"Brit-Am Now"-709
1. In Defence of Levi
2. The Solution: Bring Ephraim Back?
3. Dennis McGinlay: "Spiritual Blindness" is to Blame
4. The Return by Aeroplane and Atlantic Ocean Lner
5. Bill Rasmussen: Need for Biblical Consistency
6. Orjan Svensson: Solution in Codes for Norway?
7. Brit-Am Bible Codes on Ulster

1. In Defence of Levi
re "Brit-Am Now"-708
#3. A Levite Protests
We posted the personal recommendations of
M M ha Levi.
There were reactions to this posting some of which are posted below.
In effect our posting the letter in the first place may have been somewhat unfair
though no-one has complained.
Here are some reasons why the letter concerned deserved a more understanding approach:
a.  Most of our subscribers in advance are unlikely
to be sympathetic to the attitude taken.

b. Some reactions justify the approach.
This is a heavily monitored list.
Letters we receive that would justify the posting of M M ha Levi
are usually not posted to the list.
The fact is that we work quite hard to understand and reveal matters concerning
Brit-Am and this is without taking into account the self-preparation that was needed to
even appreciate most of the sources.
 After all this we then post out some of our conclusions.
People appreciate it. They send us notes to that effect.
The general standard of members of the Brit-Am list is very high.
It happens that after sending our Brit-Am information
we get letters twisting what we say against the Jewish people,
or against the State of Israel,
or against the Jewish religion.
People write trying to convert us to their own creed.
They try and pervert what we have written as justification for doctrines that in our understanding
border on idolatry and then want us to agree with them.

We are not really complaining, just setting the record straight.

c. Historical and Cultural Perspective
In the past the attitude of Religious Jews towards non-Religious ones
was to shun them. The approach was that the Religious should strengthen themselves
in their own faith and practice.
It was believed that the spiritual magnetism consequently generated would then draw back
whatever positive elements
still existed amongst the wayward kin .
Great Rabbis in recent times pointed out that the situation has changed.
Jews who stray from their religion in our age are like "Kidnapped Children"
taken away almost against their will by the surrounding culture.
We are therefore obligated to try and redeem them and bring them back if we can.
This approach is relatively "new" and is still not accepted in all religious circles.
If this is how "wayward" Jews are looked upon or have been looked upon
then one can understand why any kind of "outreach" to the Lost Ten Tribes
will seem out of place.
This is even more so when one realizes that
Brit-Am Israelite identity is acknowledge by no-one else
apart from a few groups who are considered more or less as fringe elements
by everybody else.
[This is why the present Brit-Am emphasis is on acquiring knowledge and spreading knowledge
as a first step to anything. Adherents of Brit-Am and similar schools of thought have a tendency
to forget that what is now obvious to us is not yet accepted by most others.].

2. The Solution: Bring Ephraim Back?
From: David <david@culdee.org>
Subject: RE: The Functioning of Brit-Am

Dear Yair,

If you were to focus your energies in making a way for Ephraim to return to
Israel...you could charge for the service.  Perhaps
Joseph/Ephraim is the catalyst of YHWH that will/can displace the
Palestinian claimants. Ephraim is repentant. It would appear it is the
arrogance of Judah that is holding up our return.

Bishop David

We do not think "Ephraim is repentant".
Most of "Ephraim" does not know who he is.
Neither is Judah "arrogant".
In the past we did ALMOST  make the mistake of trying to help "Ephraim"
return now. The time is not right and all such efforts at present could be counter-productive.
We are aware that a great deal of money could be made available
to anyone who would try and make such an effort.
We have seen others make such claims and been well-funded as a result.
If we would so act,
Perhaps Brit-Am would then not have to periodically demean itself by making public
Nevertheless we would be deceiving ourselves and others
and this is before the adverse long-term effects are taken into consideration.
On this and related matters a great mass of Brit-Am sources and responsa are available.

3. Dennis McGinlay: "Spiritual Blindness" is to Blame

Dear Yair

Isn't it strange how the reading and understanding of the Torah, or  Old Testament, call it what you will, can mean so many different things to so many people?

I'm no 'bible scholar' but after a 40 year study of the scriptures it is clear to me that the houses of Israel and Judah were separated because of their 'sins' many  years after each other. Judah was allowed to return to Jerusalem with perhaps a few 'Israelites' (A study of the names of the returnees shows mainly Jewish people returning) while 'Israel' was still in bondage, and subsequently 'scattered' throughout Europe. The separation of the 'Crown' and 'Scepter' was ordained by God. The 'promises' were made to Abraham, and through the Davidic line FOREVER.  Joseph and his sons were promised the same blessings and Judah was prophesized to be a 'Lawgiver' with possession of the 'Scepter' until the return of the Messiah.
Despite being a Levite, M M ha Levi's interpretation of the Bible lacks insight, understanding, and without the spirit of God, leaving him blind to the truth. I can only put this down to the Spiritual Blindness that is Gods purpose for the world until the day he returns in his glory to change all things.

I'm glad to say that you and  BRIT-AM don't suffer from this spiritual blindness, and so keep up your important work
Dennis McGinlay

4. The Return by Aeroplane and Atlantic Ocean Lner
Which verse is it from the Bible that indicates that the tribes will return to Jerusalem on wings of 'eagles'
- I used the search engines on the Brit-Am website but didn't come up with it.

There is a verse in Exodus referring where God speaks of how He brought the Israelites out of Egypt.
The Yemenite Jews had some kind of tradition that they would return to Israel on the wings of eagles
and the Israeli Government flew them in planes.

Isaiah speaks of the Lost Tribes returning by plane and in ships from the Atlantic Ocean area:
"WHO ARE THESE"? This is an expression relating to the Lost Ten Tribes.

5. Bill Rasmussen: Need for Biblical Consistency

Shalom Yair: I am terribly disappointed with M M HaLevi's remarks.  His comments are the flip side of the Christian Zionists who say that all the tribes of Israel have already returned to Eretz Yisrael.  Both are utterly false and contrary to the Tanach.

Mr. HaLevi confuses research with "conjecture and speculation".  One of the 3 R's of Brit Am is research.  Brit Am has done exhaustive, comprehensive and exacting research into the whereabouts of the Northern Tribes.  To say that Brit Am research undermines Medinat Yisrael [the State of Israel] shows the myopia that this gentleman has.

Furthermore, Mr. HaLevi's comments border on heresy and are in total contradiction to the Tanach.  The Tanach carefully lays out the scenario of the Acharit Yamim [the End of Days] where Klal Yisrael [All Israel] is united and living together in Eretz Yisrael [the Land of Israel] .  If Brit Am research is "conjecture and speculation", then the Tanach is "conjecture and speculation".  Fortunately, HaShem is not a man that can lie and neither does he need to repent of anything.  His Word is true.

Judah will seek out his brethren through the guidance of the Ruach HaKodesh [Divine Inspiration] and together, they will fight and overcome their enemies.  Jerusalem will be a House of Prayer for all nations and the Torah shall be the guiding light.  May HaShem give Mr. HaLevi the chokmah [wisdom] and t'galut [revelation] he needs to see the light and join us in our mission to identify and return all the tribes of Israel back to their Biblical homeland.

Shalom, Bill Rasmussen

6. Orjan Svensson: Solution in Codes for Norway?
From: orjan.svensson@mbox300.tele2.se
Subject: Norway


You wrote in a recent message that you did not find Norway coded with a tribe.

However, I noted that "SHeVeT TSaPHoWN", i.e. "tribe of the north", is crossing NAPHTALI when you look at the skip of -8153 of "SHeVeT TSaPHoWN".

"SHeVeT TSaPHoWN" could possibly be hinting at Norway, since Norway is one of the northernmost countries in the world. I believe that the northernmost city in the world, Hammerfest, is located in Norway.

It could also be worth to note that "NoWRVVeGiYaH" at a skip of 29281 is crossing Deuteronomy 3:16:
"And unto the Reubenites and unto the Gadites I gave from Gilead even unto the valley of Arnon, the middle of the valley for a border; even unto the river Jabbok, which is the border of the children of Ammon;"


7. Brit-Am Bible Codes on Ulster