"Brit-Am Now"-733
1. America and Canada in Brit-Am Biblical Codes.
2. Some Reactions to Betty Leaving
3.  The Israelite Tribe of Asher in Scotland
4.  "the picture of you... is downright scary"
5. Dennis McGinlay: Are the Codes Really Necessary?

1. "America" in Brit-Am Biblical Codes: Updated and Improved
Canada in Brit-Am Biblical Codes
Canada produced several occurences connecting Caleb the Kenazzi
of  Judah with Canada.
If anyone can thing of what relevance this has
it might be worth looking into.

2. Some Reactions to Betty Leaving
(a) "a sense of rejection, confusion and uncertainty"
From: healingforthenations
Subject: Re: Brit-Am Message: Betty is Leaving

Yair shalom,
Thank you for sharing this posting.

Although I have never met Betty Rhodes her God-given gifts and talents touched me and many others, grateful for her service. The loss will be felt by Brit-Am however the loss to Betty will be equally great as the flow of her gifts to multidues will cease, in effect, a Dead Sea syndrome. Many  of the 'lost tribes' already feel a sense of rejection, confusion and uncertainty. Betty's departure will hurt others in unmeasurabled ways. May God bless her and all the BritAm family in a tender,comforting way at this time.


(b) Thanks
From: Athol Bloomer <>
Subject: RE: Brit-Am Message: Betty is Leaving

Dear Betty,

Thank you so much for all you have done. I am sad to hear that you are leaving Brit-am but we all need to move on to others things so I pray that Hashem will bless your future directions. Your going will be a great loss to brit-am.

Cheers and cheerio Athol Bloomer

(c) very sad
From: Catherine Campbell
Subject: Re: Brit-Am Message: Betty is Leaving

Shalom Yair
I expect you will get many emails on this one, nevertheless I would like to say that I feel very sad to lose Betty.  Her contribution to the website alone is outstanding and I certainly have spent many hours browsing and printing out articles to read at a later time.  I wish her and her family the best of all things but most of all the Almightly's blessings for the future.
As for yourself and Brit-Am, Yair I am sure you will pursue your excellent work with renewed vigour (if that's possible since you spend a good deal of time on the matter already) and perhaps find another of Betty's calibre in due course.
Shabbat Shalom

(d) "we are all different"
From: Joan Griffith
Subject: RE: Brit-Am Message: Betty is Leaving

Dear Yair,

I know that Betty's departure will leave a big hole in your organization. It is too bad it has come to this, but we are all different, nobody believes the same things in the same way, and as was pointed out, it was probably inevitable that she should leave. I pray that G-d will provide someone to stand in the gap. (I'm glad to hear that Paypal is bearing fruit!)

And Yair, compromise is not always a bad thing! (Not that I know specifically what you don't want to compromise about.) I think you know you have said some very speculative things, but just because they sound good does not make them true... However, I trust that G-d will cause his people to know and choose what is right. Probably nobody on earth has "the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth." We all must *seek* after G-d.

Meantime, I truly believe G-d is doing a work through Brit-Am and Yair Davidiy.


Yair shalom!

(e) "Please extend thanks"
Please extend thanks to Betty for all the work she did, and no doubt many
others will also ask you to extend thanks to such a hard-working
professional lady.

Ted Dornan

(f) "I have also benefited"
From: Stephen Ray Hale <>
Subject: RE: Brit-Am Message: Betty is Leaving
Dear Betty Rhodes,

        Thank you, also, for your efforts with the sites and thank you for
willing to be a friend to Yair.  I have also benefited from your beneficence
in using your skills to assist in the basic Brit-Am message.

For Yair,

        Thank you, also, for recognizing and appreciating the efforts of
those, even when they differ from you from time to time.  I guess we all are
different people and though we have some common interests and views, we all
have points that stick out, like my rock wall which stays together in those
parts that join one another, but there are many salient knobs and points
that protrude from the wall to give that wall character.

        Stephen Hale from Midland, Texas

3.  The Israelite Tribe of Asher in Scotland
Yair, shalom,

Recently I happened upon a website that provided a translation of names into the Hebrew equivalent.  Almost all of my traceable ancestors were from the U.K., particularly Scotland.  My middle name is Edwin, which is a family name of several generations.  When I entered the name "Edwin" for the equivalent Hebrew name, the name at the top of the list was "Asher"!  This may or may not be of any significance, but I found it very interesting nonetheless.  The website is Thank you again for your work in Brit-am.


Greenville, Alabama


4.  "the picture of you... is downright scary"
I must comment that the picture of you on the front page of the Brit-Am website is downright scary. Not at all because of your physical traits, but rather the way the picture talks for you through your pose behind the window with the staff, I am sure I won't have to go into further detail there. This alone will potentially turn away alot of serious readers before they even move on to your theories.


Akhbar Ziml

5. Dennis McGinlay: Are the Codes Really Necessary?
From: Dennis McGinlay <>

Dear Yair
...I may be wrong, and forgive me if I am, but
whilst they  ['Bible codes'] are a fascinating 'tool', I have to ask you if they are so much
'mumbo jumbo' and not relevant to the plain though sometimes 'coded' word of
God as expounded in the scriptures?

I wish I knew if the 'Bible codes' are genuine and have a hidden meaning
from the creator of all things, but whether genuine or not, the plain words
of God are sufficient for me. I appreciate and support the work of Brit-Am
in every way, but sometimes worry about the 'Bible codes'.  I have read
where relevant information has been gleaned from all kinds of books and from
diverse authors which seem to also support the Bible message, and as  I have
not the means to verify such claims, I am at a loss as to the veracity of
them and the 'Bible codes'.

It may be that you are convinced that the 'Bible Codes' support the Brit-Am
message, but I think that THE BIBLE supports the Brit-Am message adequately.

I know you do not lay too much stress on the 'codes' but at the same time,
to keep using examples of them could lead to people believing that you do.

May the God of Israel bless you
Dennis McGinlay

Answer: In principle we agree with Dennis.
Our emphasis is intended to be the simple strait forward meaning of the Bible
together with  complementary sources were relevant.
We want to present the truth as far as possible in a way that can be verified
quite easily by whomsoever seeks to do so.
There are however exceptions.
Our present apparent pre-occupation with the Codes is intended to be only
a temporary phase.
The Codes are true BUT we do not wish to concentrate upon them
since we agree with Dennis.
Nevertheless our study of the Codes has added an additional dimension to our
overall array of evidence. There still remain a few things in our study of the Codes
that need more work on them.