"Brit-Am Now"-708
1. Many "Gentiles" today may be descended from Judah
2. The Brit-Am Code Results Compared with former Brit-Am Conclusions.
3. A Levite Protests

1. Many "Gentiles" today may be descended from Judah

Jewish Populations in the Past: Interesting Point but needs Reservations
On another list, Ursula Duba is quoted as saying:
<<I would like to mention another historic fact: (Yaacov Ben Chanan "Juden
und Deutsche" - der lange Weg nach Auschwitz). During the Roman empire,
roughly 10% of Roman citizens were Jewish, totalling approximately five
million Jews. If those Jews had multiplied like other people did, there
would now be two hundred million Jews worldwide. Instead there are 13
million Jews worldwide - an attrition, mostly caused by persecution (to
which I include forced conversions under threat of death) and genocide of
one hundred and eighty seven million Jews.>>
a. The above figure may be exaggerated.
b. Some of those considered by the Romans to be Jews
may have been Gentiles who had adopted some Jewish customs and progressed
to become Christians.
c. The world Population EVERYWHERE DECLINED drastically towards the end of the Roman Empire
and into the Dark Ages. Plague, wars, and economic dislocation caused a serious
ongoing decline in European population over some centuries before gradually recovering.

Nevertheless , the point remains that apart from the Lost Ten Tribes, many "Gentiles"
today may be descended from Judah.

2. The Brit-Am Code Results Compared with former Brit-Am Conclusions.

All of the Brit-Am conclusions concerning America (Erets Aheret=New World, etc) were confirmed by the Codes
together with indications that Judah is more important in America than we had previously assumed. Alternately the Codes may be emphasizing that America is important to Judah.

The LOST TEN TRIBES association of both Britain and America was strongly emphasized.
Our identification of Britain with Ephraim was confirmed.

The presence of Simeon in England (as well as Wales) was consistent with findings mentioned in
"The Tribes" but which we had not emphasized. Levi was surprising and the results suggesting
the presence or involvement of the "The Princes of Moab" are still problematic.

Scotland with the emphasis on Benjamin was a surprise to us and not in line with our conclusions heretofore though at least one British-Israelite writer in the distant past also went in this direction.

Ireland showed a strong connection with Judah which to us is puzzling though also consistent
with Classic British-Israelite thought. Brit-Am too had noted elements of Judah in Ireland but we had always
considered  the contribution of other Tribes more significant.

Brit-Am considered Wales to belong to Joseph with strong elements from Simeon and Dan.
The Codes results confirmed this conclusion though adding the possibility of additional inputs
from Reuben and Naphtali.

Denmark with Dan and Asher is in accordance with past Brit-Am conclusions.

Finland showed Joseph, Simeon, and Judah with a more distant connection to Issachar
whereas Brit-Am emphasized Issachar, Simeon, and Gad.

Sweden gave us Gad which is a Brit-Am original conclusion but other Tribes were
also indicated some of which were actually remarked upon in the "Tribes" but never
emphasized by us.

Belgium gave us Bela of Benjamin which is also a Brit-Am first.

France gave us Zerephat and the clans of Reuben in a format which could not
have been better if we had have ordered it from the beginning.

Switzerland (so far not published) gives us a result confirming Israelite Brit-Am Identity
in general but (so far) no specific Tribe.

Norway and South Africa so far have not produced results of note.
Holland has produced too many results dealing possibly with other issues
but no Tribal connection has so far been found.

What we said about Sweden also applies to some degree to most of the other cases.
Even where the results were somewhat different from what Brit-Am had emphasized in the past
the Tribes concerned more often than not had been indicated in our book "The Tribes" as contributing
to the relevant Countries.

On the whole previous Brit-Am conclusions and identifications correspond well
with the Brit-Am Bible Codes results though anomalies are not lacking.
There is also the problem of how really to interpret all these results.

At all events we are doing well and (God willing) in the future may do better.

3. A Levite Protests
Dear Yair:

I've written to you before on your theories about gentiles being descended from the children of Israel--and frankly, I just can't accept your  beliefs. . Although I do respect you (from what little I know about you) and I truly believe that what you are doing (researching) is for good reason in your eyes.

However, to me it is pointless trying to figure out where our lost brethren are-since they are no longer a part of our people. They have LONG ago assimilated into the gentile world and many have even become our enemies. With all the intermarriage, etc. our lost brethren are gone.

If they are in fact to be rejoined with us as children of the Covenant with HaShem and follow the Torah which was received by the Israelites at Har Sinai, then they will become a part of us once again when Moshiach [Messiah] comes. Only G-d knows who is actually descended from Israel and who is to be reunited with the tribes of Judah, Levi and Benjamin.

Conjecture and speculation is a waste of time to me and can and will undermine the unity of the Jewish people especially in light of the "who is a Jew" issue which is so prevalent in Medinat Yisrael [the State of Israel] today.

We are losing too many of our fellow Jews here in the diaspora and even in eretz Yisrael [the Land of Israel] to assimilation, intermarriage and just plain ignorance about what being Jewish means. Therefore,I believe that your intellectual and spiritual energies should be devoted to strengthening JEWISH allegiance to the Covenant, our Torah and to Jewish education in general.

With sincere respect,

M M ha Levi

Brit-Am Reply:  ShaIom. Your name indicates that you are a Levite.
I personally have a soft spot for the Tribe of Levi as do most Jews.
Your apparent appreciation of my abilities is also a refreshing change from the usual
attitude of our detractors.
Nevertheless, as we said before we are doing what we think should be done
and the effect of our work has already proven to be efficacious for Judah.
In the long run we may well bring more good to Judah through our  Brit-Am
activities than if we had have dedicated ourselves to Judah exclusively.