"Brit-Am Now"-692
1. Need for Support and Feedback etc
2. Michael the Guardian Angel of Joseph?
3. Gomer Place-Names in France and Spain
4. Steven Collins: More on Issachar and Finland
5. Visit with Yair Davidiy in Jerusalem

1. Need for Support and Feedback etc
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We just noticed that our new article
"The Angel of Israel  and Joseph:  Is it MICHAEL?"
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2. Michael the Guardian Angel of Joseph?

Michael: Guardian-Angel
of Israel and Joseph?
Did Moses Know?
What is the Guardian Angle?
Can it be Evil?
Is Michael Especially attached to Joseph?
Why the Other Tribes have a tendency to be against both Joseph and Judah in our days
The Struggle between Israel and Esau

Interim Conclusion:
We see that Judah is ruled over more directly by the Almighty when Judah does the will of the Almighty. If however Judah does not go in the right path they are in danger of being delivered over to the Angles of the non-Israelite Peoples.
Judah is thus more vulnerable.

Joseph is dominated more by the Angel-Prince Michael who is powerful in heaven and also allows more leeway.

The other Tribes of Israel (of the Ten Tribes) are in an intermediate position and can sway towards Judah or Joseph or towards the Angels of the non-Israelite nations which in practical terms means to be dominated by the national ethos and values of others.

The Angels of the non-Israelite nations are basically against both Joseph and Judah BUT in principle they are also responsible for the welfare of their charges. If the good of peoples they are appointed over can only be served by an accomodation with Joseph and Judah then the Angels of these peoples will seek to make such an accomodation.

Just as we are influenced by heavenly forces above us so too can we influence those forces.
By our deeds, thoughts, and intentions we can give power to our own national "angel" and thus serve our own peoples as well as ourselves.

Note  this whole field of "angels" etc is leading us into esoteric matters of a theological nature
which is not what we want to deal with. The Diversion was necessary, valuable, and of interest
but we hope not to make a habit of it.

3. Gomer Place-Names in France and Spain
From: Claude BOISSEAU <claude.boisseau@free.fr>
Subject: Gomer - Wikip dia

You will find a link to the name Gomer in France

A small village (162 inhabitants) in the Atlantic Pyranee Mountains (between France and Spain)
in the Province of Aquitaine

From: claude.boisseau@traduction.org
Subject: La Gomera map in Spain
Please find a name site in spain called "La Gomera".
Claude Boisseau

[] 38800 San Sebasti n de la Gomera

One of the Canary Islands with
27.746 inhabitants.

4. Steven Collins: More on Issachar and Finland
From: Steve Collins <scollins@ll.net>
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-691
Shalom Yair,

I would like to make a short comment on the Israelite ancestry of the Finnish people. I agree with Yair's linkage of the Finns with the tribe of Issachar. One additional point further strengthens the link between Issachar and Finland.

Genesis 49:14-15 prophesies that Issachar, in the latter days, would be a nation which was "couched down between two burdens," and in a position of being under "tribute" to more powerful nations. The Finns fulfill this prophecy very well. They have been between "two burdens" (two stronger nations) for centuries. They have been in a buffer zone first between Sweden and Russia, then between Germany and Russia and, during the Cold War, between the Eastern Bloc and NATO. The situation of being caught between two more powerful nations or alliances is so closely linked to Finland in the modern world that being caught in a buffer zone between two greater powers is often called "Finlandization."  Genesis 49 is a key prophecy as it gives specific traits or characteristics of each tribe's situation or condition in the latter days of this age. God has surely guided historical migrations and developments so each tribe now fulfills the prophesied situation for each tribe.

These aspects of Finnish history are examined in considerable detail in my most recent book, Israel's Tribes Today.

Steve Collins

Brit-Am Note: The Israelite and Tribe of Issachar (along with elements from Gad and Simeon)
identity of Finland is also discussed in some detail in our work "The Tribes"
which includes original and exclusive information of value and great relevance to this subject.

5. Visit with Yair Davidiy in Jerusalem
From: valerie knowles
Subject: Fwd: picture of you in Jerusalem

Hi Yair,

This is the real you!

Thank you so much for spending time with the 3 of us in Jerusalem.

It was a total blessing.

We were enlightened with everything you had to say!

You should be smiling in your pictures on your web-site, it shows more the kind, real  you.

see Picture: