"Brit-Am Now"-694
2. Biblical Codes and Australia
Two New Articles
3. Good to See a Face

2. Biblical Codes and Australia
Two New Articles
Shmuel Treister: The Australian Code Matrix:
<http://www.britam.org/Tribesman/CodesTreister.html>Australian Characteristics and Bible Secrets.
Detailed Evidence

Brit-Am Biblical Codes:
<http://www.britam.org/Tribesman/CodesAustralia.html>Australia and the Land of Sinim.
Brit-Am Vindicated by Bible Codes

These two article supplement each other. They show that in
the Bible Codes the Land of Sinim is linked with a place of exile for felons to the east
of Israel to which access was gained via the Red Sea (Suez Canal) that was settled
by Scottish and Irish colonists, that would have serious problems due to
the glare of the sun and lack of water, that would become very rich through Merino sheep,
possess copper resources, plentiful meat supplies, be renowned for its horsemanship, horses,
and its cavalry (as in WW1), be characterized by plentiful alcohol consumption,
and for playing cricket. It would also be considered almost part of Britain,
be brothers-in-arms with the Americans and brothers-in-family, etc.
All this can ONLY apply to Australia and New Zealand (the Kiwi is also indicated)
and is another aspect of Brit-Am evidence.

Many of my subscribers do not at present read Hebrew. They will therefore say that though
this subject is no doubt interesting since they cannot properly understand it there is no
point in trying to read it.
being able to read Hebrew is of course of great value at all times and especially when dealing
with articles of this nature.
Nevertheless great effort has been made to make the explanations as understandable as possible.
Even if you cannot follow all the logic involved you should get the gist of it
and since 90% of these articles consists of explanation and commentary
in English the chances are that you will find much that is both interesting and enjoyable.

3. Good to See a Face
Subject: RE: "Brit-Am Now"-692
#5. Visit with Yair Davidiy in Jerusalem


We don't exactly see things the same way, by any means, but I have
enormous respect for you and for your commitment.  Thus, it is good
seeing Valery Knowles photo of you, allowing me to put a face to the
name and message.

I still can't agree in many respects, but can't say that you are
absolutely wrong.  With the witness of God, that could be cleared up
in a heartbeat. ..

Toward that end, I appreciate receiving your messages concerning
Joseph, Judah, Israel and America, though I cannot say that you are
right.  As mentioned before, the DNA research today does not appear
to bear that out.  But with God---anything is possible!

Sincerely and with respect,
Henry Rhea