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1. Hebrew Names in Brit-Am Genealogy
2. Ephraimite Tour
3. Phoenicians in South America?
4. Robert Jones: France and Gad
5. Are the Jews Judah?
6. Some Objections to Brit-Am Beliefs
7. Membership of Brit-Am

1. Hebrew Names in Brit-Am Genealogy
Yair Shalom,
I have created a page for Hebrew names and their meanings [male & female given names], which can be found at the following links:



I will be adding, in the days to come, Ancient Celtic names, Welsh names, Scottish & Irish names, etc. These will all be given names for this section of genealogy.

2. Ephraimite Tour

Date: Tue, 09 May 2006 15:05:19 -0500
From: Judy Brown <ljb144@msn.com>
Subject: Ephraim's Brigade 2006

Dear Yair,

My husband, Larry, and I are looking forward to your returning to the Mt. Zion Hotel to speak with our group again on Sunday, November 12, 2006.  We were so blessed when you, Rabbi Avraham Feld and your linguistic specialist met with us at the Mt. Zion Hotel in July 2005.

We brought a group of 23 travelers as "Ephraim's Brigade 2005" returned to The Land last July.  Now we are planning to bring a group of 24 travelers as "Ephraim's Brigade 2006" returns to The Land of Israel, November 8 - 21, 2006. We still have some seats available; so would like to make this wonderful experience available to others who may receive your emails or visit your website.

Our tour guide, Shalom Pollack, is absolutely incredible!  We have been invited for a return visit to the Yeshiva that Shalom regularly attends.  We will also be returning to the home of Rabbi Moshe and Leah Goldsmith in Ithamar...this time for lunch in their charming village (settlement).  This tour is definitely not your average tourist fare!
 Persons interested may contact me:

        Judy F. Brown

Thank you for all that you and Rabbi Feld are doing to communicate Biblical Truths that have been hidden in plain sight.  I have read all of your books, regularly peruse your websites, listen to your interviews on Israel National Radio, read and file all your emails for future reference.  What a blessing you are to us!


Yudeit bat Fergus

3. Phoenicians in South America?
From: Steve Collins <scollins@ll.net>
Subject: Fw: More evidence ofHebrew  explorations -- Tyro Phoenicia,
 Firstborn Jethbaal --- inscription

Shalom Yair,

I thought you might find this item of interest!


4. Robert Jones: France and Gad
From: Robert Jones <rjones100k@yahoo.com>
Subject: France and Gad

Mr. Davidiy,

I wanted to put forth another theory about the tribe of Gad.  Throughout the Bible every tribe after the conquest of Canaan is mentioned, either through Judges, prophets, kings or other leaders coming from the various tribes.  What is glaring is the complete silence about the tribe of Reuben.  Gad is mentioned many more times post conquest.  So my question is what real impact would the tribe of Reuben have in its future if the Bible were silent about it for 700 years?

That brings me to the present, France being Reuben.  In your book you mentioned several clans from the tribe of Gad who settled in France or Gaul. Haggi/Chaggi being the Chauci, settled in France with the Franks.  The Huguenots a branch of Haggi, settled in France.  Ozni/Onsabruch settled in Frankish Germany.  Ziphion/Thaifalli  and Etsbon/Bastarne migrating to France as well.  You mentioned other elements of Gad in Scandinavia as well as Scotland/England, but it appears that a majority or at least a significant portion of Gad did move into France.

This leads me to the prophecy about Gad:  Gen 49:19, that a troop shall overcome him or a band of raiders. Eventually he would overcome.

Gaul or France for thousands of years was inhabited by Israelites from all tribes, The Romans controlled Gaul for over 400 years before Israelites came pouring into Gaul to finally overcome Rome at the Battle of Adrianople.  Approximately 600 years later, the Normans came from the North and assimilated easily, before moving on into England.  France was overcome again with the persecution of the Huguenots, and mass migrations of their population. Eventually with the destruction of the royal line of the house of David in the French Revolution, France, fell prey to the hands of non-Israelites.

It is my opinion, with the loss of the house of David ruling over France, Israelite elements primarily Gad and possibly Reuben have never been really been in complete control of France.  Two world Wars where they have been overcome, only to survive with the help of the house of Joseph shows a prophecy that really applies to the Tribe of Gad.

The name of Phrygia, which is, were we got the name Frank was inhabited by a non-Israelite people. Whether their elements of Israelites among them shows they have had there strength watered down from the beginning.

In my humble opinion France represents the tribe of Gad in a more significant way than Reuben. There is no denying there are Reubenite elements in France but I feel that Gad has more of a role to play both historically, as well as the future compared to the Tribe of Reuben.

I would be interested in your coments...thanks.

Rob Jones

Brit-Am Comment:  Shortly we will post a Brit-Am Codes study of France which strongly confirms our conclusions that France is dominated by Reuben.
Apart from that,
Recently we have partly revised our opinion concerning France and some other European nations
in so far that even though to a great degree they may be Israelite to a great degree
Edomite and other elements are also present and sometimes in control.
Apart from that, France is and can be bad enough but due credit should also
be given.
Despite a lot of exceptions and bad experiences we can say that more often than not
The French fought well. The French were noble, cultured, progressive and positive
on the whole.
Compared to most other nations France was reasonably fair most of the time to Judah.
The French have idiosyncrasies and prejudices of their own that can make it difficult for people
of Anglo-Saxon mentality to get along with them but they are usually positive
and care should be taken not to offend or alienate them.
You will notice in the bible that even after Reuben was "demoted" from his first-born prerogatives
his first-born status is still recalled.

5. Are the Jews Judah?

From: C
Subject: Judah


What happened to the Tribe of Judah after the destruction of Jerusalem by Titus in 70 A.D.? What percentage of Jews in modern Israel are actually blood descendants of Judah? I have heard and seen so much concerning the Khazar's, how they were  converts to Judaism and that European Jews who make up Israel today are actually descendants of Khazar's. There is a lot of information on the net concerning this subject and all sides refering to a tangled mess of historical evidence which taxes the mind trying to understand it all. Brit-Am does a fantastic job of proving where the Ten Tribes are today. The Israel Identity people are in agreement. The point of conflict is that they say modern Israel is not Judah, but are Khazar's who are descendants of Esau, and that these so called Jews have no real historical claim to the land of Palestine. So, where is Judah, and were the Jews who left Europe for Palestine Israelites? This is of importance to me because I try to be fair to all people and hear all sides. I prefer not to be close-minded.



The Jews are Judah according to the Bible. That is the bottom line.
For references and sources:
See the Brit-Am Answers to Queries: Judah
In our eyes anyone who questions the
Judah identity of the Jews is strongly suspect of themselves NOT BEING
We can all make mistakes but each one of us is requested to examine the evidence
and acknowledge the truth accepting the Bible as the final authority.

6. Some Objections to Brit-Am Beliefs
From: MM
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-697

Respectfully I say, the British are NOT from the tribes of Israel. How can such a large group of people have such amnesia? We Jews remember EVERYTHING - major and even sometimes minor events. They FORGOT they are Israelites?!? VEY IZ MERE as they say in French. We remember the exodus and every event since. The Jews of Persia who were there since the destruction of the first Beit HaMikdash [Holy Temple] --they didnt forget. And they stayed in Persia until 1979. Our Ethiopian brethren--they didnt forget even though under much hardship and separation from the rest of us (they even thought they were the only jews left in the world). They didnt forget!!! (Im not referring to the falash mura [Ethiopian Christians who claim Jewsih descent] who converted to christianity 100 or so yrs ago--they are no longer jews halachically most probably if they were ever Jewish at all. The marranos [descendants of Jews in Spain and Portugal whose ancestors were forced to convert to Catholicism] who have discovered elements of Judaism in their customs are not now Jews since there has been so much intermarriage--no way are any of them halachic Jews--however even they (some of the descendants) are starting to or have remembered their past.

The remnants of Israel who will be gathered from the four corners of the earth (hopefully in our day) are going to be the true halachic jews--not goyim--who have not one iota of a connection to the jewish people or OUR Torah.

Yeah right --the BRITish are some of the lost tribes----were they hoping the tribes of Judah,Levi and benjamin would burn in Auschwitz and treblinka which is why they BLOCKED our ability to get to eretz Yisrael- [Land of Israel] (aka Palestine) in the 30's and 40's? Yeah theyre our Israelite brethren all right--Chas V'Shalom [Heaven Forbid]!!!!!

I brought up your  beliefs to my rabbi who is definitely  a chacham [Sage]-and he says that your theories have been proven wrong-I will find out more about that and let you know.

Please Yair--focus on your Jewish people, not the strangers who do not even live among you and who turned a blind eye while the infants of Israel were being tossed alive into ovens.

Like the real children of Israel--I never forget who I am, where I came from and what is expected of me as a son of Israel.

Menachem M

In reply to your letter:
(a) Forgetting of origin. The Northern Ten Tribes were separated from Judah for more than 200 years
before being exiled. Even before then a good portion of the people had had a long tradition of periodically
worshipping idols, adopting foreign customs and intermarrying with the Canaanite peoples who lived amongst them.
In some tribes Israelites were actually in a MINORITY in their own territories.
Rabbinical tradition based on the Bible says that the Ten tribes ceased to practice circumcision
even before their exile by Assyria.
We can go on in this vein and the subject indeed deserves  lengthy detailed well-researched
For the time being suffice to say that even before their Exile the Ten Tribes were not
really "Jewish" or "Israelite" in the religious traditional sense.
They did however have a Biblical destiny to fulfill.
Please Listen to our lecture on the subject or at least read the transcript:
Transcript of Lecture, "THE PURPOSE OF THE EXILE"
To Hear Broadcast of Lecture,
"The Historical Mission of Joseph"
Jews who are religious remember. Jews who are not religious do not.
Numerous Jews in the USA have been assimilated and within a few generations their
descendants have mostly forgotten who their ancestors were.
The same applies to Britain, France, and the former USSR areas.
If you read our literature you will see that amongst the Ten Tribes in most cases some kind of
recollection did exist.
People do not remember.
I, for instance, had a letter which I mislaid or lost and now I cannot receive details as to who the forefathers of
my grandparents on both sides of my family were.
This is in the modern era.
Many (probably most) others are in a similar boat.
People do not remember at the best of times.
In addition in those times things really were different.
The overwhelming majority of Ancient Israelites appear to have been illiterate
superstitious idolaters who were subject to wars, expulsions, disasters, combined with foreign
oppression control and coercion against their former religion and culture.
Their own understanding of what it meant to be "Israelite" was not necessarily the same as the
Biblical one.
The Marranos in Spain were forced to remember by their neighbors or wished to do so.
It is a different case.

(b) Holocaust and Palestine
As for the Biritish in the Holocaust and "Palestine" you have a point but the matter is not so
See our Prologue to "The Tribes" where  this subject is discussed:

(c) Your Rabbi
I do not know who your Rabbi is or how you presented the question to him
so I cannot properly respond.
Our sources however are consistent with Jewish ones
and Brit-Am in our opinion provides the best solution consistent with
Jewish tradition in its entirety.
Brit-Am Answers to Queries: Proofs

#8. What <http://www.britam.org/Questions/#Evidence>Evidence is there for Brit-Am beliefs from Talmudic and Rabbinical Sources?

(d) My focus.
Everyone should do what they understand they are called to do.
Brit-Am is our personal calling.
It may also be yours.
Brit-Am also helps Jews and people of Jewish descent
and we believe we are good for Judah.

7. Membership of Brit-Am
Whoever subscribes to our magazine receives an official certificate of membership.
Apart from that anyone who agrees with Brit-Am may consider themselves
a member of Brit-Am. They who disagree cannot.
Agreement consists of the acceptance of Judah and Joseph.