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1. Answers to Questions about Correspondence with Brit-Am etc
2. Letter from Australia
3. Khazars
4. DNA
5. Synopsis of Isaiah chapters 56-60

1. Answers to Questions about Correspondence with Brit-Am etc
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2. Letter from Australia
From: Brendon
Subject: were do I stand

Gday to you yair my name is Brendon... and first I would like to say that your website is brilliant I come across it while I was trying to prove or disapprove what my church has been saying since the 1930's it is very encouraging to see that some of the Jewish people are interested in this topic as so far I have been just looked upon as being crazy by other people that don't really study the torah and especially so called Christians of this world.  I've tried talking to rabbis on ask Moses website and they didn't want to chat to me. First of all I would like to say I live in Australia and am a Christian that practices 1st century Christianity the way it was originally intended this means I keep the Saturday Sabbath from Friday sundown to Saturday sundown, the food laws, health laws the feasts of G-d, the 10 commandments and every thing written in the 5 books of the law like king David said I love thy law"". genesis Jacob said to Judah the sceptre will not depart from you nor a lawgiver and just as promised  the tribe of Judah (a large part of the Jews ) have always had G-d's holy and righteous law .and therefore didn't need it put under a microscope and have it explained (magnified ) like a gentle father would explain to a young child.... the Muslims hate us the Christians hate us because they don't understand the law but im hoping that one day the Jewish people will understand G-d's plan of bringing the 12 tribes back home together....

So thank you for your wonderful web site and the studies you do in bringing about the truth about your lost brothers from Joseph
Yours sincerely Brendon

 3. Khazars
From: Joan Griffith

Yair and Steve,

I don't know if I sent you this before, or if you know about it already. Even tho the author does not believe that Britain and the US are the lost tribes, I think his evidence tends to show they were a numerous people after leaving Assyria, which would mean they would need to expand. Also, by placing them in Ukraine and along the Volga River, he is actually verifying that they were the Scythians, who appeared on the stage of history by riding out of the Northern steppes. And, Yair, he offers some Hebrew meanings that you will find interesting, if you did not know it before.


Brit-Am Comment: This article is by Emmanuel Velikovsky. We have mentioned it before.
It is worth reading.
The Brit-Am Migration Path that traces the Anglo-Saxons and comp-any to Scythia appears to
have been confirmed (yet again) by recent archaeological findings.

4. DNA
The Brit-Am take on DNA findings may be
be understood by a glance at:
Another site of interest is:

The Genetic Origin of the Nations
This site is run by a CCOG branch in Australia.
We THOROUGHLY DISAGREE with most of its conclusions.
The explanations it gives also could be a little less complicated.
Nevertheless if you are interested in these matters
the site gives quite a bit of interesting information.
You do not have to accept it all but may read it through
and so obtain a basic concept of the overall picture.
At some stage or other Brit-Am should also be publishing a shot article
summarizing some of our own understanding of these matters.

5. Synopsis of Isaiah chapters 56-60
Note for a deeper analysis and details concerning the  points mentioned below
please go to the Brit-Am Commentary on Isaiah:
We are called upon to do justice (56:1). The Sabbath must be kept (56:2). The stranger who joins themself to Israel (Isaiah 56:3  cf. Ezekiel 47:22) will be counted as one of Israel (Isaiah 56:4-7). Isaiah 56:8 was understood to refer to the Order of Redemption: First Judah will be ingathered, then those who remain from the Lost Ten Tribes will be brought back by stages. The leaders of Israel mislead us (56:9), worry mainly about themselves (56:10-12) and cause righteousness to perish (57:1). They who are immoral in one direction will also be sinful in others. There is nothing romantic about evildoing (57:3). In ancient times Israelites killed children in human sacrifice. Nowadays we do the same through abortions (57:5). God will not keep quiet for ever nor overlook our transgressions for an eternity (57:6-11). Trust in God and you will be saved (57:13). They who endeavor to speak well to others, who radiate hope, good feelings, and a positive attitude will bring a blessing to the world and to themselves (57:19).  Jacob always seeks God (58:2) but our ways of worship and behavior are not acceptable to the Almighty (58:3-5) since social justice is lacking.  Charity begins at home (58:6-7). Do good and good will come unto you (58:8). The destroyed areas  of ancient times will be rebuilt. If you merit to participate in this then you are especially blessed (58:12). The Sabbath must be dedicated to God. We must take pleasure in this holy day (58:13) which is part of the Israelite heritage (58:14). God wants us to be heard by Him but our iniquities prevent it (59:2). Our present society breeds sin and oppression (59:7). Do you realize that tolerance for homosexuality means allowing children and the weak to be coerced into a way of life they would not chose if given the choice? That most women who have abortions do not really want to do so? The "liberal" permissive society is one of tyranny and oppression. THE WAY OF PEACE THEY KNOW NOT (59:8). Israel is sinning and evil (59:9-15). God will send a savior who by force of arm will establish righteousness (59:16-17). The saviour will establish his rulership over the islands and take vengeance from the sinful (59:18). The Name of God will be feared by those in the West (59:19). A redeemer shall come to Zion (59:20) [which in some contexts can connote Joseph, Midrash Tanchuma] and they who repent in Jacob. God has made a covenant that HIS spirit will not depart from they who are chosen but always HIS word will be in their mouth  and in the mouth of their seed for ever (59:21). Go with God and HE will be with you and with your children. The light of God will shine upon Judah and all those associated with her (60:1). Gentile leaders will come to Judah for instruction and enlightenment (60:3). "Captive" (Assimilated) Jews and Lost Israelites will return (60:4). The Lost Ten Tribes who were exiled to the Isles of the Sea (and other places) will return (60:5). The riches of the world will be brought unto you (60:5-7). The Exiles of Judah and of the Lost Ten tribes will return by air travel (60:8). They will come back from the Islands and the Atlantic Ocean area (60:9).  Other peoples will serve you willingly  (60:10-11). Nations that will not serve you will be destroyed (60:12). The persecutors of the Jews shall repent. Their descendants shall request forgiveness and acknowledge the basic relative  innocence and righteousness of the Jewish people (60:14-16). Great prosperity will prevail (60:17). Human nature will change. There will be no more violence (60:18). Through  being righteous Israel shall merit to be blessed (60:21). If you are meritorious the Messianic Age will come sooner but if not there is a time-limit after which the End Times will come at all events (60:22).