"Brit-Am Now"-729
1. First part of "Origin" in French
2. The Situation in South Africa
3. Acoustic Properties of "megalithic" edifices
4. Megalithic ("dolmen") similarities between the
Golan in Israel and Britain
5. Isaiah chs. 51-55 Highlights

1. First part of "Origin" in French
Prepared by Claude Boisseau

 2. The Situation in South Africa
From: J
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-728
#3. South Africa: Need for Caution
#5. South Africa in Brit-Am Bible Codes

Dear Yair -

would like to thank you sincerely for this most interesting news re South
Africa - just confirmation -

would also like to add that the returning Israelites from South Africa are
definitely not all racist - lots of water has gone under the bridge in our
country and many thousands of white and black lives have been lost and are
still being lost because of politics and the powers that be - many good
things were brought to our country by our ancestors - one only has to look
at our neighbors to see what is happening.   One thing is for sure
lawlessness abounds here and life is cheap - you can be killed for your
cellphone and even less.

am hoping to come up to Jerusalem for Sukkot and would like to visit you and
buy some material to bring back home.

Do you have a physical address in Jerusalem or an outlet where can purchase

from South Africa

Our phones in Jerusalem are:
(02) 5664693
We have an office and work-place in our place of residence near the center of Jerusalem.

3. Acoustic Properties of "megalithic" edifices
This from the Sunday Times, Irish Edition, 15th July 2001:

NEWGRANGE, [north of Dublin] Ireland's world-renowned neolithic burial chamber, may have
been used as a prehistoric "echo chamber" in religious ceremonies,
according to two scientists who have discovered that the
5,000-year-old grave has the ability to alter sound.

Stone Age Sound, the BBC documentary, will be broadcast on July 24 at

While the burial chamber was not designed for that purpose by our
neolithic ancestors, they would have inevitably discovered the amazing
acoustic effects in Newgrange and exploited them in religious
ceremonies, the scientists say.
Aaron Watson, an archeologist, and David Keating, an acoustic expert,
carried out up to 10 hours of sound tests at Newgrange last month in
conjunction with the BBC. The tests, including humming, bursting
balloons, banging drums and playing "standing waves" to the stones,
will be broadcast on a Radio 4 documentary next week.

The University of Reading scientists have conducted similar tests at
Stonehenge and other neolithic sites. "We had a loudspeaker making a
humming tone and as you moved towards the sound, it got quieter. It
was very unusual," said Keating.

"However, if you moved away towards the side chambers, the sound got
louder. Even with modern knowledge of acoustics, it is quite an eerie
and odd effect."

Keating believes neolithic priests or druids may have exploited this
phenomenon in ceremonies. "If they were humming in the main chamber,
and there was no visible evidence they were making that sound, someone
could believe that the noise was coming from the side chambers where
the bodies of the dead were buried," he said.

"It is inevitable that priests or druids would have found this effect
and exploited it, or it is possible they believed that when they made
this noise they were bringing the dead to life."

Keating believes the acoustic tricks may help explain how Newgrange
was constructed by such a primitive society. It was built 500 years
before the great pyramid of Giza and a millennium before Stonehenge.
It was aligned with the winter solstice; only at dawn on December 21
each year does the sun's light pass through a 25cm opening above the

Watson and Keating found a strange effect from beating drums in the
chamber. Inside, the noise is very loud but outside, a listener only
hears a distant drum.

On the same acoustic theme:
see also:

In Orkney islands (north-northwest Scotland
Note these are cairns or covered over dolmens
such as found in the Land of Israel.
These articles prove that they were centers of worship
and not only graves etc.

<<But perhaps more incredible is the idea that subsonic vibrations created inside the cairns could go so far as altering the mental states of those participating in ceremonies.

<<Mr Watson explained: "During the professional tests with volunteers, involving chanting in these chambers, they said the volume and intensity of the sound became enhanced and the noise seemed to fill the chamber so completely it was difficult to determine its source."

<<He added: "They said, however, that the most disturbing thing was the disquieting feeling that some sounds were emerging from inside the head and body of the listener, a sensation that could be quite uncomfortable. They reported feelings of dizziness, sensations of ascent and that their pulse was being affected.

<<"They also told of vibration, balance disturbance, headaches arid even altered states of consciousness created by similar sounds."

4. Megalithic ('dolmen") similarities between the
Golan in Israel and Britain
Tel-Aviv University

The Golans settlement pattern resembles
settlement phenomena over the world.
Isolated sites that were located on hilly and
rocky terrain are known as Hill-Forts. They
are very common in Western Europe,
especially in Britain (Cunliffe 1974; Forde-
Johnston 1976; Bradley 1991).

The most impressive monument found in
the Golan is Rogem Hiri (from Arabic stone
heap of the wild cat). The site is unique in
every aspect. No equivalent of this complex
was ever found in the southern Levant or
elsewhere in the Near East. The only known
monument that share some resemblance may
be Stonehenge, being erected more or less at
the same time that Rogem Hiri existed (the
third millennium BC).

Rogem Hiri was initially detected through
flight over the Golan height in 1968, and was
excavated for few seasons since 1988
(Mizrachi 1992; 1996). The site is comprised
of a central tumulus, surrounded by four
concentric walls linked by radial walls. The
central tumulus appeared to be a cairn
covering a megalithic tomb. The diameter of
the outer circle is 155m., the concentric walls
were very massive, ca. 3m. wide. The whole
complex had two entrances: a north-eastern
and a south-eastern one.
The exact nature and meaning of the
unique impressive megalithic site is not yet
known. Some scholars try to interpret it as an
observatotbry, or a cultic center (Mizrachi
1992; Zohar 1992).

It appears, that many of the megalithic
cemeteries, dolmen fields and other
monuments that are found in the southern
Levant are located along the Syrian-African
rift, from the Dead Sea to northern Syria, a
phenomenon well illustrated by Zohar (1989,
fig. 1).

In addition to the megalithic phenomena
that characterize the Golan, (close to the
northern edge of the megalithic landscape)
one should note, for example. the various
megalithic features that were found during the
Moab and Ard el-Kerak survey (close to the
southern edge of the megalithic landscape),
recently discussed by Worschech (2002). At
this region, many megalithic elements, like
cromlechs, dolmens, menhirs and other burial
structures were found, some of them could be
dated to the Early Bronze Age (Worschech
2002, 57-58).

See the Brit-Am articles on dolmens, the Ten Tribes,
and the Prophecies of Jeremiah

5. Isaiah chs.51-55 Highlights
They who seek righteousness are called upon to seek the Source (51:1), Abraham and Sarah (51:2). God will bless Zion and make her fertile (51:3).   THE ISLES (i.e. the Lost Ten Tribes) SHALL WAIT UPON ME (51:5). Peoples and cultures that owed a lot to Jerusalem and all it stands for abandoned Jerusalem and  the Jewish people (51:8). The enemies who oppressed the Jews and Jerusalem will be requited and vengeance taken upon them (51:23). The Assyrians oppressed both Judah and ten tribed Israel though the Ten Tribes were the ones the Assyrians exiled. The Assyrians forced them to accept the Assyrian religion. They were already practising pagans to a large degree and heavily influenced by the surrounding Canaanites and Middle East cults. These were similar to the Greek ones that were derived from the same sources.
The Lost Ten Tribes are not keeping the faith of Moses nor are they acknowledging their true identity (52:4). As long as the Ten Tribes do not know of their origins and do not turn back to the God of Israel it is as if they were taken away.  For this reason  the name of God is blasphemed and people do not own up to the truth of the Bible (52:5). Israel is the servant of God (52:13). The Jews were despised and treated as sub-humans. People were astounded at the depths the Jews were reduced to (52:14). They will be astounded that they whom they had treated with such contempt had all along been the favored children of God Almighty (52:15).    The Jew suffered due to other people. He was the first victim, the eternal scape-goat for the faults and misfortunes of others.
The Gentiles will admit that Judah was considered accursed yet his affliction was due to our imposing upon him the results of our own calamities (Isaiah 53:4). The Jew was punished for the sins of others (53:5). The Jew often succeeded in  dedicating himself to the Law when he could. When he was forced (by outsiders) or seduced  to abandon it he applied his energies in other directions: in jurisprudence, trade, science, philosophy, philanthropy. The Messiah shall come from Judah. The Jew has a natural instinct to reform things, to rectify the world. When the Jew is deprived of Torah this instinct can be misdirected. Sometimes it does good and on occasion it can do damage. Either way the Jew is hated by many Gentiles merely because he is active, is different and stands out.
The sins of others are transposed onto the Jew (53:11). In the Last Days Judah shall be rich and powerful and a great nation. Amongst the greatest that exist.
AND HE SHALL DIVIDE THE SPOIL WITH THE STRONG: Judah shall be a military might, an old lion who must be dealt with carefully and with respect.
 AND HE WAS NUMBERED WITH THE TRANSGRESSORS; Jews were accused and  still are of all the sins under the sun and still more and of being criminals and controlling all the crime and mischief of the world.
"Conspiracy Theories" are in effect a cloak for the old brand of Jew-hatred.
 AND HE BARE THE SIN OF MANY, Not only was Judah made responsible for the sins of others but he also took upon himself to make retribution for the faults of others.
AND MADE INTERCESSION FOR THE TRANSGRESSORS. Jews champion the oppressed and seek to help whoever needs help even when those who are in need were the cause of their own downfall (53:12). This is still mainly on Judah who will return prior to the Ten Tribes and prepare the way for them. Judah will rebuild the waste places (54:3). God was angry but HE will yet have mercy (54:8). The art of enameling can be traced from Israel and Phoenicia to the Celts of Britain and Anglo-Saxons with the same methods and the same styles. This appears to have been unique to these peoples (54:11). The Messiah  will be a descendant of David (55:3). We all need to repent and can do so and our repentance will be accepted (55:5-7). All words of Prophecy will be fulfilled (55:11). Instead of a curse,  a blessing and a good life will come forth (55:13).