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1. Were The Celts More Advanced Than the Romans?
2. Henry Rhea: Some Reservations about the Bible Codes
3. Shaul Suhr: Note from New Zealand
4. Does Brit-Am Teach the Torah?
5. New Zealand Protest or Compliment?
6. America in Brit-Am Bible Codes
7.  Articles, Notes, and Queries Received.
8. Compliment from Steven Collins
9. New Information on Australian Victory?

1. Were The Celts More Advanced Than the Romans?
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The Sunday Times May 07, 2006

Decline and fall of the Roman myth

We were barbarians, but early British civilisation outshone the Roman version, says ex-Python Terry Jones. We just lost the propaganda war

The unique feature of Rome was not its arts or its science or its philosophical culture, not its attachment to law. The unique feature of Rome was that it had the worlds first professional army. Normal societies consisted of farmers, hunters, craftsmen and traders. When they needed to fight they relied not on training or on standardised weapons, but on psyching themselves up to acts of individual heroism.

Seen through the eyes of people who possessed trained soldiers to fight for them, they were easily portrayed as simple savages. But that was far from the truth.

The fact that we still think of the Celts, the Huns, the Vandals, the Goths and so on as barbarians means that we have all fallen hook, line and sinker for Roman propaganda. We actually owe far more to the so-called barbarians than we do to the men in togas.

In the past 30 years, however, the story has begun to change. Archeological discoveries have shed new light on the ancient texts that have survived and this has led to new interpretations of the past. In Roman eyes the Celts may have lacked battle strategy, but their arms and equipment were in no way inferior to the Roman armys. In fact the Celts had better helmets and better shields.

When the Romans got to Britain they found another technological advance: chariots. It may seem odd to those of us brought up on Ben Hur that the Romans should have been surprised by chariots on the battlefield, but that was the case.

The Romans had chariots, but the Britons made significant design improvements and, as Julius Caesar noted, had thoroughly mastered the art of using them. So how come the Romans built roads and the Celts did not? The answer is simple. The Celts did build roads. The Romans-were-greatest version of history made the earlier roads invisible until recently. One of the best preserved iron age roads is at Corlea in Ireland, but it was not until the 1980s that people realised how old it is. It was known locally as the Danes road and generally assumed to be of the Viking period or later. It was not until the timbers were submitted for tree-ring dating that the truth emerged: they were cut in 148BC.

However, the really startling thing is that wooden roads built the same way and at the same time have been found across Europe, as far away as northern Germany. The Celts, it seems, were sophisticated road builders and the construction of these wooden roads was no mean feat of engineering.

Oak planks were laid on birch runners and they were built broad enough for two carts to pass each other. Whats more, Celtic road building is not necessarily predated by that of the Romans. The first important Roman road was the Appian Way, built in 312BC, but the so-called Upton Track in south Wales, a wooden road laid across the mudflats along the Severn estuary, dates back to the 5th century BC.

It is only now that historians are beginning to reassess the sophistication of Celtic science and engineering. From early times the Celts were the iron masters of Europe. A Celtic smith was regarded as a magician, a man who could take a lump of rock and transform it into a magical new substance a cunningly worked steel blade sharp enough to cut through bronze or ordinary iron.

The Celts mastery of metal technology also enabled them to develop sophisticated arable farms. We know they had iron ploughshares in Britain from about the 4th century BC because in a shrine at Frilford on the River Ock, near Abingdon in Oxfordshire a site that was occupied from about 350BC an iron ploughshare was found under one of the central pillars where it had been buried, perhaps as a votive offering. It is a fair guess that the temple was one of the first buildings to be erected there and that the iron ploughshare was offered at the time that its foundations were laid.

The Celts use of metal even allowed them to invent a harvesting machine. Historians did not believe that it could be true until bas-relief sculptures were discovered that apparently show just such a contraption. It was a sort of comb on wheels that beat off the ears of corn and deposited them in a container rather like the grass box of a lawnmower. A replica was built and tested in the 1980s.

It has been easy to underestimate Celtic technological achievements because so much has vanished or been misunderstood. Of course, it was thoughtless of the Celts not to leave us anything much in the way of written records they should have known that the lack of books putting forward their own propaganda would weight the evidence firmly in favour of the Romans.

2. Henry Rhea: Some Reservations about the Bible Codes

Subject: RE: "Brit-Am Now"-700

Regarding the Bible Codes, I have been curious about them.  I know
that it is claimed that no other books produce similar results, but
others say that that is not so, but that you can get such results
from various books, including "Movy Dick."

I'm sure you are aware of the book "The Bible Codes" by Michael
Drosnin.  This was the book that popularized the Bible Codes, making
the public aware of them.  I never read that, but bought his sequel,
"Bible Code II" and find some interesting things in it which place
the Bible Codes in a suspect position.  "Bible Code II" was first
published by Viking Penguin in 2002.  My copy was published by
Penguin Books, 2003.

for instance, on page 17, he shows a chart giving this result:

"End of Days," "In the end of Days", "Arafat" and "E. Barak."

Arafat, is of course dead now.

On page 18, we find this, with chart:

"End of days", "in the end of days", "Arafat", "E. Barak", "Sharon"
and "Bush".

Arafat is dead, Sharon is in a coma from a massive stroke, and Barak
is not Prime Minister of Israel.

On page 21, there is this result, with chart:

"World War" and "In 5766/2006."

That yet remains to be seen.

Page 22 shows this chart results"

"Atomic Holocaust" and "5766/2006."

I assume that the /2006 is his conversion of the Hebrew year 5766.

On page 61 we find this"

"Arafat", "Barak", "Temple mount sabotaged" and "In the end of days."
Do you know of anything in life matching that while Arafat still

On page 62:

"Prime Minister E. Barak;" and "They will strike Temple Mount."

Page 66:

"Temple Mount" and "Sharon."  You know, of course, of Sharon's
current status.

Page 70, two charts:

"End of days", "In the end of days"; "E. Barak"; and "Arafat is being

Second chart:

"End of days", "In the end of days", "Arafat is being stubborn" and
"Barak in battle of your country."

And his numerous charts and text showing an obilist on a peninsula of
the Dead Sea near Lisan, and an ancient space ship on which was
delivered to earth the DNA giving rise to man.

I think that this is enough to place it all in the "suspect"

I have seen websites claiming that you can find almost anything in a
search for codes within the Bible, including derogatory remarks about

I place no credence in the Codes at this time, but simply watch and
take note of their effect on men.  Too often men accept what matches
and reinforces their preconceived ideas and beliefs, while rejecting
all else.

I send you this simply as information, and the admonition to be

Sincerely, Henry Rhea

3. Shaul Suhr: Note from New Zealand
Date: Mon, 08 May 2006 02:01:19 -0700 (PDT)
From: Shaul Suhr <sha_ulb@yahoo.com>
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-699 (Kiwi)

Dear Yair,
Great to finally see something about New Zealand in the Brit Am Now news letters.
Way down under, on the far edge of the Empire, we often wonder if anybody really notices us.
One thing though, in your article the Maori are called " New Zealands first settlers".
This is simply untrue, New Zealand has seen many visitors and settlers, long before the Maori came here, I would bring your attention to the website Celtic New Zealand for one http://www.celticnz.co.nz/.
New Zealanders, like many other peoples, have been hoodwinked into believing a totally contrived and PC version of our nations history, Celts and Vikings were living here long before any Polynesians, but if this were made public knowledge, then the whole Treaty of Waitingi industry , along with its racist political appointments, would unravel, and the politicians and Maori who benefit financially, just wouldn't want that.
Otherwise a great article, I do wonder how an 11ft bird can be likened to a Turkey though ?
Warm regards, and best wishes.
Sha'ul S.NZ.

4. Does Brit-Am Teach the Torah?
I have been reading about the Ten Lost Tribes since the mid-80s. After all this, I wonder why there are so few that teach this doctrine who take the next step beyond just presenting the evidence to also teaching people that we need to return to the way of our Father in keeping the Commandments? Did I miss something on your website? Do your books teach people that Gods commandments still apply today? What do you believe about the Commandments? I notice that the Torah is missing from your website.

Please excuse me if I didnt see something that was staring me in the face.

Have a nice day.


We have a Brit-Am Replies to Queries Feature were you will find the following questions dealt with:

(5. Should they who accept Brit-Am belief concerning their descent from the Lost Ten Tribes convert to Judaism?
(6. What obligations do non-Jewish descendants of Israel have today?
(7. Should Descendants of the Lost Ten Tribes keep the Law of Moses?

Apart from that we regularly quote from the Bible, discuss Biblical issues,
provide Biblically-pertinent  information and have
ongoing Biblical studies in serial form with which we invite discussion.

The final summary of our stand is more or less
that we are not sure if the time is right for religious discussion
and even if it is we neither want to engage in it nor feel ourselves
qualified to do so.
Some people feel called in one direction, others in another.
By way of example, let us take my dentist.
My dentist is OK as far as I can tell and at all events I have no complaints
concerning his dental work,
just the opposite.
There is however one point about him I find rather disconcerting.
He disagrees with me on historical and ideological issues.
The other day I was receiving dental treatment
and while he was working on my teeth he decided to lecture me
about where in his opinion I was mistaken concerning some historical matter.
Physically I was at a disadvantage and thought his tirade somewhat unsporting
and out of place.
We in Brit-Am have set ourselves limited objectives and we try to stick to them.
That is the Brit-Am Mandate and it is what our co-workers, followers and sympathizers mostly appreciate.

5. New Zealand Protest or Compliment?
From: peter piper <favona@hotmail.com>
Subject: Kiwis are cute

I just loved all that stuff about the cute little kiwi birds
It reminds me of the first letter in a political campaign where i said that the Kiwi is this dumb bird that wanders around in the middle of the night while international forces are at working doing God knows what.
However in Isaiah 24 the prophet heard a song coming from the ends of the earth singing a song to our righteous one; And in Amos this morning i was reading where Amos tells us that Israel will be found in those nations that carry God's name and reputation.(Am 9:17)

The point is that Ephraim is the helment of the modern day nation of Israel and the time will come when once again the brilliance of New Zealand strategy backed by the fantastic tactical ability of our Maori warriors will be critical in the battles we will particiapate in protecting our (ancient) land.

Or put it another way, If perchance I were to lay aside the pacifist heritage of my white tribe of bible believing Brethren then I could make contact with our local Israel embassy and within the year be serving in the Israel Defense Force.
Don't ever patronize this tiny nation with nonsense about Kiwi birds rather we must take the words of the prophets clearly indicating the key role New Zealand will play in future history seriously paul.

6. America in Brit-Am Bible Codes

Biblical Codes Prove America Belongs to Joseph!!

The Codes identify the USA (ARTSOTH HABRIT) as a major center of LOST ISRAELITE HABITATION. The land in which many possibly most of the Lost ten Tribes was destined to be found in the Last Days is ARETS ACHERET which we saw proven to be America. AMERICA showed itself to be a place of refuge, a recipient of the blessings, and very important to both Judah and Israel.

We also found the Hebrew word for AMERICAN belonging to the TRIBE OF JOSEPH.

Contents of the Article:
"Artsot HaBrit" (States of the Covenant):
Does the USA Belong to Israel?

"The New World":
Is America the Other Land (Deuteronomy 29:28) that the Ten Tribes were Destined to be found in?
(1) Menasseh, North Land, A Covenanted Land
(2)The Yankee Americans of Jacob
The Name AMERICAN in Hebrew is Attached to the Tribe of Joseph!

"America" in the Codes
(1) 100 and the Seed of Rebekah
(2). 35 Reversed: America to be a Refuge for Judah?
(3). 39 Reversed: America, Jerusalem, and the Kings of Judah
(4). 77 Reversed: America and the States
(5). 48: America and Israel

List of Brit-Am  Articles on the Codes

7.  Articles, Notes, and Queries Received.
Sometimes we seem to lack material to post out
and at other times we feel "snowed under".
At the moment such is the case.
A lot of important and interesting messages have reached us recently.
Please be patient.

8. Compliment from Steven Collins
From: Steve Collins <scollins@ll.net>
Subject: Re: Psalms 51

Shalom Yair,

A very good commentary!


9. New Information on Australian Victory?

From: Peter <pamam@ihug.co.nz>
Subject: Australian Light Horse

My Grandmother hardly ever talked of WW1.  Before the war she was a Matron
in an Australian town, We only have one WW1 photo of her in the Middle east as
the head nurse in front of a tent Hospital.    She Claimed that her Husband
(my Grandfather) stopped the wells of Beersheba being blown up. Very
similar to the Australian Movie.  Called something like "the Australian
light horse"
My Grandmother said this Battle of Beersheba was the first time in WW1 that
he took command. (Being a staff Officer in Egypt away from Battle, He came
on a visit to the front lines)...
So taking a very few Soldiers, they were able to slip
through the Enemy lines before the Charge of the Australian light horse.
They were able to throw the Enemy into a panic. Plus save most of the wells
Of Beersheba.  Also accept the Surrender of another Enemy Garrison not at
the front lines.
When the first Australian Soldiers met them and their Commanding Officer,
they all fell on there knees and thanked God as they knew this victory had
been a Miracle. (all expected to die)  Our Family has the Photo of this
event taken with My Grandfather's camera.  Soldiers on their knees, plus a
photo of the few Blown up wells taken before the First Light Horse Soldiers
He had a saying.    " He who believes, can do all things "....

He had a love for Jerusalem, living there from 1885 to 1895. We still have
the Photos of this time. Plus Photos of all the intact Wells of Beersheba.
 ....Also Do not expect me to answer any Question anyone might ask.

Regards, Peter.