"Brit-Am Now"-713
1. Tudor Rose and Brit-Am Rose
2. The Codes and Christianity
3. Stephen Spykerman: Appreciation for Brit-Am from Britain

1. Tudor Rose and Brit-Am Rose
Wayne Laurence, you wrote:

Hi Yair - Just a note to say that the Tudor Rose was not the symbol of Britain, but only of England - Wayne

The Brit-Am Rose is not the Tudor Rose though the design is almost the same.
We have thirteen petals whereas the Tudor Rose has ten.
A rose with twelve petals that apart from that sounds almost identical to the the Tudor Rose
is described in the Zohar as the Symbol of all Israel.
Brit-Am added a petal to emphasis a connection with Manasseh and the USA which tends to emphasize
the number 13 and also to symbolize our quest for unity.
In addition to all this it looks good.

2. The Codes and Christianity
B wrote:
I think your Codes are fantastic. What I find perplexing is the Codes done by Christians who find in them things like, 'Jesus savior of mankind', and the like of that, which all seem to valudate thier religion and if one believes in the Codes then we have to believe them all????

This is the second time I have been asked this question. In fact the first time I was challenged (by an otherwise
good supporter) to accept J since I had accepted the Codes and the person concerned was certain that J was affirmed by the Codes! I was personally offended by this attitude.

First of all as we said a few times already we are not basing any a priori assumptions on the Codes.
We have done some research on the whereabouts of the Lost Ten Tribes. We have  already reached conclusions of which we are certain even though a lot more investigation remains to be done.
After all that in a somewhat dilettante manner we applied  a very basic look-and-learn-or-leave-it
examination of our subject matter through the Codes. We have come up with results that mostly confirm our findings
though they also open up new avenues of enquiry and leave certain questions unanswered.
This is not even iceing on the cake. It is, if anything, a very light chocolate sprinkle on the iceing.
It is so light that even people allergic to chocolate should not be put off by it.

Concerning believe in J according to the Codes.
There is a debate. One side says that J is confirmed by the Codes while the other side
says that J is nullified by them.

This does not involve us.

[In addition to all that there must be quite a few intelligent as well as not so intelligent
followers of the Jewish Faith who would like nothing more than to discuss theological
issues. Look for them on Jewish discussion groups or blogs or Chabad sites or Aish Torah
etc. Some of them even get paid (or should be) for providing such services and really
WANT to talk about these issues. Please do not come to me.
We are only interested in the Lost Ten Tribes and proving their present whereabouts.]

Those who wish to see something of the Jewish side of the Bible Codes
and Christianity  go to:

<<3. Rambsel's "proof" is based on the fact that, like 'Yeshua,' the word 'Messiah' is also encoded in Genesis at a skip distance of 172 letters. However, the word 'Shakran'16(liar) is also encoded in Genesis at a jump of 172. In the Book of Deuteronomy (chapter 13, verses7-12), immediately after the section dealing with the appearance of a false prophet, there is a passage describing one who leads people astray into following a false religion. The Torah calls such a person a 'Maysit' (one who seduces others to go astray). In the Book of Exodus, 'Yeshua'17 is encoded at a skip distance of 172. Yet, the derogatory word 'Maysit'18 is also encoded in Exodus at a skip distance of 172; 'Yeshua'19 and 'Maysit'20 are also encoded in Leviticus at a skip distance of 172, as is the encoded word 'Mechashaif'21 - sorcerer.

<<4. As mentioned earlier, Rambsel claims that finding 'Yeshua' encoded at the identical skip distance as is another encoded word or phrase proves that the word or phrase must be conceptually connected to 'Yeshua.' What the Pastor does not disclose is that:

<<Using the same methodology, we found the phrase "Navi Sheker"- False Prophet - encoded in Genesis five times at the same skip distance as "Yeshua."22 In fact, the encoded words "Yeshua" and "False Prophet" overlap twice.23
 23 For example, beginning with the 31,343rd letter of Genesis located in Chapter 24 at a jump of +1,061 letters, is the encoded "Yeshua". Beginning with the 34,771st letter of Genesis located in Chapter 26 at a jump of -1,061 letters, is the encoded "False Prophet. " "Incredibly", these two codes overlap. >>

Whether you agree or disagree with the above extracts, if you wish to discuss them go to the URL
from which they were taken and chances are that you will locate someone to speak with.
At all events, Brit-Am is NOT the address for this type of dialogue.

We repeat PLEASE do not involve Brit-Am with theological discussions of an "ecumenical"

3. Stephen Spykerman: Appreciation for Brit-Am from Britain
From: Stephen Spykerman <sspykerman@supanet.com>
Dear Yair
Once again I would like to express my total admiration for the dogged way you persevere with the calling God has given you, regardless of all the disappointments, nasty comments, and obstacles in the way. I have been immensely excited about the way you have been able to connect the Bible Codes with the tribes of the Lost House of Israel. I really believe you are onto something most important with this research, as in my view the codes represent the finger of God Himself. Consequently, I believe you are moving the whole research debate onto a higher plane. To my mind it is absolutely beyond any doubt that one day your efforts will be crowned with success!
With best wishes from,