal], the trade of India [Cush], and of the Sabeans [of Black Africa], shall come over [the sea] unto you. They will be yours, in chains they will come unto you.
This was fulfilled by the British and Americans (45:14). God hides HIMSELF amongst His people including the Lost Tribes of Israel (45:15). God has not made Himself unavailable to the seed of Jacob, just the opposite (45:19). They who are escaped from  among the nations are to assemble together and reject their idolatrous beliefs (45:20). God is calling to Israel to return and worship HIM (45:22). By returning to God all the Seed of Israel shall be justified and find glory (45:25).