"Brit-Am Now"-732
1. Charlotte Mecklenburg: DNA  similar to linguistics?
2. Historical Interest: "Anglo-Saxon Mass Migration"
3.  The Codes in Action: An Example.
The Codes, Plants, and the Garden of Eden

1. Charlotte Mecklenburg: DNA  similar to linguistics?
Dear Yair,

A note on DNA; I read your findings about haplo-groups. You said yours was R1b. Just two months ago I had a DNA test done on a cousin of mine on my mother's side and it came out R1b1 but not too much can be told by this information... most of my grandfather's relatives came to the U.S. either directly from Switzerland or via Germany. Their findings about the groups were similar to what you gave in your note on the subject. It seems like they could make a tree eventually that would be similar to the linguistic tree of the world's languages.
You said you didn't entirely agree with their theory of how the DNA is distributed. I think it is like other sciences as you get more data many times the theory has to be adjusted. We had that experience [in New Guinea] in describing the unwritten language that we encountered. A linguist came through the area previous to our going there and gathered data on the language and several other languages of the family and wrote a dissertation. What he said was a good general over-all paper but some of his predictions about the language we were working on didn't hold up after we had collected a lot more data. So too, in time we can hope that the data on DNA will produce a better theory.
...Thank you for keeping us all informed on your research.

2. Historical Interest:
"Anglo-Saxon Mass Migration"

(short clip worth seeing)
[Duration of presentation c 12 minutes].

This audio-visual presentation shows why Anglo-
Saxon Mass Migration is needed to explain the
genetic similarity between England and Friesland.

"The study only confirms what everyone knew before archaeologists became wary of suggesting
any prehistoric migrations at all."

3.  The Codes in Action:
An Example.
The Codes, Plants, and the Garden of Eden

Yehudah Feliks found the names of only 26 plants mentioned in the Torah. Dr Moshe Katz and Professor Eliyahu Ripps found ALL of these plants encoded in Genesis chapters 2 and 3 wherein the Almighty plants a garden in Eden. This is the only portion of the entire Bible wherein ALL of the said plants are to be found.
Only here do we find such a phenomenon and here it is more pertinent than anywhere else.
This is not an isolated incident but an example illustrating a general rule.
Illustrations and explanations at: