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1. New Entries to Brit-Am Genealogy
2. Thomas Malloy:  Seek and it shall be found for you
3. South Africa: Need for Caution
4. The Brit-Am Bible Codes:  Always of Interest
5. South Africa in Brit-Am Bible Codes

1. New Entries to Brit-Am Genealogy

I have added seven new surnames to the 'lost tribes' genealogy pages. The new surnames, with coat of arms artwork, are: Appleby, Andrews, Blumenthal, Benedict, Carpenter, Cross, and De Witt.
The pages can be found from the lost tribes featured surnames list at:
Also, for those folks who are interested in checking to see if their surname has an on-going DNA project in the works, here is the link to check for names:
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Through this service the Brit-Am web site receives up to half its traffic
with very very many entering the site doe to their quest for genealogical
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2. Thomas Malloy:  Seek and it shall be found for you
re: "Brit-Am Now"-726
#1. The Brit-Am (ca. 1995) warning against Islam and possible terror and disaster

Subject: Hosea 9

You wrote;

 Regarding the future, some type of ill-fated bond between Ephraim and the followers of Islam is spoken of in the Biblical Book of Hosea.

I spent several hours reading the translation in my Tanach [Bible] and Trei Asar [Ten Minor Prophets]. Their translations are quite different than yours, and I was going to question your translation. Then I reread your post, and then I saw Mahmad in the Hebrew text. I'm looking forward to showing this to Rabbi and my Hebrew teacher.

3. South Africa: Need for Caution
From: B
Re South African 10 Israelite news

Please take caution in how you present the upcoming news - you should be
aware that many people in South Africa adhere to racial superiority nonsense
claiming to be the true Israel. The movements are called Wit-Israelite or
White Israelites. They refer to the Jews as edomites and adhere to all kinds
of hogwash conspiracy nonsense. They believe that the Afrikaner nation is
especially chosen by Elohim and that they are to flee into the Northern Cape
to escape the upcoming "persecution" - lots of unscriptural hogwash.

They have really been a stain. There are many many gentiles who are
observing noachide laws and much more with a good and upright heart here who
call themselves Israelites or at least affiliate with the Jews.

Anyways, you most probably know this anyway.


4. The Brit-Am Bible Codes:  Always of Interest
On the whole even if one does not put much store in the Codes
or simply lacks the energy and interest to follow the arguments
presented the captions and dialogue could well still be of interest.

5. South Africa in Brit-Am Bible Codes
Entries include:
(1. Zebulon, Holland, and the Elders of Cush
(2. Cush and the Diamond
(3. The Rivers of Cush, Reuben, Gad, and half-Menasseh
(4. Reuben, Gad, and the Huegonots.
(5. South Africa and Naphtali
(6. Gog
(7. A Solution for South Africa?