"Brit-Am Now"-740
1. Steven Collins: Tribal Identities Clarification
2. The Magazine and Brit-Am
3. Joan Griffith: Reaction to "Judas Syndrome"
and Brit-Am Comment
4. Who Belongs to the Ten Tribes?
5. Is Switzerland Gad?

1. Steven Collins: Tribal Identities Clarification
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-739
#2. Question on Herbert Armstrong and Differences with Brit-Am?

Shalom Yair,

I thought I'd send this brief clarification re: my views on the ten tribes vis a vis the identifications of the old Worldwide Church of God.  The old WCG, as I recall, taught that Gad was Switzerland and that Asher was Belgium. I am not aware of any solid historical evidence that the WCG had for making those two linkages.

You correctly stated my overall views on the modern tribes' locations, but I would like to add that I regard the tribe of Asher as not limited to the Caucasians of South Africa. I also believe Asher has elements in the Benelux nations and portions of the British Isles for reasons outlined in my books and writings.

Steve Collins

2. The Magazine and Brit-Am
Magazine "Brit-Am Truth" issue no. 9
"Brit-Am Truth"  no. 9 is being sent out
in batches.
The present issue includes articles on the
Ark of the Covenant, on the Tribe of Dan,
and on other matters of interest.
We would like feedback concerning the magazine
and every other matter regarding Brit-Am.
Your feedback is almost the only thing we have to go on to evaluate
what we do.
Those who are interested in the subject should purchase the magazine
thus gaining access to valuable information probably not available
elsewhere and helping Brit-Am at the same time.
Brit-Am needs funds and Brit-Am has valuable Tribal and related information
to transmit and the need to transmit it in the form of ongoing publications.
Please help Brit-Am fulfill its obligations to you and to both
Judah and Joseph by at the least being able to give over the knowledge it has been
blessed with.

3. Joan Griffith: Reaction to "Judas Syndrome"
and Brit-Am Comment
Subject: RE: "Brit-Am Now"-738

I found the "Judas Syndrome" interesting. It seems odd that Christians will try to convert Jews, then become angry when they refuse.

I've been studying (very generally) "Jewish Intellectual History" which simply traces a history of ideas and describes the persons responsible. This began when Jews were allowed to attend colleges along with the Gentiles. In the main, the Jews wanted to be LIKE the Gentiles, that is, be in their society, attend their weddings, etc., buy and sell as they did, but the Jews did not wish to convert. They seemed to prefer to become agnostic instead. There are some famous individuals who did convert, however. Unfortunately, I can't think of the names! lol. Old age, you know. Moses Mendelson was the first of these philosophers, but he and his ideas were gone before they could take root.

As is known, the Jews in Germany were accepted the most, integrated into the society, and became the most miserable people when the Germans turned on them.

What I think is interesting is that Jews seemingly would prefer no religion than to convert. That is probably how they became involved in pagan religions anciently, also, for which G-d removed them from the land. (Balaam seems to have understood the principle, since he suggested corrupting the men with foreign women.)

But perhaps it all goes back to people being hard-hearted & unwilling to devote themselves to G-d.

I'm only halfway thru this book, and because it only generally covers the information, I need to find sources written by the Jewish philosophers. I could hardly find anything about Moses Mendelson on the internet! Apparently, he is most remembered for one particular quote.


Brit-Am Comment: The cases referred to "Brit-Am Now"-738 #5. Is Brit-Am being left in the lurch?
The Judas Syndrome" included some who wished to convert us or use us to convert others BUT
the major examples were not so.
The major examples included efforts by anti-Semitic elements
to spread their poison.
In two major cases our "friends and allies" appear to have been
bought out through infusion of funds or promise of advancement
to support an anti-Semitic agenda.
People talk about "Jewish money" and this may exist but Brit-Am (at least so far) has not seen much of it.
What Brit-Am has seen is anti-Jewish money expressly working against us,
e.g. promising support to bodies as long as they have nothing to do with us or any Jewish body
or buying out on-going ministeries and changing their policies from being pro-Israel to
anti-Jewish etc.
In many respects Brit-Am from a Jewish perspective belongs more to Joseph.
Our "Jewish" aspect does have an attraction of its own and we benefit from it
but it can also have disadvantages at least at a superficial level.
Apart from that, one of those who betrayed us though non-Jewish was much more
against Christianity than Brit-Am has ever been and had become a neo-Pagan.
When the person in  question asked how we can continue to dialogue
with Christians and not with them we replied that (a) we do not dialogue with
any anti-Semities and (b)  Jews are allowed to learn the Bible with Christians and discuss it
with them since Christians acknowledge the Divine Origin of Scripture whereas pagans and Muslims do not.

4. Who Belongs to the Ten Tribes?
We  have seen questions concerning the Mexicans, Amerindians,
Afghans, etc and their possible connection to Israel.
Also one person wrote claimed that the British "Celts" are Israelite but
not the English whom he described as "Germanic".
Other people have come up with similar notions.
Concerning the Afghans a full-length detailed articles is in preparation.
Regarding the Afghan-Paths, Mexicans, Amerindians, etc
Brit-Am  has Criteria for determining such matters
which criteria are consistent with Biblical Requirements
The peoples of Britain, the USA, and Western Europe fulfill these criteria.
The whole world (especially Europe) may well be a mixture
but we have concentrated on areas where historically
the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel have tended to dominate and this has been justified
by Scripture which is the final arbiter.
See also:

5. Is Switzerland Gad?
Dear Yair:

One of the identities of the tribe of Gad is Switzerland.  Possibly
someone a long time ago noticed that two cities there, Zurich and Sion
have similar spellings to Tyre (Tzur) and Sidon.  In German, Sion is

From legend there is Cadmos (born of Gad?), the "Phoencian", who
invented the greek alphabet, who earlier fled from Egypt to Greece.
His descendants then married into the non-Israelite Sea People who
invaded the Levant.  Again I see a similarity in spelling of Levant and
Helvatia.  I realize that Moses accepted the plea of Gad and Reuben to
settle east of Jordan.  The descendant of Gad I am writing about here is
a part of a legendary small exodus near the time of Joseph, at the time
when the brothers were fearful that Joseph would take revenge for their
plot to murder him.

Herbert Armstrong used to preach that the "Eternal One"  miraculously
sifted Israel out of the Nations.  Most probably, the tribe of Gad has
ultimately been sifted out and resides where you have said, just as you
have have shown that Benjamin, once believed to be Norway is more
accurately the Normans.  It's interesting that the descendants of
Britons who fled to Brittany from the Anglo-Saxons viewed William the
Conqueror as a liberator.