"Brit-Am Now"-716
1. Holland in Brit-Am Biblical Codes
2. re Scotland: Forgotten History
3. Orjan Svensson: Need for Caution in Appraising Brit-Am Code Results
4. Court Reporting, and Transcription
5. Shocking New Results for Finland!

1. Holland in Brit-Am Biblical Codes
We found a connection of Holland with  Joseph, Reuben, and Judah. Abraham and Sarah were seen to be especially important for the Dutch.
Zebulon was especially important but other tribes were also noted. We found an apparent direct relationship between Zebulon, Holland, and The Hague, capital of the Netherlands. Features of Dutch existence such as the sea with numerous islands and ships were noted.
We found the Hebrew letters for HOLLAND and the HAGUE close to ZEBULON!
We were just getting over the shock of this find when we find even stronger evidence for
Issachar and Finland! see below.

2. re Scotland: Forgotten History
From: Peter
Subject: Re: When Scotland Was Jewish

Hi Yair,

I have Read a History Book titled something  like "The History of the Church in Britain" I lost this book a few years back.

It went on to Explain that when one English King defeated the Scott's. That he gave the religious people a choice to convert or to be killed. The Book went on to say that Half Converted and they became the Presbyterian Church. The others died.
These Dead people were either Jews, or Christians keeping the Jewish law.

I have read heaps of books on the History on England. This is the only book to mention this.  I believe this History might have come from old records of "The Church of England "
There are a few Book that write about the Murder of the Welsh Jews or Christian Jewish law keepers.  etc etc.

A cruel World.
Regards,   Peter.

Comment: I also saw a quotation (from Henry Boethius??) saying that in the events leading up to the expulsion of the Jews from England in 1290 a host of Jewish children were kidnapped and brought to Scotland.
I have since looked for the source but have not yet found it though it appears to be well known.

3. Orjan Svensson: Need for Caution in Appraising Brit-Am Code Results
From: Orjan Svensson <o_svensson@yahoo.com>
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-713


I do not deny that there can be significance of many
things that you have found in the codes. (For example
I think that B'Tzarefat crossing the verse that speaks
of Reuben's family has statistical significance.)
However, I notice that several of your findings are
not very significant STATISTICALLY and objectively
scientifically speaking.
For example you now found "IY" and "YaM" around
Holland, but those words each contains only two
letters, and you will find "IY" and "YaM" around any
word you try with in the code. So there is actually no
statistical significance to this finding.

Statistically significant is mainly if you find two
words each of which contains 7 or 8 letters and which
are crossing each other in the code, and none of which
occurs in the plain text at the point where the
crossing occurs in the code.
For great statistical significance it can sometimes be
sufficient with a 6-letter word, if that word contains
unusual letters (i.e. less frequent letters like Tet,
Gimel, Samech and Tsadi).

I would like to high-light this so that you do not
over-interpret and draw too much conclusions from the
findings you made so far in the Bible code.

God bless you,

Brit-Am Reply: We do not agree with you on this point but it is a marginal matter.
Quite a few of our results are in fact so strong that we may be better off eliminating
anything that is not overwhelmingly obvious and incontrovertible at first glance.

4. Court Reporting, and Transcription
Raymond and Carmelita Lee are strong veteran supporters of Brit-Am who now live in Israel. Carmelita has many years of experience in legal transcribing, Court Reporting, and Transcription work in the USA.
Any lawyer or legal worker visiting in Israel who may be interested in having depositions made or any other transcription work should contact
Carmelita Lee at 09-7407765. or by e-mail Carmelita <wordworks@012.net.il>

Carmelita also does work for people in the USA and elsewhere details of which may be obtained from the web site:
American Israel Court Reporters


5. Shocking New Results for Finland!
Brit-Am identifies Finland with Issachar while noting the presence of Gad and Simeon.
We submitted ISSACHAR to a Brit-Am Bible Codes Examination.
The text is taken from Genesis 40:9-15....
Just above ISSACHAR we find JOSEPH who also appears below on both sides. The word FIN occurs five times one of them being with a combination of the following I (YUD) in ISSACHAR to make FINI meaning "Finnish". An alternate form of FINI also occurs.
Taking the first "S" in ISSACHAR and reading from left-to-read (as is acceptable in Biblical Code reading) we find in Biblical Hebrew the word SUOMI which is the Finnish name for Finland!!
We thus find gathered around the matrix of the name ISSACHAR the words for FIN and for FINNISH and the name SUOMI meaning FINLAND!
These results are quite shocking.