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1. Is Spain Moab?
2. Ashton Lemonius: Is Moab also Latin America?
3. Ancient book of Psalms unearthed from Irish bog
4. Psalm 83 Speaks to Israel From Ireland
5. Is Brit-Am being left in the lurch?
 The "Judas" Syndrome
6. DNA Refuted? A Clarification

1. Is Spain Moab?
Note: The quotation in question is from a Midrash.
A Midrash is the saying based on the Bible of a Talmudic-era Sage.
It is not doctrine just something worth thinking about
and different Mirashim often contradict each other.
If it is correct however,
does this mean that Israel is destined to inherit the Spanish
Peninsula as some other sources suggest?

2. Ashton Lemonius: Is Moab also Latin America?

From: Ashton Lemonius <>
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-737


Regarding the opinion that Moab is in Spain..or is Spain....I have a question.

Just like how the major overseas colonies of Ephraim/Britain are counted as Ephraim, would that not mean that the major overseas colonies of Spain be counted as Moab?

That would mean that modern western hemisphere Spanish speaking countries like Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Cuba, Dominican Republic, etc., and most of all, Mexico (the former New Spain) for that matter, should be counted as Moab.  Which just like Moab of Old, was across the river from Ancient Israel.

In modern times the Rio Grande is the Southern Border of the USA at Texas, with Mexico on the other side, and the north coast of Spain is a little ways across the waters southwest of Plymouth, England.

Brit-Am could be on to something here.


3. Ancient book of psalms unearthed from Irish bog

Archeologists in Ireland are treating the finding of an ancient book of psalms unearthed from bogland as a miracle.
This ancient book of psalms was discovered last week by an exceptionally alert worker in a peat bog. Experts say the vellum pages are very fragile.

The book was discovered by a man digging peat from the bog with a backhoe.

"This is really a miracle find," said Pat Wallace, director of the National Museum of Ireland, which has the book stored in refrigeration.

He is one of a team of manuscript experts who spoke about the discovery on Tuesday.

"There's two sets of odds that make this discovery really way out," said Wallace. "First of all, it's unlikely that something this fragile could survive buried in a bog at all, and then for it to be unearthed and spotted before it was destroyed is incalculably more amazing."

The book has about 20 pages and experts believe it was written by monks between 800 and 1000 AD.

Book found open

Painstakingly copied in Latin script, it was found open to a page describing Psalm 83, in which God hears complaints of other nations' attempts to wipe out the name of Israel.

Wallace described the book's binding and cover as "leather velum, very thick wallet in appearance."   It could take months of study just to identify the safest way to pry open the pages without damaging them, he said.

It may be the first discovery of a medieval manuscript in almost two centuries, according to Bernard Meehan, head of manuscripts at Trinity College in Dublin.

An engineer digging up peat to create commercial potting soil in the Irish midlands spotted the book just beyond the bucket of his bulldozer.

The quick-thinking bog owner covered the book with damp soil, and that prevented it from deteriorating from exposure to the air, Wallace said. Bog has preservative properties for ancient artifacts.

Ireland had many medieval monasteries, and several hand-made texts from that period still survive, including the ornately illustrated Book of Kells, which is on display at Trinity College.

4. Psalm 83 Speaks to Israel From Ireland
 From: Steve Mathe <>
Subject: Psalm 83 speaks to the world... on time

Shalom, Yair,
Today's story of the find of this remarkable collection of Psalms from medieval Ireland is right on time.  It seems to speak on God's behalf:  "I told you so... BTW, also listen to everything else in the Tanach that I told you all... a long time ago...." Aish HaTorah recommends this Psalm and Psalms 142, 130.  I recommend Psalm 140 as well, they really fit the current crisis.
Steve Mathe
"Only Torah and prayer will unify Israel."

5. Is Brit-Am being left in the lurch?
 The "Judas" Syndrome
Judas was one of the twelve disciples. He allegedly betrayed the Christian Messiah.
 "Judas" is another form of the word "Judah" meaning Jew.
In some Christian (or pseudo-Christian) works they claim that Judas was the only real Jew
amongst the disciples the others coming from Galilee which was
somehow different.
Because "Judas" could  be identified with "Judah"
and Judas was a traitor certain people seem to think that it is OK
to betray the Jews of Judah.
This is  The "Judas" Syndrome.
The "Judas" Syndrome is the betrayal of Judah by projecting the blame onto
Judah whereas in fact the perpetrator has base motives of their own.
The "Judas" Syndrome expresses itself in many different ways.
Brit-Am has also experienced it.
Louis Israel NEWMAN ("Jewish Influence On Christian Reform Movements" U.S.A,. 1925)
wrote a large but interesting work showing how very many Christian reformers had been influenced by
Jewish thought. Newman also pointed out that nearly every major Christian reformer
when he started out was pro-Jewish and expected the Jews to welcome his reformed message.
When this did not transpire the Reformer very often then became rabidly anti-Semitic.
So too, Brit-Am on several occasions was befriended by Christian  leaders
who had their own radical version of Christianity.
As well as Christians there were also people with other religious beliefs of their own.
They would claim to be pro-Jewish and supporters of the State of Israel.
Sometimes their support was significant and lasted for quite a while.
Then one day it would change altogether.
We had people who from being apparently good friends of Judah suddenly began to
say the most horrible things imaginable.
In some cases  they even expected us to see things their way
and were frustrated when realizing that this was not going to happen.
This happened to us on several occasions.

All of the  people were intelligent, in some cases very much so, and powerful personalities
in their own right. They joined us and befriended us at their own initiative
being fully aware of what we believed in. We accepted them.
Later, they betrayed us.
Their excuse was that we believed in A and even though we had said from the beginning
over and over again that we believed in A they had joined us hoping
that they could "take us" over on behalf of B or come ourselves to believe in B
even though B was diametrically the opposite of B.
Apparently in each case they felt that in some way their own interests, beliefs, or desires could be served
by helping us and when they realized that such was not the case they turned against us.
 We never hid anything concerning our attitudes and beliefs
and tried to requite the friendship we felt we were receiving.

In all cases the people concerned were Conspiracy Freaks which says something.

On the other hand,
there were cases in history were anti-Semites changed their mind
and became true friends of Judah.
There are also they who had once been against the State of Israel
and Judah and who partly because of Brit-Am changed their mind for the better.

Will the State of Israel be betrayed?
Is the same thing happening to Brit-Am?
Brit-Am now needs your support more than ever
offerings and publication orders seem to have greatly diminished
to a very low point.
Are people now leaving us?
Is Brit-Am being left in the lurch?

6. DNA Refuted? A Clarification
"Brit-Am Now"-737
#2.  DNA Theory Turned on its Head?
Brit-Am Proven Right Once More?
Some people failed to follow the point we tried to make in
the above posting.
What we were saying was that present DNA thinking
would have to say (and in effect do say) that people (especially the females) in
China came from a Chinese monkey, those in Japan from a Japanese monkey,
in New Guinea from a New Guinea monkey etc.
This in effect contradicts OTHER ACCEPTED DNA EVIDENCE as well
as archaeology, linguistics, historical records, etc that the said peoples
migrated to the areas that they are now in and assumedly did not bring their
"ancestral" monkeys with them.

DNA evidence relying purely on heredity to explain DNA similarities
is therefore refuted.

Environmental Influence thus works as PROOF AGAINST EVOLUTION!!
This is all quite simple, obvious, and elementary,
It would seem that only Brit-Am could give you something like that and be able to prove it.