"Brit-Am Now"-718
1. Answers to Questions on the BIWF, Jews for J, Ephraimites, etc.
2. Letters Concerning the "Synagogue of Satan"
3. Cherie Koch: "facts about this entire world are mathematically contained in the Torah"
4. Orjan Svensson: New Result for Finland
5. Holland: Not Surprised
6. Lane Kelly: Who Was Corrie ten Boom?
7. Lane Kelly: Who Was JOOP WESTERWEE?

1. Answers to Questions on the BIWF, Jews for J, Ephraimites, etc.
The BIWF is the British Israel World Federation.
Some aspects of BIWF are answered in:
Brit-Am Answers to Queries: Brit-Am
and in our article:

Brit-Am is the True British-Israel Movement!!

At first the forerunners of the BIWF were not anti-Semitic but inclined to be
pro-Jewish then things changed and the BIWF became virulently anti-Jewish.
This was later modified but in substance remained.
It still basically remains even though
MANY OF THE RANK AND FILE and even some of the official
administrators in a private capacity disagree with the anti-Jewish aspects.
There were also branches of the BIWF (such as that in Ulster) that in effect
declared themselves in support of the State of Israel and of the Jewish People.
In Canada there two branches both of which were not anti-Semitic.
There was also the BIWF branch in Wales that cut itself away from  the main branch and never accepted
the anti-Jewish aspects.
 In Australia however the branch was  anti-Semitic and taken over by non-Israelite elements who created a public scandal.

At one stage Brit-Am was in contact with the BIWF in London and there were hopes for a reconciliation.
At present, we have lost contact with them and apart from now and again receiving a newsletter they send out
have little information about them.
Most  "Christian Identity" groups today are anti-Semitic except those who derive from the former  WWCOG and those who define themselves as "Ephraimites"
who are usually pro-Jewish and for the State of Israel.
Brit-Am Answers to Queries: Ephraimites
Soo too, the groups that ultimately derive from WH Armstrong's WWCOG
are pro-Jewish, pro-Israel, and generally sympathetic towards Brit-Am.

"Jews for Jesus" are now known as Messianic Jews.
Most, in fact as far as we know ALL, so-called "Jews for Jesus" groups are against
Brit-Am type Ten Tribe teachings.
Ephraimite groups however that are similar in outlook to "Jews for Jesus"
but teach a kind of "Two Houses" type doctrine are on the whole in favor of Brit-Am teachings.
The Two House Doctrine and Ephraimites

Brit-Am has nothing to gain by drawing close to such groups
and very little if anything to learn.
They however could and do find justification and strengthening through
Brit-Am activities and researches.
This should be noted.

2. Letters Concerning the "Synagogue of Satan"
We received several letters explaining in some detail that the expression "Synagogue of Satan"
did not refer to the Jewish People.
OK. We can accept that.
We appreciate the effort, scholarship, and concern invested in the words of explanation sent to us.
We are not posting these letters since it would take us too far away from our parameters of discussion.
I think however that the point has been missed.
It is not what was meant originally by the expression that is important.
It is the fact that certain people WILL ALWAYS find or invent something against Judah
no matter what the facts are. They will do this with the utmost dedication and determination
and with a willingness to place every other consideration aside.
Their attitude is not much different from that of a Palestinian suicide bomber
who is probably well aware that no forty virgins or anything at all will be attending to his needs
after the act.

3. Cherie Koch: "facts about this entire world are mathematically contained in the Torah"
From: "C. Koch" <cheriekoch@hotmail.com>
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-716  - Bible Code

Shalom Yair,

Perhaps all of the events and the facts about this entire world are mathematically contained in the Torah--encoded in equations and algorithms that we could scarcely comprehend.   To some, it may look foolish to search for various things, but the secret things belong to the Most High and the revealed things belong to us [to find?]

I think it's perfectly acceptable to use one's mind and logic to test such things -- with the proper cautions and all.   But what is wrong with searching out a matter?

btw.....you do still associate the Swiss with Issachar also, correct?    I know that Steve Collins mostly focuses on Issachar in Finland and I believe that he associates Switzerland with Gad.

.. ))  -::-
         . ))
       ((.  .
     -::-    ((.  Cherie

I will sift the house of Ephraim among all nations, as grain is sifted in a
sieve; yet shall not the least kernel fall upon the earth. (Amos 9:9)

4. Orjan Svensson: New Result for Finland
From: Orjan Svensson <o_svensson@yahoo.com>
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-716


Here's another result for Finland, that looks
interesting and could have potential importance,
please see attached file, although the statistical
significance of this finding is not overwhelming.


The details need to be obtained from Orjan. This finding shows a combination of overlapping results. FINLAND (vertical lower left) has the name NAPHTALI in the same equidistant vertical alignment as itself (begins from the 5th line upwards on the lower left) and then beginning from the "I" in FINLAND at a diagonal incline to the right there is an equidistant progression spelling the name ISSACHAR that meets up with and crosses over the expression ISSACHAR AND JUDAH (Deuteronomy 27:12) .
Another point of interest is that the F in NAFTALI in the lower left is the final letter for the name JOSEPH attached to it.

To see the finding of Orjan go to:
Finland  in Biblical  Codes
(4. Orjan Svensson: Issachar and Finland

5. Holland: Not Surprised
From: Lane Kelly
Subject: Joseph, etc. in Holland

Dear Yair:

It doesn't surprise me that there were so many connections between the Dutch, Holland and Jacobs children - it is well known that many of them protected and aided their Yahudah brothers and sisters during WWII, even unto death. I wonder what tribe Joop Westerweel and Corrie Ten Boom desended from? It would be interesting to know if their names appear in the Bible codes.

Shalom alechem,
Lane Kelly
Fort Myers, Florida

6. Lane Kelly: Who Was Corrie ten Boom?
Subject: Emailing: holocaust

Hi Yair: You asked me who were Corrie ten Boom and Joop Westerweel? Here is some info on Corrie.
Kind regards,
Lane Kelly

The Secret Room
by David Wallington

[Brief Extracts]

  That night Corrie and Betsie woke up to the sound of explosions. Hitler had suddenly attacked the peace-loving country of Holland without warning. The Dutch army fought bravely for five days, but they had no chance against Hitler's army and air force.
  Gradually life changed for the old watchmaker and his family. The streets of Haarlem, the Dutch town where they lived, were filled with German soldiers. No one could buy food unless they had a ration card. Dutch newspapers were stopped. All radio sets had to be given up (although the ten Boom family secretly kept one). Then there was the "curfew", which meant that no one was allowed on the streets after a certain time. At first this was fairly late, but gradually it became earlier and earlier, until at last curfew was at six o'clock in the evening.
  This meant that Corrie had to close down all her girls' clubs, which she had run for nearly twenty years.

Soon worse things happened. One Sunday afternoon, all the young men out on the streets were rounded up by German soldiers and sent to Germany as slave factory-workers. Some were never seen again. From that time onwards, young Dutchmen had to go about secretly or stay in hiding.
  The German soldiers also began to smash the windows of shops owned by Jewish people and steal the goods inside. Sometimes the Jewish shopkeepers and their families disappeared as well. At the time, no one knew what happened to them. Now we know that Hitler and the Nazis murdered over six million Jews in Europe.
One day there was an order for all the Jewish people in Holland to report to the police. They were told that they must wear a bright yellow star, the "Star of David", on their clothes, wherever they went. The Jews had always been proud of this sign, but now it had become a label that set them apart from other people.

  Soon other Jewish people came to the ten Boom home asking for help. Although the family knew it was dangerous, they were all agreed that they must help. They had several spare rooms in the old house, but it was only a hundred yards from Haarlem Police Station! Besides, there was the problem of getting food for people who had no ration cards.

  Soon Corrie realised that through her girls' clubs, and through the watch shop, she knew half the people in Haarlem. Each time she needed to ask someone for help, she prayed, and then she seemed to know whether it would be safe or not. This was important, for many Dutch people did not want to run the risk, and some were actually helping the Germans in return for more money and food, and good jobs.

 On 10 May 1940 German forces invaded Holland. Soon after this, the ten Boom family began their underground work, helping Jews to escape from the Germans.
  On 28 February 1944 the ten Booms were arrested. Corrie's father was then 84. He died ten days after his arrest.
  Corrie was taken to a prison at Scheveningen, near The Hague, along with Betsie and Willem. Willem was soon released, but died shortly after the war from an illness contracted in prison.
  In June 1944 Corrie and Betsie were moved to a labour camp at Vught in southern Holland. In the same month the Allied forces invaded Europe and the last stage of the Second World War began.
  In September 1944 the sisters were moved to Ravensbruck concentration camp in Germany. Betsie died there a few days before Christmas 1944. Corrie was released on 31 December 1944.
  Afterwards she learned that she had been released by mistake. A week after her release all the women of her age in the camp were killed.

7. Lane Kelly: Who Was JOOP WESTERWEE?
JOOP WESTERWEEL (1899-1944), the Netherlands

A teacher in a progressive school, Joop Westerweel helped organize an escape route for young Jews fleeing the Netherlands during the German occupation. From December 1942 through 1944, his underground group smuggled between 150 and 200 Jews to Belgium, on to France, and from there into Switzerland and Spain. Captured by the Nazis and imprisoned in the Vught concentration camp, Westerweel was tortured but refused to reveal his network of contacts. He was executed on August 1, 1944.